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Podcasting 2.0 May 17th 2024 Episode 180: "Serial Churn" Adam & Dave are solving ALL of podcasting's problems today in the Board Room! ShowNotes We are LIT Podcast Show London! No Board Meeting Next Week! Bundling Disney, Hulu, and Max to offer streaming bundle this summer Spotify Chapters (podlove) NMPA Sends Spotify a Cease and Desist Over Alleged Unlicensed Lyrics Sidestream Cody - Songs Tony Hawk Missed Publisher feeds - Godcasters PodMobile | Audiosigma An Interview With Jack Dorsey Podcast Season tag image 2.0 v4v hosting company retention for joy of stats Cross app comments hosting companies Fedification update Stack Overflow accounts being closed - bans New Helipad ------------------------------------- MKUltra chat Transcript Search What is Value4Value? - Read all about it at Value4Value.info V4V Stats Last Modified 05/17/2024 14:56:09 by Freedom Controller  
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  • Just Adam's Issue/rant
  • Dave's (justifiable) Hatred of USB-C Docks