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It's more than Trump. The three major shifts compelling the White House to halt their attack on the Crypto industry. Plus, the details around the new FIT21 bill that takes power away from the SEC, and why I think an Ethereum ETF might be bad for Bitcoin.Sponsor: Promo Code: TWIBLINKS:JPM Emly Choy Predsent and Chief Operating officer said:“The tone from the SEC has just changed literally overnight…The administration sensing some panic” Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act (H.R. 4763) - GovTrack.usOperation Choke Point 2.0: How U.S. Regulators Fight Bitcoin With Financial Censorship - Bitcoin Magazine - Bitcoin News, Articles and Expert InsightsCustodia Bank Loses Lawsuit Challenging Fed Rejection of Master Account ApplicationCaitlin Long FULL TESTIMONYElizabeth Warren circled wagons around embattled FDIC chief Martin Gruenberg | SemaforWhite House PDF SAP-HR4763.pdfSEC Mandates Overhaul of Ethereum (ETH) ETFPresident Biden and SEC Chair oppose major crypto bill hours before votingU.S. President Biden Does Not Threaten Veto Against House Crypto Market Structure Bill, But ‘Opposes Passage’ (J’informatique's code: REL218932)p2prights.orgThe Peer-to-Peer Rights Fund Launched to Protect Open-Source Devs, Starting with Samourai CaseThis Man Did Not Invent Bitcoin - The New York TimesRipple’s Anti-Bitcoin Campaign To Promote CBDCsMusicElement Zero by Reel Richard
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