Interview with ESPN's Adam Schefter
Jim Weber interviews ESPN's Adam Schefter about: • Covering the NFL's endless sagas such as Ezekiel Elliott's suspension, Jerry Jones vs. Roger Goodell & Colin Kaepernick • How many hours of sleep he gets in an average day & why he breaks it up into small chunks of time • When & why he decides to take phone calls while on live TV • How his two NFL fantasy teams are faring this season & his new-found obsession with daily NBA fantasy sports • The affinity for his alma mater, the University of Michigan, and what it was like serving as an honorary captain for a football game this fall • His whirlwind romance that led him to marrying a 9/11 widow & what his home life is like • What it's like to work for ESPN, the New York Yankees of sports journalism that people love to hate • His take on the state of the current journalism industry

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