Keith, Tom and Graeme

Episode Summary

Children's TV. This is what it has come to.Written by a junior Steven Moffat, Press Gang was about some kids running a newspaper. This was when the print medium was still financially viable.Moffat later went on to write Coupling and Dr Who. Did he peak at Press Gang? You decide.Other future luminaries include Julia Sawalha, Dexter Fletcher, Max-from-EastEnders and Lucy Benjamin.Tom mislays the latest postcard from Lyndhurst, but don't worry, it turns up.Ruddy Dr Who came up for some other reason.He’s not Lobot.How do you get confirmation that someone exists while retaining the ability to save face?Tom is still haunted by his past flamboyant scoring. He’s got nowhere to go.There are suspicions of foul play in the quiz, Tom always does suspiciously well.Keep in touch with us,, or See for privacy and opt-out information.
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