Episode Summary

We all are selfish to an extent, but some people are just too much into themselves and tend to disregard others. They can even make you feel worthless! Some use you when they have issues, but they are never around when you need them. Sometimes they make you feel inadequate and invisible. But, no matter how the selfish person treats you, it doesn’t mean that you should behave like them and adopt a selfish lifestyle. Instead, stay true to yourself. Be who you are, do what you want, and prioritise yourself. Remember why you are still with this person but retain your good qualities. Don’t stoop down to their level. Self-centred individuals think that only their day, opinion, likes and dislikes matter. So their conversations are also like that – centred around only them and their lives. If you’ve been taking it for a long time, it’s time to snap out of it silently and smartly. If you want to know some calm and smart ways you can deal with self-absorbed people and put them in their right place, here are a few tips that may be useful.
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