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The truth is, many of us experience a lack of self-confidence from time to time, and that's perfectly normal. But when it comes to jealousy, personal insecurity and comparison in a relationship, it can drive a wedge between you and your partner. Insecurity can be somewhat positive and cute, as it can inspire you to work harder in the relationship and value your partner more. However, if insecurity starts to get out of hand, it can create a toxic atmosphere in your relationship and wreak havoc on your confidence. Even worst, it can tear apart partners who genuinely love and care about each other. πŸ’” Feeling insecure in your relationship can be deeply painful and upsetting. It can show up in all kinds of ways. For example, you may have trouble believing that your partner won't cheat on you. You may feel like your bond has been getting weaker and weaker for a while and that the foundation is starting to crumble. Or you may even feel like your partner is constantly on the verge of breaking up with you. 😰 Under these conditions, it can be tough to believe in the future of your relationship, and you may sometimes wonder if the easiest solution would be just to split up. It can also begin to have very negative effects in other areas of your life. Your self-esteem and self-confidence may be undermined, making it difficult to resolve problems. 😟 When insecurity or jealousy begins to surface, it can often seem harmless and somewhat adorable. But if it creeps too deeply into the relationship, it can cause you to act out of character and destroy your relationship. 🀯 So, if insecurity and jealousy are taking a toll on you and your partner, I suggest you listen to this podcast for some ideas to deal with this whole situation! 😊
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