Episode Summary

God continues to draw the soul closer to Him through the purification of the soul as well as mystical favors that may occur.  In this episode, we talk about ecstasies, raptures, flights of the spirit, spiritual betrothal, gift of tears, and the prayer of jubilation.  These are all communications from God to the individual soul to draw the soul closer to Himself.  St. Teresa always helps us know the effects of such favors and how to discern if they are truly from God.  Although some souls may never experience these favors, just knowing about them helps us to praise God all the more for his Majesty, Power, Wisdom and Love.   RESOURCES:  “Interior Castle, Study Guide, 2nd Edition” by St. Teresa of Avila; Translated and Prepared by Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD; ICS Publications. “The Interior Journey Toward God: Reflections from Saint Teresa of Avila” by John Paul Thomas; My Catholic Life. “Journey into Divine Intimacy with St. Teresa of Avila:  a Retreat, Spiritual Direction Guide, and Study Resource” by Sr. Leslie Lund, OCDH (Hermit of the Order of Discalced Carmelites); Carmelite Sisters of Mary Publishers, 2019. “The Ordinary Path to Holiness” by R. Thomas Richard, PhD; St. Pauls, 2003. “The Spiritual Life” by Adollphe Tanquerey, SS. DD; Tan Books, 2000. “Visions and Revelations” by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen; Sophia Institute Press; 2022. “Private Revelation: Discerning with the Church” by Mark Miravalle; Seat of Wisdom Publications; 2007. “Revelations and Visions” by Augustin Poulain, SJ; St. Paul’s, 1998.  
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