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Recorded March 24, 2024 On this episode of Radio Spätkauf, Izzy, Dan and Matilde take on the month's news from Berlin in English. We touch on the recent UNESCO recognition of Berlin's techno scene, the legalization of weed, controversies surrounding stone statues at the Humboldt Forum, and the pressing issue of affordable housing. Joeran Mandik turns up to tell us about his quest to find Berlin's own Tree of Enlightenment. Izzy dissects Berlin's governing coalition's policies on housing, transportation, bikes and a Maglev train proposal. We consider the three duos vying to lead the SPD. Juliana Pranke the head of public services for the ZLB tells us about the Amerika Gedenkbibliothek's PopUp, plus other updates on the libraries in Berlin. Philipp Kreicarek, the creator of the app KnowDrugs tells us about his project helps people to be safe while using psychoactive substances. Please support the show: https://www.radiospaetkauf.com/donate/ Links: ZLB Petition: https://www.zlb.de/unterschreiben/KnowDrugs: https://knowdrugs.app/Dan's show: Info + Tickets Matilde's insta: @matikeizer Arab Film Festival Berlin: https://alfilm.berlin/ Radio Spaetkauf Website    
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