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Reducing usage of for loops with the reduce function from purrr, filling spatial maps with density gradients to account for overplotting, and a fun way to add attribution to your fancy ggplots. Episode Links This week's curator: Tony Elhabr - @TonyElHabr (Twitter) & (Mastodon) Reducing my for loop usage with purrr::reduce() How to fill maps with density gradients with R, {ggplot2}, and {sf} Adding social media icons to charts with {ggplot2} Entire issue available at Supporting the show Use the contact page at to send us your feedback R-Weekly Highlights on the - You can send a boost into the show directly in the Podcast Index. First, top-up with Alby, and then head over to the R-Weekly Highlights podcast entry on the index. A new way to think about value: Get in touch with us on social media Eric Nantz: @theRcast (Twitter / X / whatever it is called) and (Mastodon) Mike Thomas: @mike_ketchbrook (Twitter) and (Mastodon)
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