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Key learnings from learners in recent R workshops, advice on navigating thorny package installation issues within renv, and a showdown of how the parquet and RDS formats perform with large data sets. Episode Links This week's curator: Ryo Nakagawara - @R_by_Ryo) (Twitter) & (Mastodon) Teaching you - teaching me Things that can go wrong when using renv Parquet vs the RDS Format Entire issue available at Supplement Resources Quartaki an introduction to Quarto R project management r2u - CRAN binaries as Ubuntu binaries Shiny and Arrow data.table new release and governance structure rix is looking for testers The 2024 Shiny Conference call for speakers Supporting the show Use the contact page at to send us your feedback R-Weekly Highlights on the - You can send a boost into the show directly in the Podcast Index. First, top-up with Alby, and then head over to the R-Weekly Highlights podcast entry on the index. A new way to think about value: Get in touch with us on social media Eric Nantz: @theRcast (Twitter) and (Mastodon) Mike Thomas: @mike_ketchbrook (Twitter) and (Mastodon) Music credits powered by OCRemix Tails and the Music Maker - Picolescence - zircon - Wily theme - Mega Man 2 - TheManPF, Chocobao, DakotaCityRag, Gamer of the Winds, Zach Chapman -
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