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I break down the negligence and the dangerous missunderstandings being spread in the Colonial Pipeline shutdown story. And we'll talk about the daily impacts in our lives because of our response to COVID-19. Video: Live: 363 - UnfilterTube No Overtime this week Links: Colonial restarts fuel pipeline | Colonial Pipeline posted cybersecurity job opening before attack | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera Who's in charge here? Colonial Pipeline hack exposes huge holes in U.S. cyber defenses, say experts U.S. government working to aid top fuel pipeline operator after cyberattack | Reuters Ransomware Attack Shuts Down Colonial Pipeline : NPR Biden says no evidence Russian government was involved in pipeline hack Whitmer threatens profit seizure as Enbridge Line 5 closure deadline looms - U.S. Stocks Close Down on Inflation Concerns | Barron's 5 Explanations for April’s Bad Jobs Report Five takeaways on a surprisingly poor jobs report | TheHill Jobs report April 2021: Hiring boom goes bust The Terrible Jobs Report Gets Worse The More You Read It | FiveThirtyEight How Bad Is Unemployment? ‘Literally Off the Charts’ - The New York Times Alternate Unemployment Charts Alternate Inflation Charts Ransomware Gang Begins Leaking D.C. Police Data Colonial Pipeline hack forces American Airlines to add stops on long-haul routes for gas to refuel planes
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