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Every design student at some point in their career has encountered Ten Principles for Good Design by Dieter Rams. Rams was an infamous German industrial designer and the Chief Design Officer at Braun for over 30 years.Many of the consumer products Rams created for Brauns are still used today. He was also well known for his “Less but Better” minimalist aesthetic and for being one of the first designers who strived to be environmentally friendly before it was cool. Rams' knows design. However, is his design philosophy -- created almost half a century ago -- a relevant tool for podcast creative engineers to use even today?Ten Principles of Good Design (1-5)Kyle explores the first 5 principles of the Ten Principles of Good Design in Part 1 of this two-part series:Good design is innovativeGood design makes a product usefulGood design is aestheticGood design makes a product understandableGood design is unobtrusiveNotable Quotes:"Less is Better"-- Dieter Rams
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