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Spencer Pearson (also known as Sir Spencer) is the host of multiple podcast (Bowl After Bowl, AbleKraft), developer of a decentralised music app (DeMu) and at the forefront of running with scissors in Podcasting 2.0.In Conversation #75, Spencer and I discuss: what attracted him to Podcasting 2.0, why the music industry is screwing over musicians, how the combination of Bitcoin/RSS/V4V can make this better, the plans he has for his decentralised music app, his unique blend of being a whizz kid yet feeling like an idiot and his mindset to try things out and get shit done.I really hope you enjoy this conversation with Spencer, Kyrin out!Timeline:(0:00) - Intro to Sir Spencer(0:42) - How would life be different without a break from podcasting?(4:11) - Finding Podcasting 2.0(8:04) - The pitch for Decentralised Music(11:08) - Names: Music 2.0 vs DeMu(16:11) - What's wrong with the music industry?(24:36) - V4V helps artists and listeners(28:49) - Value is subjective(33:16) - Creating a music app(39:27) - It's early days, everything is still hard(47:19) - Complexities of app building(50:28) - Musicians already earning Bitcoin(55:20) - We're done with killer apps(1:03:46) - Lazy stoner yet gun go-getter(1:07:51) - Don't convince, do & showcase(1:14:57) - Importance of the long term outlook(1:18:35) - Self hosting and jury rigging RSS(1:26:44) - Command line should be taught in school(1:34:09) - Coding brain vs artist brain(1:37:54) - Moods & goals(1:43:00) - Self critique and hypotheticals(1:52:40) - Where to find SpencerConnect with Spencer:Website: https://bowlafterbowl.comTwitter: with Mere Mortals:Website: the show
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