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Rules Without Rulers

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Episode 5 - Mixed Up August 27, 2023 Never quite found a theme for this episode - just a bunch of great songs! In this episode you'll hear these great songs:  Hurling Pixels - AgelessNate Johnivan - Stranger ThingsRaymond Hayden - Lesion14Longy - Love SchizophreniaThe Doerfels - Bloodshot LiesSara Jade - Cash BackRichard - Rules Without RulersTIP_NZ - Break The FrameMan Like Kweks - Robert Downey Background tracks by Nathan Pease Musicians: Scoot on over to Music Side Project or Wavlake.com to publish your tunes the value4value way! Podcasters: Spin up your own Music podcast just like this (or better) using SoveriegnFeeds.com AND thesplitkit.com. Music Enthusiasts: Browse all of the v4v music using lnbeats.com as listed on Podcastindex.org. Geekts-and-Nerds: Check out the thought and energy engine powering this whole adventure at the Podcasting 2.0 podcast and Podcast Index masto host. and last but not least, Get thyself a modern podcast app to truly be a part of giving value back to these talented musicians directly as you listen.  
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