Tech in the time of COVID-19, Congressional antitrust hearing and Google Search, PLUS a listener asks: could Amazon Care roll out COVID-19 tests?
Scott Galloway criticizes the Trump admin’s handling of the Covid 19 pandemic
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Kara and Scott talk about COVID-19, what tech could do to help, and what we need to see from leadership. We hear from Ron Klain, who was the "Ebola czar" under the Obama administration about why we need COVID-19 tests and what the hold up is in getting them. In other news, Kara and Scott discuss this week's Congressional hearing on antitrust and why Yelp thinks Google's search results are biased towards their own products. In Listener Mail we get a question about whether Amazon should roll out COVID-19 tests as part of their Amazon Care launch (spoiler alert: this idea gets a big WOOF yes from the Big Dawg). Plus Scott gives professors switching to online class forums tips on how to be a dynamic lecturer via web. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit