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Episode 19 - Booty Shakin' January 26, 2024 Throw enough rain and fog in to Central Texas, and I just gotta PLAY THE TUNES on a dreary Friday afternoon! These tunes rock. Listen, stream and boost along with your new favorite Modern Podcast App!  TYFYC! In this episode you'll hear these great songs: Freddy Fresh - Dat BeatCharlie Crown - Hello Stranger feat. Helen TessJessica Lynne Witty - The Long Way AroundThe Trusted - MillenniumSurvival Guide - Lady NeptuneSurvival Guide - Sour Sorrowmattybs - Room For Error (feat. gek, manlikekweks)Sara Jade - Never Knew (featuring Jessie Lark)Nate Johnivan - White LiesAbi Muir - StockholmOwl-Eyed Apprentice - SeaTactHurling Pixels - BirdstoneKurtisdrums - First Saw (Feat. ImKidKid)Discotoshi - No One Told MeRyan Fonda feat. CityBeach - Unsound Existence (self-hosted version)Ollie - Perfect TimingMan Like Kweks - SELAH Musicians: Scoot on over to Music Side Project, or RSSBlue (musicians link) to publish your tunes the value4value way! Podcasters: Spin up your own Music podcast just like this (or better) using Podhome.fm, SoveriegnFeeds.com or RSSBlue.com (podcasters link) AND thesplitkit.com. Music Enthusiasts: Browse all of the v4v music using lnbeats.com as listed on Podcastindex.org. Geekts-and-Nerds: Check out the thought and energy engine powering this whole adventure at the Podcasting 2.0 podcast and Podcast Index masto host. and last but not least, Get thyself a
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