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Back Road

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Episode 13 - Straight Fire October 27, 2023 Once again, I had more fun than I should be allowed putting together for us to listen to this great value 4 value music. Boost early, and Boost often! And show your love for all of the artists by streaming through the whole show! In this episode you'll hear these great songs:  Tom Ramires - PrimaveraSara Jade - OverboardAinsley Costello - Love LetterOllie - HomeNate Johnivan - Back RoadArson Car - MaybeMiddle Season - Let Go (What's holding you back)Signs and Signals - PreludeSigns and Signals - ShadowsCityBeach - YouCityBeach - SafeJessica Lynne Witty - It Don't Feel Like Christmas (feat. Paul Sawtelle)Local Zero - Catacombskrilla bobcat - Lying to youDeath by Lions - A Chemical to BalanceHurling Pixels - Face au dragonCityBeach - Psalm 54 Musicians: Scoot on over to Music Side Project to publish your tunes the value4value way! Podcasters: Spin up your own Music podcast just like this (or better) using SoveriegnFeeds.com AND thesplitkit.com. Music Enthusiasts: Browse all of the v4v music using lnbeats.com as listed on Podcastindex.org. Geekts-and-Nerds: Check out the thought and energy engine powering this whole adventure at the Podcasting 2.0 podcast and Podcast Index masto host. and last but not least, Get thyself a modern podcast app to truly be a part of giving value back to these talented musicians directly as you listen. How can you do that? Some music apps, such as fountain.fm have wallet technology built into them or you can make use of the resources and tutorials by the team over at Alby.  
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