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It's A Mood V4V ft. face_id

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Episode 18 - Still New January 6, 2023 Starting off the new year running with scissors LIVE. The great music is still plentiful! Listen, stream and boost along with your new favorite Modern Podcast App!  TYFYC! In this episode you'll hear these great songs: mattybs - Room For Error (feat. gek, manlikekweks)Dane Ray Coleman - Default ManSurvival Guide - Lady NeptuneAbsolut Absolem - Rosita (Instrumental)Ryan Fonda - Utah SnowAinsley Costello - Love LetterMinno - Help Will Be There SoonLay'z - Aluminium Solid GoldSara Jade - Never Knew (featuring Jessie Lark)Allen C. Paul w/ Unclazzified - Not Far AwayJimmy V - Sweet timeNicky Havey - Castle (Short Version)Abi Muir - StockholmRubber Factory Records - Pile High - Summer EndsLay'z - face_idOceana Heartsong - Sheets of RainLay'z - Taking overThe Doerfels - So Far Away Musicians: Scoot on over to Music Side Project, or RSSBlue (musicians link) to publish your tunes the value4value way! Podcasters: Spin up your own Music podcast just like this (or better) using SoveriegnFeeds.com or RSSBlue.com (podcasters link) AND thesplitkit.com. Music Enthusiasts: Browse all of the v4v music using lnbeats.com as listed on Podcastindex.org. Geekts-and-Nerds: Check out the thought and energy engine powering this whole adventure at the Podcasting 2.0 podcast and Podcast Index masto host. and last but not least, Get thyself a modern
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