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2FA crisis

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Mike just came up for air after a Swift deep dive, and he has a fresh new take. Plus, the wheels of history are spinning faster; we take a snapshot in time and then round it all out with spicy Apple bacon.Sponsored By:Linode: Receive a $100 60-day credit towards your new account. Promo Code: linode.com/coderTailscale: Tailscale is the easiest way to create a peer-to-peer network with the power of Wireguard. Support Coder RadioLinks:Layoffs.fyi — Tracking all tech startup layoffs since COVID-19. Data is compiled from public reports. Update on supply of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max — However, we now expect lower iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max shipments than we previously anticipated and customers will experience longer wait times to receive their new products.Apple predicts ‘substantial’ drop in Mac revenue for holiday quarter — Both Maestri and Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear during the earnings call with investors that the company is subject to the impacts of the macro economy, which has been affected by the war in Eastern Europe and also as a consequence of the pandemic.Apple is freezing hiring, cutting budgets, claims new reportMysk 🇨🇦🇩🇪 on Twitter — The recent changes that Apple has made to App Store ads should raise many #privacy concerns. It seems that the #AppStore app on iOS 14.6 sends every tap you make in the app to Apple.👇This data is sent in one request: (data usage & personalized ads are off)Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says company-wide layoffs are his faultTwitter asks some laid off workers to come backFacebook Parent Meta Is Preparing to Notify Employees of Large-Scale Layoffs This WeekStripe Cutting Headcount by 14% as It Readies for ‘Leaner Times’Lyft to Lay Off About 700 Employees in Second Round of Job CutsAmazon exec confirms corporate hiring freeze through end of yearTop Fed Official: Fed Will “Keep At This” Until Your Savings Accounts Are Drained — “We see today that there is a bit of a savings buffer still sitting for households, that may allow them to continue to spend in a way that keeps demand strong,” she said. “That suggests we may have to keep at this for a while.”Codable — Codable is a type alias for the Encodable and Decodable protocols. When you use Codable as a type or a generic constraint, it matches any type that conforms to both protocols.SwiftUI Overview — SwiftUI helps you build great-looking apps across all Apple platforms with the power of Swift — and surprisingly little code. You can bring even better experiences to everyone, on any Apple device, using just one set of tools and APIs.SwiftUI & UI Frameworks - VideosSend a Boost into the Show — Upgrade to a Podcasting 2.0 app, and send a Boost into the show.
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  • 2FA crisis