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Phantom Power Music Review is a music broadcast that dives into the composition & theory behind the best new V4V music from indie artists around the world. We geek out over songwriting, the way others get their hands all nerdy with engineering and mining. ;) The software automatically switches to the artists' wallet when their song plays. If you dig it, BOOST IT! Send them some #Sats! That's what "Value4Value" is all about! Use a modern podcast app from to support the show & the music with your lightning wallet, like Fountain, CurioCaster, Podverse, TrueFans, PodcastGuru, etc. Other Value 4 Value podcasts: Boostagram Ball, It's a Mood, Homegrown Hits, Behind the Sch3m3s, Lightning Thrashes, Sidestream Music Podcast, UpBEATs, and more! More info on the show: Phantom Power Music Original Blog X (Twitter) (Instagram) (Facebook) Email us at
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