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Brando and Hider are back with a new episode covering strangeness involving the Shadow Self, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Georgia Guidestones, Quantum Computers, AI Sentience, Upgrading Consciousness, and more! Links Shadow Work Is Teabagging In Video Games Is Sexual Assault? BORED APE NAZI CLUB Georgia Guidestones Monument Torn Down After Being Bombed SLIEK Casts Digital Ocean YunoHost Quantum Computers Explained BREAKING: New Phase of Matter Viruses Can Survive In Water By ‘Hitch-Hiking’ On Microplastics A.I. Just Designed An Enzyme That Eats Plastic Google AI Is Self-Aware/Has A Soul Is LAMDA Sentient? Google Engineer & Christian Mystic Preist Blake Duncan/Blake Interview Tweak To Make Computers 1000 Times Faster SLIEK FREAK Credits: Petar Kyrin Down Bumi Medus Signs of New Growth Floydian Slips Comic Strip Blogger Adam Curry Mitch Downey Marinox Learn More About SLIEK FREAKS & Level Perks Send Value Bitcoin Lightning Cash App PayPal Produced, Edited, & Maintained by SLIEK Media
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