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Podcast Index LLCTechnology
Buying Hive! Podping.
Start: 47:37

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Podcasting 2.0 for June 4th 2021 Episode 40: Miami or Bust

Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with a Bitcoin 2021 preview and full explanation of podping

And In Alabama, the man you call for all your gooey possum cleanup: - My Friend on the Other End -- Dave Jones!

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A historic moment of conversion!

I had to cancel my recurring PayPal donation because I’ve been sending you guys too many sats with Podfriend. Keep up the great work and GO PODCASTING!!!

Chad Farrow

Your Boosting is making me Blush

Dave's Possum

Closing Namespace phase 3

Podchaser / Podcast Guru?

Buzzsprout Value Tag

Mark Hall

David Knight

Whitney Webb


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  • “I love getting a good clip out of Podverse.”

    6/4/202132:39 to 32:49

  • Podping vs WebSub explained

    6/4/2021Start: 39:05

  • Podping: it's got buzzwords!

    6/4/2021Start: 44:21

  • Bitcoin and Energy Consumption

    6/4/202118:05 to 20:50

  • Podping helps build the PodcastIndex business empire!

    6/4/202143:03 to 43:12

  • The issues with WebSub #podping

    6/4/2021Start: 35:36

  • Buying Hive! Podping.

    6/4/2021Start: 47:37

  • Brian of London has paid $8m in Hive Power and Dave describes buying Hive on Blocktrades.

    6/4/202148:03 to 50:57

  • Brianoflondon did it #podping

    6/4/202155:42 to 56:17

  • Wyckoff distribution strategy Adam Curry theory on latest Bitcoin price crash

    6/4/2021Start: 21:58

  • Podping misconceptions with Podcast Insider

    6/4/2021Start: 26:24

  • It was longer than a Glenn Greenwald article ... but I read this all the way through and enjoyed it

    6/4/20211:01:47 to 1:02:23