Todd Cochrane & Rob GreenleeNews, Marketing, Business, Technology
Todd Cochrane & Rob GreenleeNews, Marketing, Business, Technology
Todd Cochrane & Rob GreenleeNews, Marketing, Business, Technology
Todd Cochrane & Rob GreenleeNews, Marketing, Business, Technology


The New Media Show features Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee discussing the new media space with weekly guests

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  • Unpacking the Modern Podcast Landscape #579
    In this episode, Todd and Rob explore various topics related to the current situation and the future of podcasting. The episode starts with the hosts acknowledging the different livestream times. It then quickly moves into a discussion sparked by Rob’s...
  • Podcast Hall of Fame Insights #578
    In this podcast episode, hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee engage in a conversation revolving around several critical topics in the podcast industry. Starting, Todd addresses his return to show’s return.
  • Future of Podcast Revenue: Beyond Advertising #577
    In this episode, host Rob Greenlee is joined by guest Mark Asquith. The duo discusses various forward-looking aspects of podcasting, notably the future of revenue generation beyond traditional advertising. The episode starts with Rob referencing co-hos...
  • New Audio + Video Consumption of Podcasts | Tom Webster #576
    Join Rob Greenlee and Tom Webster from Sounds Profitable in a riveting Live New Media Show episode as they delve into the evolving podcast landscape, where video podcast consumers merge with traditional audio enthusiasts.
  • Podfest 2024 Live #575
    Todd Cochrane, founder of Blubrry Podcasting; Rob Greenlee from Spoken Life Media; Roberto Blake, CEO of Create Awesome Media; and Gautam Raj Anand, CEO and founder of The live episode from Podfest revolves around the evolution and future...
  • Podfest – CES 2024 – Podcast Hall of Fame #574
    Rob and Todd discuss in detail some of the behind the scenes for the Podcast Hall of Fame, Todd’s report on CES 2024 and some of the products he says and of course, our upcoming attendance of Podfest in Orlando Hall of Fame Live Stream– Friday,
  • 2024 Podcast Hall of Fame Inductees #573
    On the New Media Show we delve into the exciting details of the 2024 Podcast Hall of Fame Inductees. This episode is not just an announcement; it’s an immersive preview of the podcasting world’s most awaited event that will be held live In-Person Induc...
  • Evolving Landscape and Challenges in Podcasting #572
    Todd and Rob discuss the various aspects of the podcasting industry, and its future trajectory is explored. The discussion begins with Todd and Rob addressing the current state and potential future of podcasting,
  • The End of Year Wrap Up #571
    Todd and Rob, discuss various topics related to podcasting and technology. They start by discussing the New Media Show site going to a new platform and the importance of the updates. The discussion moves to certain podcasters shifting towards selling i...
  • Educating Podcast Listeners on Podcast Apps #570
    Todd and Rob discussed recent research showing that podcast listeners consume audio and video podcasts, often following the same shows in both formats. They debated whether podcasting is shifting towards more video,
  • Video Podcast and Open RSS versus Closed YouTube Hack
    Classic New Media show where we take some time and explain in detail and demystify some explosive comments making the rounds. Todd also criticizes a YouTube hack coming out of the Podcasting 2.0 initiative.
  • Podcast Advertising on Decline? #568
    With the number of companies laying people off and major networks reporting 7 figure losses everything may not be as well as it seems in the podcasting space. Todd and Rob engage in a lively and wide-ranging discussion about various aspects of the podc...
  • Navigating Technology, Monetization, and Industry Trends #566
    The “New Media Show” podcast episode features Rob and Todd, covering various topics relevant to the podcasting industry. With a focus on technology in podcasting, particularly on audio quality in different recording environments.
  • James Cridland and Sam Sethi on New Media Show #565
    James Cridland and Sam Sethi join the New Media show, engaging in a discussion about the evolving landscape of podcasting, particularly focusing on the integration of new technologies and standards such as Podcasting 2.0.
  • The Challenge of Introducing Podcasts to the Mainstream #564
    Todd and Rob, the mainstream, are already listening to podcasts! Yes, this is correct, but a portion of them have never heard a podcast, and we break it down with Tom Webster from Sounds Profitable to discuss how we get the remaining non-listeners to t...
  • The Battle for Open Podcasting Begins #563
    So, has YouTube and others tainted the word Podcasting so bad now that people will automatically assume a podcast is just some Video YouTube channel? The battle of educating all podcasters on the value of open RSS must begin!
  • YouTube Podcast Big Nothing Burger #562
    Rob and Todd discuss the nothing burger of the YouTube RSS support and the non-viability of YouTube for podcasters, considering its primary emphasis on video content. The pair critically evaluated the hurdles surrounding podcast support.
  • YouTube Overlord of Podcasting? #561
    YouTube Platform Challenges Discussed Todd and Rob discussed the challenges and concerns of recommending YouTube to podcasters. Todd highlighted issues with the platform’s validation process, advertising policy, and monetization threshold.
  • 2023 to date State of Industry #560
    Todd and Rob take a look at the statistics of show and episode production over the past 12 months. Based on pretty much all data the podcasting space still looks to be in a recession in new shows being created are still down,
  • How Low Can the Stock Go – Blood in the Streets #559
    Podcast One’s Stock continues to go down. The question is how low can the stock go and if, at some point, there is a buying opportunity yet full of risk. But it’s a lousy omen of how far it’s dropped so far.