Asterios Kokkinos & Sirancha
Sirancha joins the war in Indonesia.  Asterios overcomplicates the search for her replacement.  And fuck you, Boingo.

Sirancha spins tales from The Last Bronycon.   Asterios opens a gift from Dr. Emil Nutrition.   And we meet Micro, Macro & Hank: The World's Smollest Porgs.   * * *  Upcoming Tour Dates: Chicago 8/22 Detroit 8/23 Toronto 8/24 Montreal 8/25 * * * Send us crazy stuff: 8801 5th AvePO Box 90700Brooklyn, NY 11209-9997  * * *  Buy stuff through Amazon and we get paid for it here:

Sirancha and I were on the road all last week, so here's a special live show we taped back in June. I'm really proud of this one – it's my favorite show of the tour so far. And speaking of the tour, it's almost over! Use coupon code "porgpals" to get $5 our last four dates: CHICAGO, THURSDAY AUGUST 22nd  DETROIT, FRIDAY AUGUST 23rd  TORONTO, SATURDAY AUGUST 24th  MONTREAL, SUNDAY AUGUST 25th

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Asterios calls a drug dealer something offensively inoffensive. Sirancha spits fire about Forever 21. And fans of JoJo's Bizzare A#venture get a sneak peak at the new season.

Asterios dreams of edible slimes. Sirancha rails against drive-thru boomers. And "Ranchsterios" is born. Then, quickly dies.

For Sirancha's birthday, we play this week's episode by... ...Sirancha's rules. God help us all.

How much does your family know about your online life?    For Asterios Kokkinos, the answer is: too much.    Way, way too much. ----more---- * * *  Upcoming Tour Dates: Orlando 7/26 Miami 7/27 Houston 8/2 Austin 8/3 Chicago 8/22 Detroit 8/23 Toronto 8/24 Montreal 8/25 * * * Send us crazy stuff: 8801 5th AvePO Box 90700Brooklyn, NY 11209-9997   Buy stuff through Amazon and we get paid for it here:

Sirancha goes off on "Karen." Who is NOT Nathen Mazri. (She just types, sounds, and acts like Nathen Mazri.) #LOUDEQUALSFUNNY * * *  Find us at: 8801 5th AvePO Box 90700Brooklyn, NY 11209-9997 Buy stuff through Amazon and we get paid for it here. * * *

Asterios meets an occultist.   Sirancha steals some oat milk.   And who rules...The Planet Of The Vapes?

On this week's THE LOUDEST PODCAST we discuss The Battle of Sanctions. How bad did Judge Shrugsalot fuck up? Listen!

Sirancha expresses her Pride. Asterios imagines a porno involving Sheldon's spot. And both weigh in on poor, sweet Mumkey Jones.   Get more madness at

Welcome to Christory. A limited series, just for Patre-o's, brought to you by THE LOUDEST PODCAST. If you do not know who Christine Weston Chandler is, don't worry. Neither does Asterios. By the end of the series, you'll be a "Christorian" on par with Sirancha herself. Join us, won't you?

Asterios channels his inner Nathen. Sirancha gets real about GarfieldEATS. You down with E.E.G.? Asterios' new therapist sure is.

Asterios goes to Toronto.   Sirancha avoids a 14-hour bus trip.   And while discussing a Garfield-themed pizza restaurant, Nathen mentions: Cryptocurrency Artificial Intelligence Farm-To-Plate Integrity Venture Capital The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding Licensing And Franchisee Models QMR NOT QSR The Consumer Culture of Dubai And how GarfieldEATS is NOT a Garfield-themed pizza restaurant. We hope you will join us for the Grand Opening of GarfieldEATS in June.   (Or July.)    (Or August?)

Sirancha Pokèmon GO-es trespassing. Asterios wants Russell Greer to STOP doing everything. And we finally review peoples dating profiles, LIVE!

On THIS week's episode, we will finally determine...   ...what the bases are.   Consider the debate ended.

Once again: We get to none of the topics we had planned. #BlameSirancha

Ladies & gentlemen...   ...we got 'em.   Enclosed: an interview with Nathen Mazri, Chief Entergagement Officer of GarfieldEATS.

Sirancha reads a book from a promising new author. Asterios extols the virtues of The Big Bang Theory. And god help JJ if there are no porgs in Episode IX...

Sirancha reveals the worst thing she's ever heard. Asterios mansplains McDonalds to Sirancha, a former McDonalds employee. It's the second worst thing she's ever heard.

Sirancha talks about GarfieldEATS. Sirancha talks about GarfieldEATS.  And Sirancha talks about...GarfieldEATS.  #LOUDEQUALSFUNNY

Sirancha wants better porn for women. Asterios has a few ideas. Sirancha hates them.

Asterios reveals the terrifying secret of McDonalds All Day Breakfast. Sirancha is astounded at the longevity of Wendy. (Wendy from "Survivor," not Wendy's from Wendy's.) (Who we also love.)

Sirancha loves Cilantro. Asterios hates ASMR. And Tallard sees...beyond the veil.

Sirancha is enraged at this year's Survivor twist. Asterios opens a very emotional gift. And both want you to play Tiny Bird Garden.

The kids want their heroin. It's our job And: Asterios plays a dangerous game of Would You Rather.

It's like Sirancha always says:   "You cant watch anime without seeing a little brother-fucking."   FFS.

Sirancha hates Chewbacca. Asterios hates Bambi. And our lovely callers hate making sense.

Sirancha has some sharp opinions on the Shaggy meme.  Asterios insists Porg Chatter isn't dead.  And a pornographic comic book featuring our hosts gets some story notes.