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Democrats lie about people being whipped at the southern border.

The hypocrisy runs deep on the left, as does the BS.

The White House is rationing COVID treatments for states that didn't vote for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is trying to punish states that didn't vote for him by diverting medicine to treat people with COVID to other states. Plus, Nancy Pelosi is garbage and AOC is incredibly stupid.

With what Mark Milley did isn't reason, what is it? And how would Democrats react if someone in that position acted the same way toward them?

All the rage on the left is now with the idea of mandating vaccines for travel within the United States, placing people's rights fully in the hands of others...which means they aren't rights at all.

Today is the California recall election, and Democrats are proposing taxes at a level higher than in China.

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, some liberals simply can't help themselves.

The little people are about to feel the wrath of government.

The true face of liberalism exposed.

Democrat can't help themselves.

Biden and the jobs numbers suck.

It's Labor Day and we have really good best of. Enjoy and relax.

The list of reasons leftists hate Texas is always growing, but it got a big new reason this week.

Joe Biden wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the hair plugs.

Joe Biden and everyone who works for him is full of crap.


He hasn't done anything right so far, why start now?

Joe Biden will never be able to wash the blood off his hands.

Biden Demands Praise for Afghanistan (seriously) by Derek Hunter