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  • The COVID Show Part 1
    I'm sick
  • I'm sick and Liz Cheney lost
    That's pretty much is.
  • Trump is Democrats' 'White Whale'
    They simply can't help themselves.
  • Something Odd in Real America
    Maybe you can help figure out what it is.
  • Are Liberals Ignorant of the Law or Lying?
    Either way, they're full of it.
  • Joe Biden's Inflation Nation
    He's such a liar.
  • Unworthy of Trust
    That's what Democrats are.
  • Democrats Demand Obedience
    It is behind everything they do.
  • Democrats Don't Want You To Know What They're Doing
    Why else do it when no one will see?
  • New Levels Of Idiocy
    They keep hitting new lows.
  • The Elections Perversion
    When the politicians pick their voters and not th…
  • Pelosi Has Bigger Balls Than Biden
    Of course, Joe doesn't have any.
  • Joe Manchin is a Fraud (And Other Truths No One Wants To Admit)
    He is not a moderate.
  • A Million Stupid Things
    There's a lot of stupid going around these days.
  • Don't Say Recession Or Monkeypox
    A damn fine show today.
  • The Spiteful Left
    They really are nasty
  • What Schools Don't Want Parents To Know
    There's only one reason to hide what you're doing…
  • In The Name of Science
    You are not allowed to question.
  • The "Settled" Science
    That's why the left won't let people question thi…
  • Biden has COVID and Cancer (Or Something)
    He has no idea what's happening around him.