Painkiller Already
Painkiller Already
Painkiller Already is a weekly gaming gone comedy podcast featuring: Woody, Kyle aka FPS Russia and Taylor.
Sponsors: Code “PKA" Guest Social Medias:YouTube: Support PKA on Patreon: http://PainkillerAlready.netPKA on iTunes: on Podbean: Timeline by LegitimateRage 0:00:00 - Woody introduces the show and guest, Kyle introduces the sponsors0:00:08 - Kyle’s fandom of Daniel & poker talk: High stakes TV games & chips vs cash 0:05:23 - How Daniel developed his passion for poker, went broke and became a star0:12:06 - The time Kyle played poker with Dan Blizzerian and someone lost $600,0000:13:42 - Are poker rivalries real? Oldschool vs new school players & Game Theory 0:20:07 - Why Daniel dislikes sunglass-wearers at a table & how to “read” the game 0:25:48 - How likely is it that online poker will become available in the US? 0:27:41 - Daniel and Woody debate the details of Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income0:33:19 - Expanding UBI to nationwide free women of the night 0:36:44 - Daniel’s interaction with Vegas women of the night, plus Harvey Weinstein’s shower0:40:09 - Why The Hunger Games movies sucked & Weinstein’s influence over Hollywood 0:44:23 - Lord of the Rings talk: Liv Tyler’s role, Ultra HD releases & The Hobbit movies0:46:18 - More on Harvey Weinstein and the dark side of Hollywood0:50:23 - Why Van Halen asked for a bowl of M&Ms without the brown ones0:51:49 - What tournaments does Daniel have coming up? (World Series of Poker talk) 0:55:48 - Taylor and Daniel bond over Phil Kessel (a hockey player who also enjoys poker)1:01:09 - Hockey talk: How Daniel helped form the Vegas Golden Knights & midget hockey1:06:25 - PKA investigates the Wife Carrying Championships & other absurd sports events1:12:55 - Why today is the best time to live & do the guys think aliens have visited Earth?1:24:35 - What would aliens find interesting about life and resources on Earth?1:28:54 - At what point do new religions become established as legitimate? (Scientology talk) 1:35:06 - When will Lindsay Graham come out of the closet?? Plus Alex Jones talk1:39:08 - Rush Limbaugh’s recent cancer diagnoses and approach to radio debates1:41:15 - Did the Superbowl HalfTime show ruin this boy's chance to enter Heaven? 1:43:05 - Vince McMahon’s XFL American Football reboot & Slam Ball talk 1:48:09 - Woody and Kyle reminisce on their time go-karting together in North Carolina 1:50:13 - Is poker still fun to Daniel? What does he do to enhance the game at 45 years old?1:54:01 - Woody shares some stories of Jackie’s awful driving & the new car he got for her 1:59:25 - Daniel’s expensive hobbies, staying calm in games & playing with Leonardo DiCaprio2:03:54 - Daniel thanks the guys and leaves the show2:04:15 - Ad read: Postmates 2:06:55 - Kyle received his DNA test results? Does he have any black heritage? 2:17:14 - When Steve Irwin decided to scout for homeless folk instead of wild animals2:19:47 - Video: Pete Buttigieg supporter is upset to learn he may like men2:23:25 - Politics talk: Biden’s hot granddaughter, Iowa Caucus confusion & Sanders vs DNC2:47:38 - Video: Female cop and her Glock react instantly to driver acting suspiciously2:52:18 - Twitch streamer Jenna loses partnership after a series of leaked unseemly messages 3:04:59 - Ad read: Netgear3:06:11 - Taylor and Hutch’s recent heated Twitter spat 3:11:00 - Fitness talk: Taylor’s workout routines & celebrities who take steroids for movies3:19:51 - Why even the strongest women can’t hang with the weakest males3:26:35 - Video: Employee brawl breaks out in a Waffle House kitchen 3:27:35 - The guys talk Waffle House: Overrated or delicious? Best orders? 3:32:00 - TV show talk: The Outsider, Ragnarok, Primal and AdultSwim talk 3:37:59 - UFC talk: Jon Jones vs Reyes at 247 & The Mountain vs McGregor3:41:27 - Taylor the PKA Spelling Bee Champ & people who lack internal monologues3:44:46 - Jujimufu, the YouTube fitness guru & the insane strength of mountain climbers3:49:52 - Woody’s experience of deep-sea fishing & the enormous fish you can catch3:52:42 - Video: Man provoked by an angry woman retaliates once he’s had enough3:54:59 - The O&A podcast & The Fighter and the Kid podcast’s vitriolic fanbase4:00:32 - Politics talk: Bernie’s poor fashion sense & voting for whoever will #FreeKyle4:02:59 - Patreon AMA: What will Kyle do on Day 1 of the end of his Probation? (Colorado talk)4:08:45 - Hockey talk: Are Woody and Taylor going to get into amateur leagues this year? 4:10:27 - Politics talk: Pete Buttigieg’s micro-aggression questionnaire & Trump’s charisma 4:14:36 - The Coronavirus outbreak & China’s record of misreporting facts in controversies 4:17:56 - The France Yellow Jacket protests & the wives of Macron, Xi Jiping & Putin4:22:03 - Kyle praises Daniel’s time on the show, Woody calls it a show

Support the show & watch the PKN video by becoming a $10 Patron Merch: PKA on iTunes: PKA on Podbean:   Timeline by Urban   0:00:00 - Woody starts the show 0:00:03 - Bernie Sanders leading the Iowa caucus 0:01:15 - Election and Super Bowl betting, Chiz’s big win 0:02:35 - Back to Politics: who’s leading, how quick things can change, and more 0:17:29 - Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer, thoughts on cigarettes and cigars 0:20:01 - Michael Bloomberg’s stop and frisk impact on crime  0:22:39 - Kyle’s experience in New York City 0:25:00 - Taylor recalls an old meme and the guys have a good laugh 0:27:30 - Taylor’s workout motivation and how its inspiring Woody 0:29:17 - Opie and Anthony funny show moments  0:33:37 - Kyle has cancelled his SiriusXM subscription, what everyone listens to in the car 0:37:30 - Kyle recommends HBOs now show The Outsider  0:43:54 - Super Bowl halftime show 0:45:56 - Trump recent Twitter slip up 0:49:55 - Back to politics: Caucus, voting in the early days of America, Trumps power 0:54:36 - American weaponry vs the rest of the world 0:55:47 - Next generation rifles that might replace the M4 1:07:19 - Woody calls it a show

Sponsors: Code “PKA" Guest Social Medias: Twitch: YouTube: Twitter: Support PKA on Patreon: Merch: PKA on iTunes: PKA on Podbean: Timeline by LegitRage 0:00:00 - Woody introduces the show & guest, Kyle introduces the sponsors 0:00:07 - Pestilly’s interactions with PKA on Twitch plus he & Kyle’s shared Tarkov love 0:02:42 - Woody’s awkward conversation with his mother on the phone about PKA 0:03:58 - Pestilly’s marathon Twitch stream that allowed him to pay for a house 0:07:07 - Pestilly’s cross-European tour, Army experience & secluded Australian life 0:15:37 - Does Pestilly ever regret not being deployed to the Middle East? (More Army talk) 0:20:03 - How Pestilly is directing all his Twitch donations to a children’s charity 0:25:45 - Shady people and Charities who pocket donations and keep quiet about it 0:29:42 - John Oliver’s faux religion & PKA’s dubious charity 0:32:44 - Tragic police injustices that go unrectified & poor standards for military enrolment 0:38:08 - Kyle prison stories: Transfers, food/laundry and the joy of returning home 0:45:19 - Middle Eastern adult movies & Lord of the Rings 18+ parodies 0:48:06 - Pestilly explains the geography of Australia & his military time in Singapore 0:51:34 - Pestilly’s near-fatal accident while serving overseas & getting cancer in the Army 1:07:04 - The time Pestilly briefly worked as a fireman 1:08:10 - Escape from Tarkov talk: Do Kyle & Pestilly still enjoy grinding the game? 1:17:21 - Pestilly asks Kyle about his inspiration for FPSRussia videos & content originality 1:29:06 - Kyle’s near-fatal FPSRussia incidents & was he imprisoned due to being so famous? 1:38:49 - The folks who have to clean up unsightly crime scenes 1:41:47 - The time Kyle’s cousin Scott almost fired a pistol at Kyle accidentally 1:44:56 - Patreon AMA: When did the guys know they did or didn’t want to have kids? 1:53:46 - Absurd service animals: (comfort pigs on planes) & crying babies on planes 1:56:10 - Pestilly weighs in on the having kids question from above 1:59:40 - Lonely men who buy Russian mail order brides (the 90 day Fiancé TV show) 2:08:01 - Patreon AMA: Have the guys ever had a spiritual experience? 2:13:24 - Shaquille O’Neal on Kobe Bryant’s passing & Kyle’s bromance for Taylor and Woody 2:17:51 - Kyle’s DNA tests will be coming in soon! Is he gonna be somewhat black? 2:21:01 - Woody & Pestilly weigh in on the spiritual experience question 2:22:49 - More on Pestilly’s inter-European travels & the cultural differences between Australia 2:26:17 - Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income plans & the new Twilight Zone TV show 2:32:56 - Rebecca Black’s meteoric rise to fame & post-celebrity “normal” life 2:34:13 - Patreon AMA: Are sports rivalries genuine or contrived for money? 2:47:36 - Sports talk: Aussie rules football, McGregor’s next UFC bout & his Cerrone match 2:54:48 - Video: PSA against smoking - It’s an LGBT activity 3:04:26 - Why people preparing for the end of the world stock up on fish antibiotics 3:07:18 - The goalkeeper from “The Mighty Ducks” and his tragic downfall 3:09:15 - Video: Projectile vomiting clip so gross the guys can’t even show it on screen 3:11:46 - Woody asks a relationship query: Should this guy loan his irresponsible GF money? 3:21:42 - Video: Skinny guy tries to show up a bouncer and gets swiftly slapped down 3:26:05 - UFC talk: Kyle and Woody predict the 247 results & talk Joanna Jedrzejczyk 3:29:06 - PKA talks about the tragic passing of Kobe Byrant, his daughter & other passengers 3:34:29 - Obnoxious advertisements: Kars 4 kids and the right to choose billboards 3:37:20 - The decline of cigarettes in the Western world & pricey taxed alcohol 3:39:04 - Kyle’s extremely harsh probation terms: Limited travel & no alcohol 3:40:28 - Politics talk: Bernie Sanders vs Joe Biden, Trump & Andrew Yang 3:48:42 - Escape from Tarkov talk: Patch updates. market manipulation & women in-game 3:56:41 - Pestilly’s plans to diversify his online presence away from only streaming Tarkov 3:59:16 - Twitch talk: Summit1G, DrDisrespect, TimTheTatMan & Tarkov’s lifespan 4:07:00 - More Twitch/Tarkov talk: Veritas, ChickenPrism & Woody getting into Tarkov 4:13:47 - Games that the guys are excited for in 2020: The Forest 2, DOOM & Flight Simulator 4:19:42 - Tesla’s enormous growth in the US & the rise of the electric car 4:21:08 - Kyle thanks Pestilly for coming on PKA & Woody calls it a show

Support the show & watch the PKN video by becoming a $10 Patron Merch: PKA on iTunes: PKA on Podbean:   Timeline by Urban   0:00:00 - Woody starts the show 0:01:28 - Kyle tells a funny Chiz story from a visit a few years ago 0:05:33 - Taylor getting back to using MyFitnessPal and working out 0:08:12 - Woody’s struggling to eat right while traveling and  0:09:40 - Woody’s recent paramotor trip  0:13:12 - Woody had another run in with a retail employee  0:22:26 - Auto-brewery Syndrome and remembering the PKA drinking episodes 0:25:23 - Coronavirus talk: Taylor’s friends recent visit to China, How bad is it? 0:31:52 - Kyle watched a documentary about chemical and biological weapons 0:35:18 - Kyle is going to the petting zoo 0:38:45 - Why Taylor hasn't been streaming recently and book talk (lots of it) 0:50:32 - Jaime Lannister vs Aragorn, who would win? 0:52:31 - Dumbledore vs Gandalf and more general Harry Potter talk 1:00:02 - Woody’s friend had a funny thing happen to him while paramotoring  1:00:52 - Woody calls it a show

In this week's PKA, we've got Poker commentator and comedian, Joe "Stapes" Stapleton joining us to share some fun poker-related stories, the guys go over Sander's chances of actually wining what with all the bias against him, watch some funny public freakout clips and discuss Blade's rotting leg further.

Support the show & watch the PKN video by becoming a $10 Patron Merch: PKA on iTunes: PKA on Podbean:   Timeline by Urban   0:00:00 - Woody starts the show 0:00:20 - Taylor’s vacation talk starts, thoughts on Mexico 0:04:00 - Taylor read the book The Institute by Stephen King and more vacation talk 0:13:07 - Kyle’s fear of slides and road rash 0:15:52 - Experiences with seatbelts while crashes cars  0:17:44 - Cruise ship food quality and Taylor’s eating habits while on it 0:21:15 - Cruise ship service and Woody’s fathers experience with it 0:25:26 - Kyle mistook Taylor’s vacation for a work trip 0:29:46 - Woody retells his story of getting a massage on a cruise ship  0:32:01 - Taylor asks for a recap of what he missed while he was away 0:34:08 - Kyle still considering getting the Tesla Cybertruck 0:37:20 - Tesla jailbreaking and more general Tesla talk 0:39:23 - UFC talk starts, McGregor vs. Cerrone and what’s next for Conor 0:44:44 - More UFC talk, story of Jorge Masvidal knocking a man out in the bathroom 0:49:26 - Woody is clear to start doing pull ups again after his injury 0:50:02 - Kyle sent off his DNA and is awaiting the results 0:53:54 - Kyle’s weapon restrictions while on parole  0:56:11 - Liquid nitrogen availability  and having fun with it 0:58:59 - Taylor’s experience returning to work and more cruise ship talk 1:01:55 - Taylor calls it a show

In this week's PKA, Taylor's still out this week but we've got our good friend Tucker joining us and he goes into great detail about all the different vandalism attacks he's had on his car, Woody brings up a few Relationship Advice threads the lads can chew on and then of course we've got to touch on CNN's blatant bias in trying to tear down Bernie Sanders while building up Warren.

Support the show & watch the PKN video by becoming a $10 Patron Merch: PKA on iTunes: PKA on Podbean:   Timeline by Urban   0:00:00 - Woody starts the show 0:00:18 - Joe Rogan’s extreme podcast schedule and interviewing skills 0:05:07 - Woody is reading the book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and his recent thoughts on sci-fi 0:13:19 - Kyle’s excitement for the movie 1917 0:15:39 - MMA talk starts: McGregor vs Cerrone excitement and predictions, trans fighter 0:21:50 - UFC fight card disappointment, PPV sales, and more 0:30:12 - Stories about MMA fighters Forrest Griffin and Donald Cerrone 0:34:02 - Back to McGregor vs Cerrone and more UFC talk 0:42:50 - MMA talk ends: Astros sign stealing controversy, other baseball talk 0:53:32 - Woody might miss Khabib vs Ferguson because of a future trip 0:54:44 - TV talk: The Expanse, The Witcher, Hannibal, The Last Kingdom, Norsemen, Vikings and weekly episodes vs binge watching  1:02:34 - Kyle explains where Taylor is (he’s on a cruise) 1:04:10 - Woody calls it a show

In this week's PKA, we've got Co-Owner of the eSports organization NRG and Co-Owner of the NBA's Sacramento Kings, Andy Miller on the show, and he shares stories about Steve Jobs and his time as a VP over at Apple and then the guys have a deep dive into sports talk, with the hockey, lots of baseball and of course baseball. Change of pace episode!

Support the show & watch the PKN video by becoming a $10 Patron Merch: PKA on iTunes: PKA on Podbean:   Timeline by Urban   0:00:00 - Woody starts the show 0:00:15 - The gangs various nose issues 0:06:16 - Streamer Pestily’s success and charity work 0:09:59 - Iran’s missile attack 0:12:08 - Japanese culture 0:13:47 - Kyle introduces Taylor to a new sports YouTube channel 0:16:25 - Back to the Iran missile attack, was killing General Soleimani justified?, Should we be in the middle east? And more 0:29:52 - Reasons for the Iraq war, should America still be there? 0:33:28 - Watchmen spoilers start now: Kyle shares his issues with the new direction of Watchmen 0:46:47 - Streaming services vs services like blockbuster or redbox 0:51:52 - Woody shares a story of renting a dirty movie with a girl 0:53:52 - Kyle worked at a video rental store and enjoyed all the benefits 0:56:33 - Woody shares a story of visiting an adult store owned by xJawz's father, how did that influence him? 0:58:42 - More Iran missile attack talk, Trump about to address the nation 1:00:41 - Kyle retells one of the sports stories from the YouTube channel he found 1:02:21 - Football talk: Kaepernick, Colts kicker cut, Funny Pat McAfee story, Peyton Manning, Wonderlic Test 1:09:56 - Last minute comments on the Iran missile attack 1:10:58 - Woody calls it a show

In this week's PKA, welcome to 2020! We kick off this new decade and year with our good buddy Harley from Epic Meal Time back and he shares us some stories from his days being a substitute teacher and interacting with his students, the guys laugh at the breaking news funny videos of shootings and killings coming out Taylor's homeland of Nicaragua... I mean St Louis, Missouri and they give their 2 cents on a really screwed up situation from Reddit's /r/RelationshipAdvice, enjoy this hilarious PKA to kick off the new year!

It's PKN time baby!

In this week's PKA, it's just the boys celebrating Christmas this week! Woody rocking his fruity Xmas sweater, the boys talk about the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan's body because of his disgusting HGH gut, turns out Taylor was slightly correct about chickens (other birds) and how they reproduce and the guys talk about the new Witcher series that dropped on Netflix. So get some eggnog and enjoy this Xmasific episode of the show.

It's PKN time baby!

In this week's PKA, just the boys this week, Kyle signs up for a fresh 23andMe kit to find out how pure his bloodline really is, which is important since he's really considering getting a Tesla Cybertruck and of course we've got our regular Blade's Degradation update with new photos of his foot that just look awful. So come swing on by PKA this week, it's a good time.

It's PKN time baby!

In this week's PKA, we've got superstar stand-up comedian, director, filmmaker and actor, Steve Byrne joining us this week! And he shares a plethora of stories of getting into fights and altercations throughout his life, which is just great. Then the boys touch on the recent health issues that have come the way of the infamous Bagel Boss and then FINALLY the lads watch some SUPER HUMMAN videos and discuss the hilarity that surrounds the content he produces.

It's PKN time baby!

In this week's PKA, our comic buddy Steve Hofstetter is back from his European Tour and he gives the boys details of his travels throughout the continent, the lads share stories from the few times they ran away from home as children and Joe Biden says some bat shit crazy stuff and continues to be a buffoon so they discuss that and the latest happenings on the Democrats 2020 campaign races.

It's PKN time baby!