10 Minute Hacks from the Best Marketing Minds
Mike Means Marketing
Discover the most powerful digital marketing tips and tactics from the best in the WORLD. People like John Lee Dumas, Scott Oldford, & Joel Comm will share their most successful techniques for driving sales online TODAY! As the digital world is always changing - the interviews in this podcast will give you up to date analysis on what's working NOW. 10 Minute Hacks was created for YOU - the Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, or Marketer who wants concise, ACTIONABLE advice during your daily commute, workout, or routine.
In this episode Josh B. Lee shares the power of Linkedin. With over 500 Million users Linkedin is hardly a dying platform. In fact, with the acquisition by Microsoft it is poised to be a major player in the Social Media Marketing Landscape of the future. Quickly discover Josh's best hack to move on Linkedin quickly.

On January 11th Mark Zuckerberg dropped a bomb on the business and marketing community. In more words than he has ever used to communicate an algorithm change. I break down this change for you step by step and tell you what you need to do to overcome and thrive on Facebook.

In this welcome back episode Mike takes you through what is working right now in Social Media Advertising while giving you a 35,000 foot view of how you should be thinking about your Online Marketing efforts... Oh yeah, and since this is unscripted we get a surprise call from Sylvania Harrod. Enjoy!

Khierstyn Ross, over the last 2 years has guided product creators just like you from newbie status to masters of crowdfunding, raising more than $2 MILLION on sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Selling online is hard — especially for young business without a massive online presence. Creating a successful campaign is a well orchestrated dance, taking many carefully planned and navigated elements all working well together. Join Khierstyn as she shares her expertise with us!

Evolving Alpha is an ideology that men and women can be strong, powerful, healthy, fit and lean while living a life full of compassion, equality, and understanding. Fraser & Lauren Bayley followed their passion and exploded onto the scene with awesome informational vegan fitness products. The launched their products on the back of a Facebook Group and are earning 6 figures WITHOUT PAID ADVERTISING!

Rob is a branding expert with a ton of experience helping businesses capitalize on what they already have. He will help you identify where you are losing money in your business and how you can leverage your current data base to increase revenue and build for the future. Rob is a passionate entrepreneur and believes that the greater the profits, they greater opportunity the business has to give back to the community and the world.

JP is a master of the back end. He is a high end funnel consultant with a hell of a story. His vow is to help you create the right funnel to help your business ascend to 7 figures and beyond. JP is also a partner of mine and we are creating something very, very special for you.

In this podcast you are going to discover the power of Linkdin and how the power of Linkdin for business to business sales. Jay is an expert mind set coach and is an expert in helping people to implement their passions and life purpose in their business.

Andrew Lock, a.k.a. the "Yoda of Marketing" shares his passion for entertainment and why he believes that the key to great marketing. Andrew is the creator of the "Help My Business!" show, a free weekly web TV show that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build a better business and stand out from the crowd. You don't want to miss this!

In this episode I simplify the the Facebook algorithm and teach you exactly how it works. The Facebook algorithm has been blamed for everything from the crashing of businesses to the limited reach of organic content. In order to have a successful Facebook Strategy for your business it is critical to understand the Facebook Algorithm. In ten minutes I will tell you everything you need to know!

In this episode I share with you exactly how I went from a restaurant manager to building a 7-figure marketing business in a few short years. Anyone can do what I have done, but you have to know what you are passionate about and how you can turn your individual expertise into an empire. I'm gonna help you every step of the way!

On the frontlines of live video online since 2008, Joel is the leading voice in live video marketing. Whether using tools such as Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram or Snapchat to broadcast a clearly defined message to a receptive audience or leveraging the power of webinar and meeting technologies such as Belive.tv or Crowdcast.io, Joel’s tested strategies make him an in-demand speaker and consultant for brands both large and small.

Discover the power of Facebook Messenger Bots and Messenger Ads. In this episode I share real time data about the messenger ad statistics that I am experiencing with an actual client. We also talk about how to convert someone from mildly interested in your business to paying customer.

Ben Perry is the master of Organic Facebook Video Marketing and absolutely kicks ass. He is a passionate film maker transforming his platform in with the power of social media.

Seymour is the mastermind behind the highly successful crowdfunding campaign called MagFast! He is a brilliant marketer in his own right has generated over 10 Million dollars in revenue through crowdfunding multiple projects. His take on the "irresistible offer" will give you insight and actionable advice!

In this episode you will learn how I used Facebook Ads & a SLO Funnel to generate 20,000 leads without losing a dollar! (In fact, we made a profit.)

Ron Lynch is a self described, failed child actor. He is now the owner of Big Baby Agency. Ron is the creative force behind the massive success of Go Pro, the sports video camera that has taken the world by storm. Ron is a legend in marketing and launched his career as a master of infomercials.

Scott Oldford is a master Facebook Marketing who is HOT on BOTS. Scott has generated millions of dollars in revenue through Facebook and currently runs LeadCraft, a Facebook training course. Listen, as he paints a picture of the marketing world of tomorrow.

John Lee Dumas is the creator Entrepreneur on Fire! He currently earns 200K / per month through his premier Podcasting Course, affiliate marketing, & freedom journal. John went from the military to millionaire in less the 2 years. He is hot on live webinars. Learn why now!