Did That Just Happen?
The Atlantic Transmission
Exploring the uncharted, uncomfortable, and sometimes unwelcome social interruptions.
Who am I listening to? What am I listening to? Why am I listening to this? If you’re asking yourself these questions then first of all, top marks on paying attention in your journalism class. Second, Taylor & Sarah wanted to provide you with some answers to these introductory inquiries. This episode is just the […]

Amani shares with us her tale of having her parents set her up on a blind date to their own Thanksgiving dinner. And really, who better to set your little girl up with than your face-tattooed personal trainer. Sarah & Taylor, joined by Gentleman of Honor Ben Blank (host of Jews & Reviews), discuss the […]

It’s hard to speak ill of Drake, even when it’s deserved. Living in this “Drake-tatorship” with its “Take Care Tyranny” stifles even the most sensible of voices. When one does speak out, its unconditional and ruthless grip (much like that of Drake’s hand on a microphone) forces friends to roll their eyes and accuse you of “looking for […]

You met him on Tindr. He shows up late, drunk and eating an ice cream cone without one for you. He continues his reign of heightening uncomfortable moments until it finally culminates in an unsolicited arm lick and an insult. Sarah & Taylor welcome Katja and her troubled Tindr tale along with a Gentleman’s POV […]

An eccentric yet polite man strikes up conversation as you amble through the city. He asks for you name and number but you decline and you genially part ways. What are the odds it’s going to happen again in a big city? Apparently not slim enough. Taylor and Sarah welcome Marie and man-guest Stefano to […]

Sarah is at work and gets offered a lollipop. She then gets offered to share the lollipop. She and Taylor discuss other stories of both fun-loving & off-putting workplace situations. From work-wives to hair critiques. Joining them in the man-seat today is soda enthusiast JW Crump.

What do you do when someone lays the “Do you come here often?” line with complete lack of irony; and then follows it up with the classic “You must like music with words in it.”? Sarah & Taylor welcome Man-Guest Artie Brennan to the show to discuss pick-up lines, how hard it is for both […]

A much-too-close encounter on the subway leads Taylor and Sarah to discuss interactions in the mostly underground form of public transportation. Enclosed spaces, staring and how to tell a black guy he’s handsome are all covered on this episode.