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We’re back gettin’ hot ‘n greasy in the Beltway Garage, gauging the pressure on SCOTUS appointments, kicking the remarkably stable tires on the presidential race, and selling you a slew of useless upgrades on this year’s contested Senate races. Check out Bad News Hughes' podcast You Can't Win: Follow Bad News Hughes on Twitter

We discuss Biden’s attempt to court the youth vote by assembling the Adventures and fighting the Hungry Games, then read a truly demonic piece on corporate spiritual advisors. Also, of course, Guns N’ Roses 1992 monster power balled hit “November Rain”. Thanks to YouTube user sonnymcs for the joe biden vapor wave track “S C R A N T O N R O O T S”.

Will talks to Jess Scarane, who is challenging incumbent Chris Coons for a U.S. Senate seat in Delaware. They discuss Delaware’s unique importance as a state, the limits of “compromise,” building power for progressive policies, and how to lift voters’ expectations for what they can demand from their politicians. Get involved with Jess’ campaign here:

We’re joined by Foreign Exchanges’ Derek Davison and Daniel Bessner to discuss Trump’s troop-disrespecting, Austrian domination of the Balkans, who the REAL losers and suckers are, and the roll of the military in America’s declining empire. Please subscribe to Foreign Exchanges on substack:

Defector’s Patrick Redford stops by to talk the (hopefully likely) fall of JKIII, NBA strikes, and whether robots go to hell. Check out for all your sports blog and media needs:

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It's a classic Will-less episode that kind of goes all over the place as we review the speakers list for this week's RNC. We talk about like, cars and tort reform a bunch, as well as a rising star in Republican politics. We'll be covering the RNC all week on Twitch from 9-11pm E.S.T. over on

We review the 1990 Barbet Schroeder film “Reversal of Fortune,” covering Alan Dershowitz’s representation of Danish vampire Claus von Bülow after he is accused of murdering his wife. Needless to say this depiction of Dershowitz raises a few eyebrows 30 years down the line. Keep your eyes on this Tuesday and Wednesday for coverage of the DNC.

Friend of the show Ike Barinholtz(MADtv, Eastbound & Down, Suicide Squad) joins us to talk cartoons, the Shapiros, a reading series from our favorite Chicagoland OpEd writer, and of course to discuss long-term effects of exposure to The Joker.

Writer and director Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Short, every movie you quoted endlessly with your homies ~2004-2012) stops by to talk film, the giant sucking memory hole of the Bush presidency, balancing humor with anger, and wrangling with SNL censors. Be on the lookout for a new season of Adam’s Jeffrey Epstein podcast coming up this September.

Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, and Operators stops by to discuss some of the darker parts of Canadian history, including Mountie Gladio, Nazi connections in Ottawa, and Vancouver Island’s noted concentration of Satanists. Support Dan’s content over on Patreon:

Will’s away, but we’re joined by fan-favorite Derek Davison and host of the Tides of History podcast Patrick Wyman to discuss shrimp supply chains, the ongoing effects of the Bolivian coup, Israel and America’s militaries & the decline of empires. Derek and Patrick’s new writing substack: Bath Iron Works Strike Fund:

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We start off this week looking at the roll of bullying in Massachusetts politics & the inauspicious beginning of the MLB season. From there we kind of transition into the ongoing normalization of COVID and Trump’s federal police goon squad in America. Then, after TTRPG’ing contested 2020 election scenarios, we kind of take a left turn towards Brazil’s Looney Tunes fascism, and stick the landing by reflecting on Mormons as the Perfect Americans.

R.I.P. Michael Brooks. Felix casts a protection spell on our sweet abuela Moon. Virgil breaks down Ilhan Omar’s “problem solving” primary challenger. Will administers Trump’s cognitive test on his cohosts. Then, Will and Felix talk to journalist Séamus Malekafzali about escalating tensions in Iran, Israeli training of U.S. cops, and the collapse of Lebanon’s financial sector. Support Ilhan Omar’s reelection campaign here: and find Séamus’ writing here: https

Candidate for LA City Council Nithya Raman returns to the show to talk to Will about making the runoffs in her race, addressing LA’s homelessness in the time of COVID and taking on entrenched police power in the wake of June’s George Floyd protests. Join Nithya at the March for Mely starting 2pm Sunday, July 19th, at the Northeast LAPD (3353 N. San Fernando Rd.) station and ending at the Trader Joe’s in Silverlake. Donate to Nithya’s campaign:

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David Roth’s back to help us continue examining the cursed aesthetics of Trump-world food, the ongoing COVID disaster, the eternal relevance of Starship Troopers, and the Beautiful Boaters. David’s Starship Troopers piece:

Ben and Palma of Seeking Derangements join Felix to examine several episodes of the hit Netflix reality makeover show “Queer Eye” Find Seeking Derangements on Apple: Subscribe to Seeking Derangements on Patreon:

We take a look at The Lincoln Project, a new political ad PAC founded by never-Trumpers taking aim at Donald Trump by bringing their conservativism into the open willing arms of the Democrats.