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Welcome back everybody, we have some catching up to do! In this episode I share a personal story about my fight with Legionnaire's Disease. Plus, System76 Engineer Jeremy Soller is working on something groundbreaking, and AMD Ryzen fans are going to love it! I also shine a spotlight on Star Labs -- they're doing something EVERY Linux PC company should be doing. And finally, I close the show by telling you which distro I really miss...Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Legionnaires Disease (CDC) Star Labs Compatibility Reports: & CorebootOur Telegram GroupL4E On LBRYL4E On YouTube

Hey Everyone, We received a health update from Jason. It turns out he has a severe form of pneumonia called Legionnaires' disease, from a nasty type of bacteria called Legionella, typically found in pools, spas or AC. Jason will be in the hospital for the next several days fighting this. And beating it. He thanks each and every one of you for the kind words and support you have shown, its a big morale boost for him. We wish him a speedy recovery and to be back on our podcast feeds soon.Special Guest: Michael Tunnell.Support Linux For Everyone

Welcome to Episode 36, featuring a VERY enthusiastic discussion about Lenovo's recent Linux news and why it matters, as well as some insightful community feedback. Plus: a Discovery of the Week that will make your Radeon GPU happy, and the world premiere of my band's single "Brain Dead!"Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Get CoreCtrlMy Video Reaction To Lenovo's Awesome Linux NewsBrain Dead by More Sun on Amazon MusicMore Sun: Brain Dead - Music on Google Play‎Brain Dead - Single by More Sun on Apple MusicSpotify – Brain Dead by More SunLinux For Everyone @ YouTubeLinux For Everyone @ LBRY

The Linux For Everyone podcast gets a video upgrade! In this episode: Linux gaming has a glaring problem that AMD and Nvidia can fix, deeper discussion about two amazing Linux laptops from System 76 and TUXEDO, Plus, a Discovery of the Week for bittorrent fans, a new "Song from the Source" and another dose of good news! Watch this episode on YouTube.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Schykle's video on FragmentsFragments on GitlabFragments on FLATHUBL4E Video: UltraLight Linux Laptop ShowdownWhy Windows 10 Gaming Still Reigns Supreme Over LinuxTUXEDO InfinityBook S 14 System76 Lemur ProXpander 69 | Free Listening on SoundCloud

*Get the Aeropress featured in the intro AND support the show with your purchase: * Welcome to your second cup of Linux and Coffee! Schykle and I brewed up a nice rant about something many of us take pride in: the Super key! Plus, we discuss the results from our Pop OS donation poll, and talk about something you asked for more of: COFFEE! Special Guest: Schykle (Clayton).Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Video version of this episode (recommended)Buy The AeropressBuy The L4E Coffee MugSchykle on YouTubeThe Twitter PollL4E Videos on LBRYL4E Videos On YouTube

The Fedora and Lenovo partnership is about more than just selling Thinkpads with Linux pre-installed. In this special video interview, Fedora lead Matthew Miller and Lenovo's Senior Linux Software Engineer Mark Pearson join me to discuss a TON of details. There are SEVERAL surprises along the way, and most of them are going to make you jump for joy. This is how Linux gets treated like a first-class citizen. Special Guests: Mark Pearson and Matthew Miller.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Video version of this interviewLinux For Everyone StoreThank you Digital Ocean! — Get a $100 credit and TWO months free!Get FedoraLenovo LaptopsHow Fedora Thinkpads Will Treat Linux As A First-Class Citizen - Front Page Linux

Surprise! Welcome to your first cup of Linux and Coffee while I'm working on the giant Lenovo + Fedora interview. One topic, no prep, and interesting insights along the way. In this installment I'm joined by brand new L4E Creator Schykle to pick apart the brand new System76 Pop OS website, and tackle something a little controversial that we noticed... NOTE TO LISTENERS: Linux + Coffee is a "video first" production, meaning you may enjoy it more by watching on YouTube! Special Guest: Schykle (Clayton).Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Linux + Coffee: Video VersionSchykle on YouTubePop!_OS WebsiteLinux For Everyone Merch!

Welcome to Episode 33, which begins on a personal note and then launches into an awesome Discovery of the Week from Tuxedo Computers. There's also a double dose of good news from the community to fight the negative headlines that surround us. Plus, a trio of first impressions: The Deepin 20 Beta, the System76 Lemur Pro and the UbuntuDDE 20.04 Beta. Don't forget about the Patron-only Live Video Chat happening this Sunday at noon Eastern. Watch your Patreon inbox for the details!Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:"Together" Mural on InstagramTUXEDO Control CenterL4E Video: Deepin 20 Beta ImpressionsL4E Video: UbuntuDDE 20.04 Beta OverviewL4E Videos on LBRYWatch How Window Auto-Tiling Works In Pop OS 20.04Meet The Lightest Linux Laptop From System76Front Page Linux – Your Source for All Things Linux

Linux hardware manufacturer and Pop!OS developer System76 has been busy lately! I sit down with the company's "Happiness Manager" Emma Marshall to discuss the latest, and Emma lives up to her job title by sharing how to stay positive and upbeat during these challenging times. Plus, a Discovery of the Week from a fellow Linux gamer and L4E listener, Endless & the Gnome Foundation's initiative to attract a new generation of FOSS developers, and ProtonMail hands out free, permanent storage increases! Thank you to Digital Ocean for sponsoring this episode and the entire Destination Linux Network! Go to to get a $100 credit AND your first 2 months free.Special Guest: Emma Marshall.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:L4E Videos on LBRYL4E Videos on YouTubeEmma's Daily Dose of PositivityGOverlay: A Graphical UI to help manage Linux overlays.Community Engagement Challenge – GNOMEHow Proton is helping during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

After a citywide lockdown and earthquake in our beautiful city of Zagreb, this episode begins on a serious note. But it's a message intended to bring hope and positivity back into our lives during this unprecedented time in our history. And the discovery of the week aims to get everyone involved in the fight against coronavirus. (OUR FOLDING@HOME TEAM # = 240869) After that I offer some speculation about the System76 keyboard, my experience with Endless OS and recap my time gaming on Salient OS. Plus, a very relevant short clip from the first Linux For Everyone Patron Live Chat that took place last week. Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:The L4E Telegram groupLet's Check Out Endless OS Together (L4E Video)A Gaming Tour Through Salient OS (L4E Video)The Graphics Card In Your Computer Can Help Fight Coronavirus (L4E Video)Endless OS | Endless ComputersI guest-hosted this awesome Star Trek podcast

This is the big one: a candid, informative and downright fascinating 75 minute conversation with Canonical's Alan Pope. He answers some tough questions like "Why isn't the Snap Store open source?" and "How can you prove Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution?" We also talk about YouTube vs LBRY, his role as a developer advocate and his passion for interacting with the community, and much, much more. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy! Special Guest: Alan Pope.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Alan's YouTube ChannelFollow Alan on TwitterInstall Linux apps using the Snap Store Snap users by distributionFlathub—An app store and build service for LinuxL4E Videos on YouTubeL4E Videos on LBRY

Community member, Linux voyager and elementary OS enthusiast Schykle joins me to discuss a wide range of topics this week. We begin with a look at his distro-hopping origin story and why he ended up sticking with elementary OS. Then we dig deep into community behavior and both of us share some of our struggles in dealing with toxicity. PLUS: Liam is back for another awesome Linux Gaming Report, and I read some of your letters about dual-booting and Salient OS. Special Guests: Liam Dawe and Schykle (Clayton).Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Our Sponsor: Digital Ocean — Get 2 months free PLUS a beefy $100 credit by using our special DLN link. MINDUSTRY Video Collaboration w/ GamingOnLinuxWatch L4E on YouTubeWatch L4E on LBRYBuy Some L4E Stuff!Schykle on YouTube@Schykle on TwitterTips For Dual-Booting Solus With UEFI Interstitial Music: "Aviation" by TrackTribeGamingOnLinux

Distro hoppers assemble! This week we begin a look at Arch-based Salient OS, a distro designed to appeal to gamers and content creators. Plus, a Discovery of the Week that will make your system's color palette sing, and there's a new member of the Linux For Everyone family! Then I exorcise some demons, fight some burnout, and go on a passionate rant about the Linux community and dual booters. Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Our Sponsor: Digital Ocean — Get 2 months free PLUS a beefy $100 credit by using our special DLN linkI Make FOSS @ TwitterL4E Videos @ YouTubeL4E Videos @ LBRYJoin the L4E Telegram group!Discovery of the Week: pywalDistroHoppers: Salient OS Part 1 (L4E Video)Salient OS download page [SourceForge]Salient OS Discord server

This episode of Linux For Everyone opens with a chat about... Phantasy Star Online 2 for Xbox? And it closes with a version of Jason from 13 years ago. In between, there's discussion about the elementary OS "AppCenter For Everyone," and a notable feature of KDE Plasma 5.18. And what Linux distro will Lana try next? Find out the 3 I've chosen, and how YOU can vote on them! Plus, a Discovery of the Week that'll make your PC sweat, and a new "Song from the Source" by Lorenzo's Music which was produced entirely on Ubuntu Studio. CHECK OUT THE NEW PATREON PAGE: Get the podcast AND all videos early for just $2/month!Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:DECIDE LANA'S FATE! (Twitter vote)Join us on Telegram!L4E On LBRYL4E On YouTubePhantasy Star Online 2Discovery of the Week: GTK Stress Testing (Website)Discovery of the Week: GTK Stress Testing (FlatHub)AppCenter for Everyone | IndiegogoMusicbed: Zeropage - Ambient India Lorenzo's Music: Spaghetti Mid-Western EP

In this episode, Lana is back to recount her first experience with Ubuntu -- and by extension Linux -- in 12 years. There is some real talk ahead, with unfiltered opinions from outside the echo chamber. (Oh, and stick around for the bloopers). Plus, a Discovery of the Week double dose for the gamers in the house. Special Guest: Lana Evangelho.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Linux For Everyone @ YouTubeLinux For Everyone @ LBRYL4E Video: An AMD Ryzen 3400G Can Do ALL THIS? MangoHud, a new open source Vulkan overlay layer for gaming on Linux | GamingOnLinuxGitHub - flightlessmango/MangoHud: A Vulkan overlay layer for monitoring FPS, temperatures, CPU/GPU load and more. Discord: Linux Gaming And Multitasking Performance With The AMD Ryzen 3400G

Sometimes an interview opens new doors of perception. You're able to look at a situation from a completely fresh perspective, and gain insights you never considered were there. That describes my frank conversation with Ubuntu Budgie Team Member Dustin Krysak. It's an organic chat that covers a huge range of topics, from the struggles a smaller distribution faces and how donations are spent, to how the larger Ubuntu family offers support, to what it takes to truly take desktop Linux mainstream. We close our interview with a fantastic exploration of how pretty much anyone can become a contributor and make a difference in the FOSS community. PLUS: Your feedback about why we distro-hop! Special Guest: Dustin Krysak.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Ubuntu BudgieSubscribe to my videos on YouTubeGame Night For Charity, Feb 1: Details HereMusic clips courtesy of Lorenzo's Music

Buy the new "Linux and Coffee For Everyone" Mug: In this week's episode of Linux For Everyone: a Discovery of the Week that your ears will appreciate, a conversation with professional photographer and Hardware Addicts co-host Wendy Hill, and a discussion about a new FOSS Code of Conduct that manages to be both divisive and refreshing. Plus a TON of show and network-related news, including a game night for our charity Free Geek on February 1st.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:NEW: "Linux and Coffee For Everyone" mug!NEW: Linux For Everyone "Welcome /home" hoodieDiscovery of the Week: PulseEffectsDerek Taylor: The FOSS Code of Conduct[Full Video] DistroTube Writes a Code of Conduct Hardware Addicts: Our new show on DLNDLN Gives Back: Learn more about Free GeekMy new video on the Kubuntu Focus laptopDLN Game Night #2 - Saturday, February 1st, 2020!

Manjaro and Tuxedo Computers are gearing up to release multiple Manjaro-branded laptops, and the beauty is in the details. Want a Klingon keyboard? Sure. Ryzen CPU? Ok. Your company logo as the Super Key? No problem. Manjaro Project Lead Developer Philip Müller joins me to share those details and much more! Plus, a Discovery of the Week your face will appreciate, and a new Song from the Source! DLN Gives Back Charity Drive for FreeGeek FreeGeek is helping to bridge the Digital Divide, Combat E-Waste and Fight for Right to Repair. For more information, visit and be sure check out the interview with FreeGeek on Destination Linux Episode 151.Special Guest: Philip Müller.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Lana's #NepaliDiaries on TwitterDLN Xtend on the Destination Linux NetworkTetris in Terminal is now a Snap! HOWDY: Windows Hello™ style facial authentication for LinuxTUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 15 (RED Edition)Manjaro - enjoy the simplicityLinux Spotlight EP31 - Philip Müller of ManjaroSongs From the Source: "Nanana Baby" by Billy CheesesteakOur Community Forum

Happy holidays! Welcome to the conclusion of a special 2-parter recalling my most impactful Linux discoveries (and lessons learned) from the second half of 2019. Plus: A Discovery of the Week that will destroy your productivity, and the FULL VERSION of the Linux For Everyone opening theme song! I hope you enjoy this one half as much as I enjoyed recording it. Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Join us on Telegram!Discovery of the Week: Tetris in TerminalJuly 2019: The launch of Linux For Everyone!August 2019: Porting Games To Linux Is A Waste Of Time? You're Doing It WrongMy Interview with Microsoft's Christopher ScottSep 2019: Slack Gets Some Competition: Microsoft Teams Is Officially In Development For LinuxSep 2019: Huawei Just Started Selling Laptops With A Beautiful Linux OS Pre-InstalledOct 2019: Here’s Why Blazing Fast Linux OS Peppermint 10 Just Blew Me AwayNov 2019: My first "proper" Linux For Everyone videoNov 2019: My Search For The Perfect Linux OS Just Ended — With An Unexpected SurpriseDec 2019: elementary OS Unfiltered: From Clean Install To Daily Driver - YouTube

My Linux journey this year has been nothing short of amazing. But I didn't realize HOW amazing sitting down to prepare for this special 2-parter. In this episode, I recall my most impactful Linux discoveries (and lessons learned) from the first half of 2019. Plus: A Discovery of the Week for people who love their local music libraries!Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Shopping at Amazon? Click this first! — If you're doing holiday shopping at Amazon, consider clicking my affiliate link first. You'll be supporting the show and it won't cost you anything extra!What's your most amazing 2019 Linux discovery? [Destination Linux Community]Video: Exploring music and Lollypop on elementary OSDiscover of the Week: Lollypop [FlatHub]January 2019: The Linux Community ChallengeFebruary 2019: The Ugly Truth About Gaming Without WindowsMarch: System76 Nails Gaming For Nvidia And AMD UsersMarch 2019: Jason discovers the glory of bash scripts via Fedora 29April 2019: I fell in love with XfceMay 2019: I started my first GitHub projectJune 2019: Btw I Installed Arch...My GitHub Project: Contributing To FOSSChristmas Student Contest: Win a System76 Thelio!

In this episode, I drop a rather surprising bomb about a new favorite, and revive my love for the Late 2013 MacBook Pro by slapping a variety of Linux distributions on it. Plus: The L4E community shares what they appreciate about Linux that simply isn't possible on Windows, and Liam from brings us another fantastic mini-review. Special Guest: Liam Dawe.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Buy Baba Is You from the Humble Store and save 20%Join Our Awesome Telegram Community!Discuss: What do YOU appreciate about Linux? - DLN CommunityQuickLook: Meet The Most Elegant Linux Distro On The Planet - YouTubeBreathe Life Back Into Your Late 2013 Or Older Apple Mac With LinuxMac Mini (mid-2011) on Linux – Stephen CrossLinux & SteamOS gaming community | GamingOnLinuxThe fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS ⋅ elementary OS

For the first time, my wife Lana joins me on the microphone to introduce a new segment, and tell us all about her Linux origin story. Stick around for the plot twist and the bloopers! Plus, a Discovery of the Week for laptop users who want to spend more time away from the wall. And a fresh Song from Source! GET SOCIAL: Mastodon: Twitter: Facebook: GROUP CHAT: Telegram: Discord: Mumble: DLN: Destination Linux Network: Community Forum: https://discourse.destinationlinux.networkSpecial Guest: Lana Evangelho.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Slimbook Battery 3 AppSLIMBOOK Ultrabook, laptops, computersXpander-69 On SoundcloudXpander - Forbidden Forest - YouTube

Recorded at System76 Headquarters from the 3rd annual Superfan event, this episode is a special one to me. It's chock full of candid conversations with System76 CEO Carl Richell and Creative Director Kate Hazen. Hear about the company's laptop plans, their roadmap, the features coming to Pop OS, the origins of the company, and so much more! Be sure to subscribe to the Linux For Everyone YouTube channel for an upcoming video on the event, too! Support Linux For Everyone

My birthday is November 17th, so I thought it would be fun to do a "birthday special" AMA for Episode 17 where the community can ask me anything. The result is a stripped down format with some very candid answers about Linux, life, learning and love. This episode also features an extended "Welcome Home" intro celebrating this show's awesome global community! Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:My Interview With Don Watkins at OpenSource.comThe L4E YouTube Channel Has Actual Video: SUBSCRIBE!

Welcome to a decidedly Peppermint-y and even slightly philosophical episode about Linux, forever distros, and the unexpected lessons you can learn from using a "Frankenstein" OS. Zebedee Boss of Destination Linux (aka The Peppermint Man) joins me for a fantastic discussion that marks a turning point in my journey. Plus: Don't settle for boring! The discovery of the week will have you creating your perfect GRUB screen in seconds! To close the show, it's another track from Songs from the Source favorite Unfa -- and this one isn't just recorded on Linux, it's ABOUT Linux!Special Guest: Zebedee Boss.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Jason Evangelho AMA: Submit Your Question!Discovery of the Week: Grub CustomizerPeppermint - The Linux Desktop OSMy Search For The Perfect Linux OS Just EndedHere’s Why Blazing Fast Linux OS Peppermint 10 Just Blew Me AwaySongs from the Source: "Anti-Feature" by UnfaGet Linux For Everyone on YouTube!Zebedee Boss on YouTube

A streamlined episode featuring Chris Titus Tech, a content producer who made the switch to Linux in 2018 after 20 years working in various Windows Server support roles including IT Director. Chris and I have walked similar paths, but he has some unique viewpoints on the wide world of Linux. And yea, I ask him if Ubuntu is still the devil :D Plus, another Song from the Source that's an homage to both 70's Italian Disco and 80s Darkwave Synth?Special Guest: Chris Titus Tech.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:DLN Xtend | The New PodcastChris Titus Tech HUBChris Titus Tech | YouTubeSpotlight Kid: "Another Day" | Open Source Music Nexus ChallengeInterstitial Music: "Breakthrough" by Hurricane Blonde

It's Ubuntu 19.10 upgrade season, and I've got the fever. So many new discoveries, and so many noteworthy improvements! From Ubuntu to MATE to Pop OS, there's a lot worth paying attention to. Plus: Xfce may not be known as the "lightest on resources" desktop environment for long... Want more? Liam makes his monthly Linux Gaming Report appearance to share one of his favorite games, a listener sends an amazing idea to my inbox, and I debut my OWN Song from the Source! PSA: Linux For Everyone is now availble on YouTube! [Interlude Music: Jason Evangelho aka Hurricane Blonde] [Welcome Home Tag: German]Special Guest: Liam Dawe.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Mate-optimus: NVIDIA Optimus GPU switcherPop!_OS by System76PowerShell On LinuxThe Linux Gaming Report with Liam DaweGNOME Boxes Virtual Machine AppKDE: The future Lightweight champ???Xfce Desktop EnvironmentKubuntu 19.10 | Friendly Computing Songs from the Source: "Signals" by Jason Evangelho (aka Hurricane Blonde)

By popular request, I share my current "Linux toolkit," the collection of software and hardware I use on a daily basis for work and play. And be sure to listen for your chance to share your own favorites on the next episode. Then, a meaty discussion about gaming on Linux Mint as I reboot the original "Linux Gaming Report" at Forbes. Plus, another Linux Origin Story and a new Song from the Source! INTERSTITIAL MUSIC: "Cloudness" by Jason Evangelho Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Join The Linux For Everyone Telegram Community!The New Version Of Deepin Linux Has A Killer Feature That Every Distribution NeedsTell us your Linux origin story! Linux Mint 19.2 CinnamonSonoj Open Source Music Convention 2019 - October 26th and 27th 2019Songs from the Source: "Blue Star" by Lorenzo SuttonPodcast Hardware: MXL BCD-1 MicrophonePodcast Hardware: Zoom U-22 Handy Audio InterfacePodcast Hardware: System76 Oryx Pro

How do we define 'flagship' Linux hardware? Does this flagship hardware actually exist? In this episode I pose some tough questions that deserve an ongoing discussion. Plus, a Discovery of the Week for people seeking a complete Google Drive solution, a quick chat about AMD's Radeon RX 5500 announcement, and a repeat performance from Demonic Sweaters!Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:overGrive: A Complete Linux Google Drive Desktop ClientA thought exercise: Flagship Linux devices | DLN ForumAMD Expects The Radeon RX 5500 To Dominate Nvidia GTX 1650 With 37 Percent Higher FPSDemonic Sweaters: Visitors | Anthill RecordingsLinux For Everyone on YouTube

My interview with Zorin OS co-founder Artyom Zorin goes way beyond just talking about an awesome Linux distribution. Artyom also reveals what the Zorin Group is building to increase adoption of desktop Linux in schools, governments, and developing countries. Plus: A breakdown of the Ubuntu MATE 19.10 "Paper Cut Release," a community-submitted Linux Origin Story, and a rocking Song from the Source courtesy of Demonic Sweaters! PRODUCTION NOTE: I apologize for the slightly downgraded audio quality of the interview. I chose the wrong encoding option when beginning our chat! Special Guest: Artyom Zorin.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:The Ubuntu MATE 19.10 ‘Paper Cut Release’ Is A Great Lesson In Developer Transparency And Community ImpactUbuntu MATE 19.10 Release NotesClear Linux talk | Dublin Linux CommunityTell us your Linux origin story | DLN ForumThe Newest Version Of Zorin OS 15 Brings Linux And Open Source To The ClassroomZorin OS - Your Computer. Better.Demonic Sweaters - YouTubeDEMONIC SWEATERS | BandcampDEMONIC SWEATERS |

On this episode I have a very candid conversation with Linux advocate Christopher Scott, a Microsoft employee who's fighting for change inside the company, and trust outside of it. Plus: A Discovery of the Week to get your game library organized Slovenian FOSS musician Luka Prinčič introduces a fantastic Song from the Source Liam Dawe stops by to tell you about one of his favorite Linux games Want to share your thoughts about Christopher's comments, or Microsoft in general? Do it here on the new DLN community forum! This episode is also available on YouTube. Special Guests: Christopher Scott and Liam Dawe.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Linux For Everyone on YouTubeLinux For Everyone on Twitch Destination Linux Network Community ForumDiscovery of the Week: GameHubLinux Gaming Report: Devader on SteamChristopher Scott on TwitterUserVoice: OneDrive on LinuxSongs from the Source: Levitation by Wanda & Nova deViatorLuka Prinčič Discography — Luka Prinčič

Codeweavers CEO Jeremy White and Wine developer Andrew Eikum sit down for a terrific interview about the history of Wine, Codeweavers' partnership with Valve to create Proton, and the future of gaming and software on Linux. Plus: Michael and Ryan from Destination Linux join me to discuss a brand new podcast network, and the community sounds off about Huawei laptops with Deepin Linux. LINUX FOR EVERYONE NOW ON YOUTUBE! Special Guests: Andrew Eikum, Jeremy White, Michael Tunnell, and Ryan (aka DasGeek).Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Linux For Everyone on YouTubeWineHQ - Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and macOSWindows Software on Mac & Linux with CrossOver | CodeWeaversDestination Linux Network: Use, Learn, Share, Educate and Explore Linux Destination Linux Community Forum Huawei Just Started Selling Laptops With A Beautiful Linux OS Pre-InstalledTea, Earl Grey, Hot ! - An unofficial Star Trek fan podcast from the Other Side Podcast Network"Desolate" on Soundcloud (Songs from the Source)Linux For Everyone GitHub Repo

Michael and Ryan from Destination Linux join me to tease a huge announcement slated for September 15, then we settle in for a discussion about Purism's Librem 5 delay, and the overall landscape of alternate mobile operating systems. Plus a Discovery of the Week that archives the webgames of the past, Manjaro levels up. then some sweet electronica from open source musician Ten Of Eleven! POST-RECORDING UPDATE: In this episode we were puzzled over Purism not posting any actual photos of the Librem 5 that was shipping. Apparently they did post more than a mockup of the Librem 5, but curiously, they only posted it on Mastodon. Here's the link for you to check it out: Guests: Michael Tunnell and Ryan (aka DasGeek).Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Special Live Stream Episode on September 15th at 1PM Eastern! (or 5pm UTC)BlueMaxima's FlashpointManjaro Linux Just Made A Massive Announcement About Its FutureFlashpoint Discord Server: Linux Testers Wanted!Librem 5 Shipping Announcement Librem 5: Promise Delivery Chart Ten Of Eleven | Free Listening on SoundCloudTen Of Eleven at BandcampLinux For Everyone @ Mastodon Jason on Destination Linux #124

I'm joined by Daniel Foré for a revealing conversation about the philosophies, challenges and decisions involved in creating and managing a distribution like elementary OS. Plus, a Discovery of the Week your eyeballs will appreciate! Then, say hello to our first L4E Distro Challenge: MX Linux 19 Beta! To close out the episode, let's wind things down with some beautiful, melodic music from CLIFFVRD. Special Guest: Daniel Foré.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:elementary OSGet Involved with elementary OSDaniel Foré on TwitterMX Linux – Midweight Simple Stable Desktop OSA Linux Noob Reviews The MX Linux 18.3 InstallerMX-19 Beta 1 available for testing – MX LinuxBeats by CLIFFVRD: Buy Beats Online | TRAKTRAINCLIFFVRD | Free Listening on SoundCloudSupport Linux For Everyone on LiberaPay

This week's main topics are inspired entirely by community conversations in the show's Telegram group. First, listeners sound off about the concept of paid Linux distros. Then we head into a conversation about the Linux laptop ecosystem, and whether or not we should feel "locked in" to buying systems from Linux laptop manufacturers like System76, Dell and Purism. Plus, Liam from GamingOnLinux is back to share one of this favorite new games, a Discovery of the Week double feature, and some awesome post-modern funk from music collaboration site Special Guest: Liam Dawe.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:My Linux Laptop Buyer's Guide | FORBES — Tips and resources for finding the perfect laptop run Linux onGNOME BoxesLinux Virtual Machine App GNOME Boxes Has An Awesome Time-Saving Feature How to Schedule File Backups to Google Drive on Ubuntu - OMG! Ubuntu!GamingOnLinuxStreets of Rogue on SteamRetroArch just had a huge new release | GamingOnLinuxRetroArch Video: AI Service Allows For Machine Translation from Japanese to English!Paid LInux Distros Twitter ThreadUbuntu Certified Laptops"Burning at Night" (Songs from the Source)WikiLoops: Online Music Collaboration

Dell's Barton George joins me to discuss the brand new XPS 13 Developer Edition Linux laptop, the re-launch of the Project Sputnik website, and the successes and struggles the team has faced over the last 7 years. Plus, learn how to test more than 230 operating systems from any browser, and enjoy some atmospheric steampunk-inspired music from Red Ambassador! Special Guest: Barton George.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Barton's Blog — The home of Dell's Project SputnikMeet The New XPS 13 Developer Edition - The first online OS tester — Test more than 230 operating systems from any browserGitHub "Contribute to FOSS" Wiki — Let's build an exhaustive Wiki page on how to contribute to the Linux and FOSS community!"Time" by Red Ambassador Music — Listen to this episode's featured song, and explore more from Red Ambassador Music

Enjoy a short piece of bonus content that wasn't included in Episode 4. It's a community-submitted LIGHTNING ROUND of questions for Ryan aka DasGeek! Special Guest: Ryan (aka DasGeek).Support Linux For Everyone

The ever-enthusiastic Ryan (aka DasGeek) joins the show to discuss his Linux origin story, an amazing year with Steam Proton, and how Valve changed the Linux gaming landscape forever. Plus: L4E listeners give their best tips for Linux beginners, and we hear from a band that created their latest album entirely on Ubuntu Studio. Special Guest: Ryan (aka DasGeek).Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Patreon — Support this podcast and get cool perks like early access to episodes, beautiful 320k audio and an Associate Producer credit!Join Our Discord! — Hang out with an awesome, helpful Linux community in the L4E Discord serverDasGeek — The goal of ProtonDB is to gather reports from other gamers as they test games with Proton on Linux and provide aggregate scores of how well games perform. You'll also find tips for obtaining best performance! Why One Band Chose Linux To Record Their New Album — Lorenzo's Music used Ubuntu Studio for EVERYTHING. Read the full Forbes article. Lorenzo's Music

In the first Community Voice segment, listeners sound off about Manjaro 18.1 and the LibreOffice versus FreeOffice situation. Plus an awesome way to browse those man pages and learn some new Terminal commands! For the Linux Gaming Report, the big boss at Bearded Giant Games discusses his 'Linux First Initiative,' an unusual origin story, and what it takes to survive as a one-man indie game studio. Then Atroxity takes us out with some atmospheric electronica. Special Guest: Constantine Bacioiu (aka Zapa).Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Patreon — Support this podcast and get cool perks like early access to episodes, beautiful 320k audio and an Associate Producer credit!Join Our Discord! — Hang out with an awesome, helpful Linux community in the L4E Discord serverManKier — ManKier tries to make reading man pages as convenient as possible.Manjaro Linux Team Responds To LibreOffice Versus FreeOfficeBearded Giant GamesSpace Mercs on Steam — Extreme arcade space combat, light on the hardware requirementsAtroxity on Spotify — Check out Atroxity's album "Cult of the Scarab" on Spotify

A jam-packed episode kicks off with a weekly software discovery, then we glide into a community spotlight with Linux Lads' Conor Murphy. The meat of Episode 2 revolves around Endeavour OS as we take a deep dive into the new Arch-based distro. Plus, The Linux Gaming Report debuts, and the show closes with some incredible electronic jams from Polish FOSS musician Unfa. Special Guests: Conor Murphy and Liam Dawe.Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Our Telegram Group — Join the fun and geek out with the Linux For Everyone communityGuake Terminal — Guake is a top-down terminal for Gnome (in the style of Yakuake for KDE, Tilda or the terminal used in Quake).Linux Lads Podcast — Hosted by 3 Linux ninjas who like to talk about it. A lot! Endeavour OS — A new distribution based on Arch LinuxUnfa: Fighting Myself — From the full-length album "Suppressed." Unfa on MastodonGaming On Linux — Get your Linux gaming fixSlay The Spire on Steam — Featured on The Linux Gaming ReportTheme Song: "Brain Dead" — Written by Jerry Morrison. Vocals by Jason Evangelho. Listen to the full version at Soundcloud!

Welcome to Linux For Everyone! In this first episode, I recap my first year with Linux and explain how it changed both my personal and professional life. Plus, Songs from the Source debuts, and I'll get you prepared for our first Distro Challenge: Endeavour OS. Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Linux For Everyone: Telegram GroupLinux For Everyone: TwitterLinux For Everyone: FacebookDitching Windows: 2 Weeks With Ubuntu Linux On The Dell XPS 13 — The Forbes article that started it all from July 2018Valve Changes Everything In August 2018Endeavour OS — Check out Endeavour OS for the next Distro Challenge!Penguin Polka by Rob van den Berg — This week's Song from the Source! Listen or download the full version via Soundcloud. Theme Song: "Brain Dead" by Jerry Morrison & Jason Evangelho — Written by Jerry Morrison. Vocals by Jason Evangelho. Listen to the full version at Soundcloud!

As I enter year 2 of my Linux journey, a brand new adventure begins. Welcome to Linux For Everyone, a podcast about desktop Linux, open source software and the people creating it. Support Linux For EveryoneLinks:Linux For Everyone: TwitterLinux For Everyone: FacebookLinux For Everyone: TelegramJason @ Forbes — Read my articles about Linux at ForbesI Make FOSS — The "I Make Foss" Twitter account Logo Design by Syed Rahman — Linux For Everyone logo designed by Syed RahmanTheme Song: "Brain Dead" by Jerry Morrison & Jason Evangelho — Written by Jerry Morrison. Vocals by Jason Evangelho. Listen to the full version at Soundcloud!