Grumpy Old Geeks
Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister with Dave Bittner

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

What is & what isn't a tech company; when 24-year olds run companies; social credit scores are here; Clearview & the end of privacy; more exposed data on the web; Amazon Ring password lawsuit; hibernation; Jo Koy; Mel Brooks; LOTR cast; Daredevil returning; Stephen Fry; Ted Chiang; Becky Chambers Wayfarers; the upside of stress; suing Pornhub; that hoverboard dentist; feedback.

The tech lash & the evil list; yet another new streaming service, Peacock; living in a subscription world; Twitter's hashtag problem; Star Wars scripts; facial recognition warning; hope for being forgotten by AI; Deepfake detectors; all your phones are belong to us; furry fun on Twitter; Osmo; Zero f coins; bring back Macintosh; check your email before your Fruit Loops.

TikTok security flaws; Steph went Away & now she's back; pink slipped robots; "living" robots aka xenobots aka pussbots; WB goes all in on AI; Google eats your 3rd party cookies; leaving a rising ship; trolling CES with a potato; Spotify does not have it all; Robby Chieng; Ricky Gervais; Succession; upcoming premieres; Star Trek changes timeline; Tim Draper loves blockchain; yes, the vagina candle.

Facebook holds tight on political ads, places ad in Teen Vogue; CollegeHumor decimated; Lime trying to be profitable by shrinking; Uber changes in California; GrubHub for sale; AI trash; military app bans; Ring employees fired for watching videos; Delta Minority Report; red light  cameras; Christmas apps & doodads; ball pits; forcing a smile makes you drink; calling bullshit.

Brian's no longer 404; new year, new grump; YouTube treats us all as kids; digital hygiene; time not well spent; Facebook & deepfakes; Google cafeteria workers, unite; fake news: bias in media; Amazon's employee policies; Lost in Space; Don't F**k with Cats; Messiah; buzzed on a plane movie reviews; Loserthink; how not to keep a secret; feedback loop.

Kevin Rose and Eric Hunley guest host; Star Wars finale, finally; Sleep Trackers as birth control; Uber and Postmates Sue California; CRISPR baby doc gets hard time; Segway brings WALL-E to life; CCPA is now in effect; Wyze isn't wise; SB-237 is coming soon!

Our last show of 2019; drag-and-drop machine learning; Brexit unintended consequences; Emperor Thiel; Germany bans Uber; Uber's 4.4 million sexual harassment fund; Netflix global growth; NYC black-box algorithms; California Consumer Privacy Act; everyone is tracking your cell phone location; finally, a universal smart home standard, eventually; Wakanda Forever trade partner; feedback; Star Wars; Dave live-deactivates his Facebook.

Deepfakes take effort; e-scooter unionizes; emotion recognition; ISIS harder to track online, but that's good; Instagram's new rules; Google Maps cover 98% of the world; podcast platform news; Top Gun: Maverick; killing in the age of algorithms; Murfie goes poof; Futurus AR windscreens; the decade tech lost it's way; feedback.

Seamen & the Expanse; ad-targeting & unexpected consequences; online brands get on the shelves; YouTube is really, really going to do something about harassment; Twitter wants to go decentralized; losing landlines; DNA chimeras; Ring's not entirely their fault bad week; 53k macs; SFTP on Wordpress; Medieval Times; A Royale in a Tube with Cheese.

China bans US tech; meme thievery; high tech jobs consolidated in 5 metro areas; Yahoo bungles shutdown; password managers; SleepWatch; video editing lessons; Preacher; Mrs. Maisel; Silicon Valley finale; Ghostbusters are back; Wonder Woman 1984; Outland; the Expanse books; dentists on hoverboards; feedback loop.

Disappointment with tech; Uber's appalling safety report; Larry & Sergey leave Google; regulation & driving; DNA testing has peaked; that Peloton ad; TikTok suppressed videos for your own protection; Jason rejoins Facebook, Dave thinks about quitting; precious metal schemes; drunk on a plane & a sofa movie reviews.

Brian is on vacation so Jason sits down with Seth Miranda. Seth is a professional photographer in New York City and is a prolific teacher on social media. Seth was previously the co-host of the Grime Life podcast. They cover cameras, the art of teaching, social media, the grind, and much more.

Low pay & bad working conditions, yay gig economy; Alexa to get miniaturized; London boots Uber; California's infrastructure problems; Internet kill-switches; we don't have to reveal passwords; NYC creates algorithm czar position; Hail Satan?; Ray Donovan; Paul Rudd squared; the Sandman; Dig Me Out podcast; Musk returns to moron of the week; Baby Yoda do do do do do; feedback.

Whoops, we screwed up; gig worker revolt; Uber videotaping; Apple repair costs; another self-driving crash; the decade of the grifter; Microsoft Teams; Disney data; Sacha Baron Cohen ADL award; Ring's horrific privacy practices; bluetooth scanners; stalkerware; Descript; 10 years of Angry Birds; Amazon smart shelf; shop Kondo; Musk's truck.

Our uncool ad strategy; Brave browsing; how Facebook monetizes you; more FB lies; our not-so-smart homes aren't getting any smarter; who owns 3D scans of 3,000 year old art; Disney+ hacked; the Mandalorian; the Crown; Axel Foley; David Chang & famous people eating; "science" supports falling asleep to podcasts; Dan Carlin; Dennis E. Taylor; feedback.

Who owns AI art; Disney+ & the Mandelorian; Google banking; YouTube kids content changes; Facebook's internal report; PayPal cuts off Pornhub; Singles Day; border agents can't randomly search phones; getting your big data; couple's disconnect on surveillance; new MacBook Pros; Brave browser; retro Razr returns;; Westworld creators take on Gibson; beautiful data.

Disney+ growing pains; Facebook lets you tweak UI; Microsoft all in on privacy; smart TV data; Google's Project Nightingale; Apple Card sexism; YouTube owes you nothing; Instagram to hide likes; robot sneaker factories; Twitter drafts a new policy; anonymous Facebook memos; Westworld's immersive promo; Dan Carlin & Bill Bryson books; Uber CEO's whoopsie; feedback.

Fitbit is doomed; Airbnb not a platform in New Jersey anymore; Uber Ads; Bitcoin price manipulation; misleading ads; Coalfire arrests; TikTok and national security; idiot problems; Trend Micro data sales; secret consumer scores; Ring problems; Another Life; skip politics button; the Morning Show; our insider trading policy; magento lemonade; feedback.

Smart city scale back; Apple moves to more subscriptions; Gawker chaos; 3rd party content moderator calls it quits; Twitter won't take political ads, maybe; Sorkin walks and talks to Zuck; free markets; music piracy down; Will.I.Am's Wink dying; Apple Watch 5 life alerts; car security; VPNs; Echo Buds vs AirPods; cleaning the brain; vampire apocalypse.

Big burger data; blockchain, what is it good for; same-day delivery chaos; Alphabet looking to buy Fitbit; worthless shares; Facebook employees rise; Musk to court; Flash, really; AI banking; the Mandalorian; scary movies; AirPod Pro, now with the same battery; 1.5x movies; facial recognition for porn; sports heroes; feedback.