Lex & Matt's Excellent Adventure
Lex Lutz & Matt Peters
Lex & Matt are two best friends who love to talk about pop culture, life, movies, TV, comics, and everything in between.. even the things you’re not supposed to talk about. Listen as they embark on an adventure to be more excellent to each other, themselves, and the world!
“This week Lex & Matt discuss weird height requirements for dating, Lizzo’s Resnackulous trip to Tampa, Lex’s desire to be knitter to the stars, and Wall of Weird rattlesnakes! (For part 2 of this episode check out patreon.com/lexandmatt)”

In this extra beefy edition of Lex & Matt! We're joined by Dee in our first segment where we eventually discuss the passion surrounding Popeyes' chicken sandwich. Then, we jump into our classic brand of chopping it up.    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lexandmattTwitter: https://twitter.com/lexandmattFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/lexandmatt/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lexandmatt/ For more of Lex & Matt, check out LexAndMattPod.com

This episode, Lex & Matt discuss the impending doom of Florida, Matt's trip to LA to proposition Kevin Smith, the D23 conference, that elusive chicken sandwich from Popeyes, and much more! Speaking of more, check out LexAndMattPod.com for all the content your heart desires.

We've got a special treat for you folks this week. Resnackulous All-Star, Dolores "Dee" Peters joins us for a countdown of our favorite candy bars of all time! We also read off some of your faves. Listen in to see how we measure up! See more at LexAndMattPod.com

“This week Lex & Matt discuss more Crisis on Infinite Earths rumors, Lex’s appreciation for Howard Stern’s evolution, the released screenplays for Game of Thrones, and Kid Rock being awful.”

This week Lex & Matt discuss how boring it is to talk about diets (while discussing their diets), a reboot of Home Alone, a ton of Batman news, and a very NSFW edition of Wall of Weird. For more, visit LexAndMattPod.com

Lex & Matt discuss Sprite ads, Zombieland 2, Another Life on Netflix, ice cream truck choices, and debate J J Abrams running the DCEU. Check out LexAndMattPod.com for more!

Our San Diego Comic-Con wrap-up and more (of course). We also announce the winner of our Batman: The Animated Series contest! For more check out LexAndMattPod.com

On this episode, Lex & Matt discuss Area 51, Chance the Snapper, the Emmy's and more.

This week Lex & Matt discuss Halle Bailey being cast in The Little Mermaid, Stranger Things 3 (no spoilers), Kanye West building his own Tatooine, and a bag of bones.

This week Lex & Matt discuss Matt completing his first 5K, Lex getting sick and playing too many video games, the Charlie’s Angels reboot, and have a deep discussion on combating hate. This one gets a little heavy at moments, but we promise there are interesting discussions and jokes to help along the way! Don't forget to enter our contest to win a copy of the new Teen Titans: Raven from DC!  Come on down to LexAndMattPod.com for all your podcast needs!

No, we haven't become a sports podcast!    For more info, check out LexAndMattPod.com

Only Lex and Matt could fit discussion about gummy bears, Max Landis, theme park attractions, and tips for that perfect cup of tea into one episode. For more info, check out LexAndMattPod.com

This week, Lex & Matt explore their top 5 favorite games of all time! We also got some adventurer favorite game submissions, gave some patreon updates, and discussed E3 announcements. Find everything you need at LexAndMattPod.com!

This week, Lex & Matt discuss summer movies, Brendan Fraser and Tom Welling (again!), dive further into NXIVM for the Wall of Weird, and give graphic novel challenge updates! Check out LexAndMattPod.com for links to all our online shenanigans!

Lex & Matt discuss self care, Robert Pattinson as Batman, anger over the Game of Thrones finale, and give some cult updates in the Wall of Weird! Find links to everything you need at LexAndMattPod.com.

This week Lex & Matt discuss the live show, mourn Santa Clarita Diet, talk royal baby names, phablets come up (remember phablets?!?), the value of Netflix in a new media world, and Lex addresses her weird obsession with Jake Gyllenhaal’s cat Instagram.

It's our first live show! Lex and Matt were joined by their first guest (Dolores "Dee" Peters) and a wonderful group of Adventurers as they took the stage on the inaugural night of the 2019 Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival. We finally shed some light on Matt's feud with Burger King, try some wild #Resnackulous snacks, and revisit some classic TV moments.  For this episode, we've created a YouTube playlist to see what we're discussing during the final act. (Click here.) HUGE thanks to ChiNerdFest, Stage 773, producer extraordinaire John Craig and Mark Rosenthal for bringing us out.  Find links to everything you need at LexAndMattPod.com.

This week Lex & Matt sort requested characters into Hogwarts Houses, fight about Marvel’s civil war, discuss cartoons, give some racist birds updates, and introduce a new segment for the show!

This episode, your heroes Lex & Matt reveal two very special guests for their live show, discuss Harry Potter house placement, sing the praises of Schitt's Creek and much more!   Follow us on Instagram. Accompany us on Facebook. Pursue us on Twitter.

Lex & Matt discuss Star Wars, the new live action trailer for The Lion King, your favorite TV shows, and Chloe Sullivan’s cult! Follow us on Instagram. Accompany us on Facebook. Pursue us on Twitter

“Lex & Matt do a deep dive on their top 6 favorite tv shows of all time!”   More info about ChiNerdFest RIGHT HERE! Visit our wonderful sponsor Third Coast Comics for all your comic needs! Follow us on Instagram. Accompany us on Facebook. Pursue us on Twitter

This week, Lex and Matt discuss wedding shenanigans, the Avengers Endgame trailer, James Gunn’s return to Marvel, the proper ranking of snack chip packs, and make a huge announcement! Follow us on Instagram. Accompany us on Facebook. Pursue us on Twitter

This week, Lex & Matt discuss Arrow coming to an end, PEN15, Leaving Neverland, and Lex dies on a hill defending Hulu. Plus we unveil our NEW LOGO! (You can already see it. We don’t unveil it on the podcast. It’s audio, dude.)

Lex & Matt discuss the 2019 Oscar Awards: Black Panther winning big, Lady Gaga’s breakup tan, Oscar bait movies, and some controversial thoughts on Bohemian Rhapsody.

This week we discuss sitcoms, VHS tape collections, Kingdom Hearts 3, Jussie Smollett, R Kelly, and ""all dem Mummies.”

Lex & Matt discuss the superb owl, love, comics, Netflix’s Trigger Warning with Killer Mike, Avengers End Game, and so much more!

In this week’s episode, Lex & Matt discuss a new Ghostbusters reboot, the Oak Island mystery, creepy late night Adult Swim shows, and their childhood celebrity crushes!

This episode, Lex & Matt discuss what the youths are into, Aquaman, the Golden Globes, graphic sexy talk, graphic novels (no relation), and R. Kelly (yikes). *ALSO* Stay tuned for our 2019 Graphic Novel Challenge.  Follow us on Instagram. Accompany us on Facebook. Pursue us on Twitter

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