Unstoppable Women
Archana Ravichandran
Enjoy interviews with women about their careers and how they became senior leaders at their companies. My goal is to de-mystify what it takes to get to VP by providing clear tips and advice for other women. Hosted by Archana Ravichandran. More info, please visit www.archanar.com
Today’s episode features a Live Podcast that we recorded at Google back in April with Laela Sturdy, General Partner at Google Capital where she has led investments for the firm in growth stage consumer and enterprise companies. Laela rose quickly through the ranks at Google and shares her experience on how to find interesting projects and build a career at a large company.

This week, my guest is Mia Mends, CEO of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services in North America. In this episode Mia defines what it means to be an authentic leader. As a Ghanaian immigrant, Mia’s work ethic and discipline formed the foundation of her success. She talks to us about the importance of taking risks in one's career, the skillsets she relies on to be a CEO, her leadership philosophies, and an insider’s view on a non-intuitive negotiation style that has helped her succeed.

This week, I’m excited to have Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Water. Kara had a front row seat to building the first set of ecommerce platforms while she was an executive at AOL. She left that behind to start a company that bravely went against the goliaths of the CPG industry, Coke & Pepsi. Kara’s passion for building is a theme throughout her career and while others perceive her as “fearless”, its her drive for learning that propels her success.

Today’s guest is Cheryl Porro, SVP of Technology & Products at Salesforce.org. Cheryl articulates how she went from being being a Punk-rocker in her twenties to a senior leader at one of the largest SaaS companies in the world.  In this episode we cover her process for connecting with teams at scale, mastering presentation skills, and how self-care around mind, body, and spirit propelled her to the next level.

We are hard at work planning the next set of shows.  Today we bring you this favorite from the last year: Anne Raimondi. Anne is the SVP of Operations at Zendesk. In this episode we cover how to build a personal board of directors, the right time to leave a company, how to evaluate your next role, and most importantly -- what does Executive Presence actually mean and how to master it.

My guest this week is Heidi Williams. Heidi spent 17 years at Adobe & most recently was the VP of Platform Engineering at Box. Last year, Heidi left Box and launched WEST, a cross-company mentorship program for mid-career women in tech. In this episode we cover: How she went from being an Engineering IC to a Manager   How to advocate for a promotion Being an authentic leader Setting yourself up for success when going out on maternity leave

Fern is an entrepreneur, coach, teacher, and investor.   She is the Managing Partner at Vista Venture Partners.  She is also a lecturer at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford where she teaches two classes on Entrepreneurship and a class on Diversity & Inclusion. In this episode we cover how to structure an interview process to remove bias, dealing with imposter syndrome, and the advice that Fern gives to her students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Shanna Tellerman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Modsy.  This is a bit of a different interview since I typically don't interview founders, but Shanna is awesome and we had a fantastic conversation.  Shanna also has great experiences during her time at Google Ventures and Autodesk.   In this podcast we cover: * Confidence - what does it mean and how can you build more of it * One phrase that can help fight imposter syndrome * A new take on a vision exercise that’s way more fun than OKRs

In this podcast I interview my dear friend Jen Evans, who’s the VP of Strategy at Constellation Brands — a leading company in wine & spirits. After business school, she spent a summer in Napa learning about the wine industry and took the first steps of what would become a long career there. In the episode, she discusses in detail the thoughtful approach that took her all the way to VP. I’m sure you’ll find it as insightful as I did. Some of the things that Jen covers in this episode: * The importance of initiating career conversations with your boss * Crafting an intentional path * How to act on tough feedback * How to overcome imposter syndrome * Tips on how to pick out wine at a grocery store!

Today's guest is Julie Knight Ludvigson, CMO of Reflektive. In this episode we talk about how to evaluate your next career move, how to build influence within your organization, and the one piece of feedback that changed the trajectory of Julie's career.

Today's guest is Kellie McElhaney, Professor at the Haas School of Business, author of the book “Just Good Business”, and founding director for the Center for Gender, Equity, and Leadership. We cover a ton of ground in this podcast -- how to build your personal board of directors and what companies can do to help increase the %'s of women in leadership.

My first guest is Anne Raimondi, SVP of Operations at Zendesk. In this episode we cover how to build a personal board of directors, the right time to leave a company, how to evaluate your next role, and most importantly -- what does Executive Presence actually mean and how to master it.