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  • Corinth in the 1st Century, New Albany in the 21st: Caring for One Another
    There are secondary issues over which Christians will disagree and have different convictions. This is not a problem, provided we treat one another with respect and seek to put others ahead of ourselves. This aligns with the EPC distinctive, "In essen...
  • Corinth in the 1st Century, New Albany in the 21st: Judging One Another
    Our willingness to unashamedly conform to the moral standards of the Word of God rather than the standards of the world, and to hold one another accountable to these Biblical standards, sets us apart as a different kind of community. This will be compel...
  • Corinth in the 1st Century, New Albany in the 21st: Fellow Workers
    Our witness to the watching world is heavily dependent upon our love for one another and our willingness to humbly serve together.
  • Corinth in the 1st Century, New Albany in the 21st: The Foolish Power of God
    The message of the Gospel will only be recognized as true and powerful to those who are called. Therefore we should not be ashamed if people reject it, nor should we try to adapt it to the times in which we live to make it more appealing.
  • Corinth in the 1st Century, New Albany in the 21st: Many in this City
    God has a plan for our church, and for us as individuals, to see many in this city who are His people come to faith in Christ.
  • Summer in the Psalms: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
    God knows us inside and out. He is omniscient, omnipresent, eternal and outside of time. The fact that he knows our every thought, intention, act, and motive will either give us great comfort and joy, or feel oppressive and threatening. And this dep...
  • Summer in the Psalms: Forget Not His Benefits
    Blessing the Lord is the only appropriate response to His amazing goodness, and the best way to endure our own mortality.
  • Summer in the Psalms: Kindness and Severity
    God is patient, kind, and the rock of our salvation. He is also not to be trifled with or presumed upon. Therefore we have soft hearts toward His voice and we gladly, thankfully worship Him.
  • Summer in the Psalms: Praise the Lord!
    The Lord, who is perfect and powerful, has chosen us as his treasured people. He provides for us and is ever present with us. The only fitting response is to praise him.
  • Summer in the Psalms: Penitence and Problems
    Psalm 143 is a Penitential psalm; that is, a psalm expressing repentance, and serves as an example of how we can: look to God, look at our sin, and look at our circumstances - in that order.
  • Summer in the Psalms: Our Effort, God’s Blessing
    We are called to work hard to accomplish the things God has set before us, and we do this work knowing our limits and trusting His sovereignty. This includes the critically important, slow, often thankless task of raising children, which yields incredib...
  • Summer in the Psalms: Trampled but Unafraid
    Human conflict and relational friction are part of life. We should not minimize the real pain of relationships that break down, but we also do not put our hope in getting along with everyone. Instead of fearing man, we trust God, toughen up, and pract...
  • Summer in the Psalms: Thirsting for God in Turmoil
    The pursuit of joy in God is carried out over a lifetime, with many challenges. Sin tempts, trials and tragedies assail. In daily life, we worship. In difficult times, we must remind ourselves of the steadfast love of God, and the sure hope of salvation.
  • Summer in the Psalms: Our Shepherd
    God is our great Shepherd who cares for us, provides for us, disciplines us, and who will provide all that we need, including our eternal home with Him.
  • Summer in the Psalms: Fork in the Road
    The one who builds his or her life on the Word of God will prosper, but the one who does not will perish.
  • Summer in the Psalms: How Long
  • Simply the Best: Parting Words
    Our great God will guide us through the great shepherd, Jesus, as we trust Him, so that we are able to do what pleases Him.
  • Simply the Best: Beneficial Leadership
    In an age of distrust and skepticism toward church leadership, Christians are to respond with obedience and submission. And all the while, we must pray the Lord continues to form them into the godly leaders we need.
  • Simply the Best: Tips for Becoming a Lifelong Christian
    We are exhorted to look to Christian role models as we look to Christ, to rely on grace and not works, and to courageously sacrifice in His service with our words and deeds.
  • Simply the Best: Down to Brass Tacks
    Having given twelve chapters of rich Christological doctrine, the preacher of Hebrews shifts to application of this doctrine in very practical matters: care for Christians, strangers, and prisoners, sex and marriage, money and contentment. If we have Ch...