Excellence Above Talent Podcast
Aaron Thomas

The Excellence Above Talent podcast was started because of death trauma and pain. Men are 3.6 times more likely to commit suicide than women. Men predominantly do the violence that happens in the US. Men in the United States predominantly commit domestic violence and sexual assaults. Ninety percent of the prison population are men. I want to start a conversation to get clarity and insight on why this is happening. Families are being destroyed, lives are being lost, and people are hurting from the hands of men, men who were supposed to be the providers and protectors of their families. As a BIPP (Batterer’s Intervention and Prevention Program) Director for 4 years, I have had numerous conversations with men about why they thought abuse was necessary or did not even know they were abusers. The conversation had in our class helped open my eyes and the eyes of other men. I found out that men want to talk about these issues, but there is no platform or space, so we keep quiet, not wanting to challenge the status quo. The Excellence Above Talent podcast will do just that; it will challenge everything we think manhood is. Join the conversation and let us fight for the state of man because this next generation of young men needs us too.

I love being able to talk to real people. Pastor Cliff is a pastor, but he is also human.It is rare to have a pastor talk about real-life problems.I was blessed talking to him about real issues that we face daily, like porn, accountability, and losing hope.Complicated conversation helps other people heal; I'm a big believer in that. #ExcellenceaboveTalent #EAT #YouAreEnough #YouAreNotAlone #YouDeserveTheBest #DontGiveUp #IwontstopME #ILoveYou

Adam is such an inspiration to many. His love for life and wanting to be a better person are motivating. I am blessed to know the man and hope that you take away as much I did with my conversation with him. 

No Nut November!!What does that look like.. 1. No watching porn2. No masturbation3. No lusting aka stop looking at women with dirty eyes wishing you could sleep with her but have no intention of talking to her, CREEPY!!!The average age of a young boy to start watching porn is 10!!!!!!!68 million searches are submitted DAILY for porn-related queries. That is 25% of all daily search traffic. The porn industry makes about 12 billion dollars a year. There are 68 years of porn content uploaded on the internet right now. Stats because only a few men watch porn right % of men who watches porn at least once a month 79% 18-30 years old 67% 31-49 years old 49% 50-68 years oldIt's a dirty little secret that destroys minds and families. If you think you can't fall into sexual sin, then you are godlier than David, stronger than Samson, and wiser than Solomon - Bill Perkins #ExcellenceaboveTalent #EAT #YouAreEnough #YouAreNotAlone

Courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.Speaking about mental health issues is difficult, especially for men in a society that says it's frowned upon. It takes courage to talk about the difficult things in your life and how they shape you. Join us in this conversation on life and mental health. 

Find out my motivation for creating Excellence Above Talent and why it is essential for me to start this conversation.There is a silent pandemic that is going on, and NOBODY is talking about it. The suicide rate, mass shooting, sexual assault, domestic violence, DUI, prison population, and most of the violence in the U.S, men are involved!!!!I want to explore why men are like this and start a discussion on how we can be better men for yourselves, our families, and friends.