Profane Faith
Daniel White Hodge
A podcast that engages faith, on the margins. Faith that has been labeled, profane, non-conformist, and/ or “out there.” We’ll be exploring the intersections of the sacred, secular, and profane to find God & forms of deity.
So, yeah...that CTS article that sparked ol trump to say they were liberal...well, I had to have a convo about that! Check it, with the one and only, JR!

!!!EXPLICIT!!! Often times the study of religion and faith goes unnoticed. This week I get to talk with two bruthas that are sharp, witty, and next gen scholars, James Howard Hill Jr. and Jorge J Rodríguez V. This is FIRE!

Heard of Doc Hawk? Well, there's a new documentary out about her, Same God, and this week I sat down to talk with the director of it, Linda Midgett. Whew! It was fire.

Part 2 of this riveting conversation! If you haven't checked out part 1, just go back to next week. Enjoy!

This one is a BARN BURNER for sure! I sit down with the great Dr. Monica Miller and her partner, Chris Driscoll, who's been on the show before, also gets on. We talk Kendrick, religious identity, and race. Check it!

This week, oh wow...this week get ready to go in with the amazing Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes! She speaks on her new book, womanism, and the realities of racial reconciliation. Deep!

Story is crucial. In all things! This week, I get a chance to hear Sabrina Reyes-Peters tell hers and wow...uh-may-ZING! Check it out and hear all the nuances.

Music. Can't nobody say they don't like some aspect of it. This week I get to sit down with a true Christian music group, The Many. Leslie, Darren, Hannah, Lenora, and Gary all came over to talk music, faith, fear, love, doubt, and more music....

This week you get another resource written by a WoC, Rev. Khristi Lauren Adams talks about that life, ministry, race, and writing this amazing book. Take a listen.

The religious left is a quite interesting topic, so, this week I brought on my good friend Dr. Benji Rolsky to talk about this, politics, and so much more. Go on, give a listen!

!!!!EXPLICIT!!!! Part 2 of the conversation I had with Andre Henry. Yeah, this is 90 minutes...I heard you all and your requests! Enjoy! Be sure to check out Pt.1 first tho.

!!!EXPLICIT!!! Wow. Season 4 in full effect! And, wouldn't you know, we go in with brutha Andre Henry and his time at a predominantly White Christian org...hold on, we in it.

EXPLICIT!!!!!! Ok, here is part 2, or, rather, a continuing dialog regarding gun issues. This here is a great conversation that I get to have with David Hayes in regards to Black gun ownership and the manifestation of White violence.

EXPLICIT!!!! I couldn't stay silent...had to get in on this very important conversation regarding violence. gun control, and Whiteness. Check this convo I have with Reesheda Graham Washington.

It's season 3 finale! So, we had to go out with a bang, a very long bang! Sit back and feel free to take this in in 3 parts. 3 great perspectives on where some young adults are at with their faith and life...oh it's good! See you in season 4!

!!!!!EXPLICIT!!! Fathers Day is a trip. A lot of people online talking about their dad. Cool. But, what about those of use who don't have a dad or have had a negative experience with the dad they have....yeah, it's time for some Profane Faith up in...

!!!EXPLICIT!!! This week we have a riveting conversation with the amazing Dr. Scott Okamoto. He goes in and breaks down some myths around belief and dogma. Give a listen!

Yo, this week, I wanted to get into the youngins' culture; yeah, it's about time and so much to cover. Oh, and my dogs had something to say about it, click on and listen.

This week y'all gon have to get your notepads and iPads and all the schooling material because Rev. Alston is taking us to school! A Decolonized one filled with a prophetic message. C'mon now.

!!!EXPLICIT!!!!! Kate is back y'all! And, this. Is. DEEP! And intersectional approach to atheism and the issues with religion; oh yeah. And, FYI, if you have sensitive ears, consider this a sensitive ear warning.