Extra Crispy! Curious conversations on creativity, culture, and spirituality with Crispin Schroeder
Religion has been blamed for many wars, conflicts and human suffering over the centuries, but would the world be better without religion or is the impulse towards religion so fundamental to human existence that suppressing it will only cause the religious impulse to manifest in other ways such as political ideologies?

When the devil came he was not red, he was chrome and he said, "Come with me, you must go"...

Crispin talks with Bobby McDonald about the record they have been collaborating on for the past 3 years and features some of the songs from the album.

Brian Jeansonne is the director of Seeds and Souls, an organization dedicated to spiritual direction and soul care. He is also the pastor of Mid City church in the Mid City neighborhood of New Orleans.

Darrell Galatas is a musician, songwriter and psychotherapist. This episode features a conversation on mental/emotional health, music, truth and beauty as well as in studio performances of Darrell's original songs.

In this episode Crispin looks at how intention and attention can lead one into an experience of beauty, truth, wisdom and transcendence in music, art, nature and even loved ones.

Silicone Boone is a songwriter and recording artist from Cambellsville Kentucky who just released his first album The Reaches, a concept album about space, exploration and existence.

Dan Caro is a drummer and speaker who has an incredibly inspirational story of overcoming adversity. After being burned over 80 percent of his body at age 2 and losing his hands, Dan went on to become a professional drummer who has played all over the U.S. and Canada. Bless your ears and your soul with this inspirational conversation!

Brian Stoltz is a musician, songwriter, producer famous for his guitar work with The Neville Brothers, The Funky Meters and Bob Dylan.

In this episode Crispin looks into the world of quantum physics, brain science, philosophy and creativity to explore how to live in a world that is more open.

We are addicted to knowing good and evil, to dividing the world into us versus them, and yet our own judgments are so compromised by our lack of true understanding. How then shall we live?

How blindly we trust in our own sight... In this episode Crispin discusses how easy it is to succumb to the idolatry of ideology. When we hold too tightly to our beliefs we can easily become blind to seeing people and experiencing truth all around us.

Brad Jersak is a patristics scholar, author, and spiritual practitioner.

John Barnett is a prolific songwriter, singer, and musician known for writing songs of worship with lyrical depth firmly rooted in the tradition of American roots music.

Hope is oftentimes connected to experiences of awe and wonder. In this episode we explore this connection through the poetry of Bob Dylan, Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot, the lyrics of an ancient Psalm as well as some original music and insights from host Crispin Schroeder.

We can only truly see what we have experienced and what we are prepared to see. Great suffering and great love can lead to transformation and to a new way of seeing.

Seeking happiness is a sure way to miss it while facing that which one most fears can oftentimes result in contentment and joy within. This is the paradox of happiness.

Music, film, and literature are all windows into truth and beauty and they cause a resonance with the truth within us.

Crispin shares a bit of his struggles with anxiety and depression and some helpful ways to journey towards peace and trust.

Too often when it comes to religion, morality or one's stance on social issues it is very tempting to engage the issues primarily from the ego and for the applause of others. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus invites us to look into our motives and learn a way of life that is not based on the approval of others but in living from a more hidden connection with the divine.

In this episode we look into 3 temptations which hardly seem like temptations at all, that must be faced so we can do good in the world in a way that is sustainable long term.

Paul Meany discusses the creative and spiritual journey of Mutemath.

Paul Meany is the frontman of Mutemath as well as a music producer who recently coproduced Trench, the lates album by Twenty One Pilots.

This episode explores how research from modern psychology and brain science can illuminate questions regarding mysticism and religion.

In this episode we look into how human development, both large scale and individual, factors into how we see God as well as why mysticism and religion are both necessary in one's spiritual journey.

Pt. 1 of a series of episodes exploring faith, mysticism, and the frameworks through which we understand the scriptures.

The Extra Crispy Groundhog Day Episode! In this episode we look into Groundhog Day, a movie many mistake for a simple romantic comedy, which underneath its humorous surface, gets to some of the most profound questions on existence and transformation.

Pete Enns is a Professor, Author, Bible Scholar and host of the podcast The Bible For Normal People. His newest book, How the Bible Actually Works will be released on February 19.

In this episode we are talking Sci-Fi, Consciousness, and the newest interactive episode of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Award-winning writer on religion, culture, and politics, Jonathan Merritt discusses his latest book How To Speak God From Scratch

The Extra Crispy Christmas Episode

Joe Badon is an artist, musician and filmmaker. His first feature length film The God Inside My Ear has been making the rounds at festivals this year and has just landed a distribution deal.

The feeling of being in love is the greatest feeling ever but becoming a loving person is an arduous path, yet it is the most necessary pursuit of our lives and the very hope for a world that is so very divided.

David Hayward is an artist and cartoonist most famously known for his cartoons which offer a thoughtful, humorous, and at times painful critique of religion and social issues.

Social media, for all it's benefits, seems to empower some of the worst aspects of our personalities when it comes to how we relate to one another. Add to this the highly addictive nature of social media and you have the making of an epidemic of addiction to moral outrage which threatens our very existence.

Taylor Mroski is a musician, singer, and songwriter who has just released his first solo album Righteous Man

In this episode we are reflecting on the work, life and example of Biblical Scholar, Author, and Pastor Eugene Peterson featuring guest contributors Brian Jeansonne, Jonathan Martin, Joseph Phillips, Brian Metzger, Brent Henderson, and Brad Jersak.

John Preble is an artist who specializes in Southern folk art and the proprietor of The Abita Mystery House, Abita Springs La.

Scott Erickson aka Scott the Painter is a prolific visual artist who creates works of art around themes of spirituality and religion. You can find his work on Instagram under Scott the Painter.

What if the Bible doesn't primarily exist to give us answers to our questions but rather to reveal what wrestling with God through suffering, meaning, morality, and justice look like in the lives of men and women throughout the ages

Brad Jersak is a speaker, teacher and author/editor of several books including Her Gates Will Never Be Shut and A More Christlike God

Vanessa Niemann is the lead singer and songwriter for Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Review.

Remembering the work and example of Anthony Bourdain

How an ancient story speaks in to the current problem with mass shootings, and how psychedelics are being used for therapeutic purposes.

Andrew Duhon discusses his new album False River, songwriting, and life on the road with his band mates.

We are talking about the history of New Orleans music, Matt's newest album Love, and the healing power of participatory music.

Jonathan Martin is a self-identified hillbilly pentecostal preacher and author of How to Survive a Shipwreck.

Talking blues with Louisiana Bluesman Big Daddy "O"

An Extra Crispy conversation with Paul Meany, producer, musician, lead singer and songwriter for Mutemath.

We're talking the Abita Springs Opry and Busker Fest, Louisiana culture and history.

Talking Louisiana Food, Culture, Juke Joints and Music with Alex V. Cook

In this episode Crispin talks about Tom Petty, tragedy, and faith.

Phil Jeansonne is the senior pastor of The Vineyard Church of New Orleans and the director of Mercy Response, a disaster relief organization that came into being just after Hurricane Katrina.

Jimmy Olander is a musician, songwriter and producer who is known as a Double B Bender virtuoso, the guitarist for Diamond Rio, and the 71st member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Aaron Maras is a singer, songwriter, producer and frontman for Cactus Thief. https://cactusthief.bandcamp.com

Peter Simon is the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Minos The Saint.

Leone Elliott is a Physician who started the Healthcare Gallery and Wellness Spa in Baton Rouge in 2014. The Healthcare gallery is a fully functional art gallery that also functions as a wellness spa. http://spabatonrouge.com

Father Bill Miller is an Episcopal priest and author or The Beer Drinker's Guide to God and The Gospel According to Sam.

Talking creativity, filmmaking, and Joe Badon's film The God Inside My Ear