The 2 Sour Show
Come on a journey with us as we delve into pop culture, gaming, movies, music and more.
The boys deal with the heat, creative burnout, oldschool game compilations and game preservation fails, the lack of archival footage of memberberry locations and so much more.

The Boys are back, Tron 3 rumors, Hamilton, Dogecoin to the moon via Tik Tok and more!

The boys are back, forgotten IPs in video games, 89 Batman in the DCEU, Wishmaster series and more!

The boys break down the ps5 reveal!

The Boys are back after two weeks of house projects, The Snyder Cut is real, AEW tears it up in a stadium, Quibi is bombing and more on this weeks show!

The boys are back, Daine's computer gives him grief, Brian's trying to get responsible work done with his money, Star Wars prequels vs sequels, UFOs are real, and people get thrown off Titan Tower but it's as exciting as a wet fart. All this and more on the 2 Sour Show!

Brian quits WWE, Daine is frustrated with Skype and the boys lament the current state of popular music and media.

They boys adjust to life in quarantine, working from home, not being able to find toilet paper, the craziest Wrestlemania, PS5 vs Xbox Series X, the future of movies, that bitch Carol Baskins and more!

The Boys work from home, play video games, while movies and wrestling are upended by Covid-19 they discuss the potential fallout.

Well it was unavoidable at this point. The boys discuss the impact of Coronavirus. Brian is stuck in Seattle, Daine's in Arizona where it isn't so bad and the boys try to make sense of it all.

The boys are back with their oscar takes, team 4 star ending DBZ abridged and more

The boys are back with oscar break down, wrestling and more

Brian and Daine end/begin the year with their picks and predictions!

The boys are back! Daine is suffering from Dad Brain, Brian gets an enamel pin made, Survivor Series, Death Stranding, Disney Plus, Baby Yoda and more!

The Boys are back! Daine joins the dad club. Brian's furnace catches fire, PNW Indie wrestling, The Witcher, and more!

The boys dive into PS5 and Project Scarlett Backwards Compatibility, Brian is off WWE and trying to ween himself off energy drinks using Pre-Workout. Daine goes off on pandering to people making art stuff and so much more!

The boys discuss Spiderman back in the MCU, Indie Wrestling in the PNW, Big Brother 21, and so much more!!

The boys are back! Brian rants on Big Brother, Daine takes a steamin poo on the new Tool album, PNW local wrestling events and so much more!

The boys are back, Dane does adulting stuff, Brian goes to his first Without A Cause Wrestling show, Big Brother, Endgame, Movies, Music, Youtube and more!

The boys break down what to watch on Criterion Channel, Daine discovers the joy of cold brew copy, Brian battles fleas, Evangelion binge and so much more!

The boys are back! WWE, AEW, Big Brother, and so much more!

Welcome to the 2 Sour Show! Brian goes to Stomping Ground, Daine relocates to an Echo Chamber, Paul Haymen, Eric Bischoff, Raw, Smackdown, AEW Fyter Fest and more!