Welcome to The Art of Smart – an ongoing discussion about understanding successful corporate decision-making. Brought to you by Crowe.Helping clients make smart decisions that create lasting value is at the heart of everything we do. One of the most prevalent challenges for business leaders is how to ensure decision-making is efficient, effective and driving growth in what, for many, is an uncertain environment. Through The Art of Smart, we share expert opinion from inside and outside of Crowe to provide vital and actionable insight to leaders, wherever they do business.

The Art of Smart focuses on understanding successful corporate decision-making. In this podcast, we look at Crowe’s approach to D&I and the core foundation of their strategy pre- and post-pandemic. We talk about the importance of a top-down approach, training initiatives and the value of transparency amongst employees and the market. We also explore additional topics such as the future of diversity-led roles and the consequences of ignoring D&I in the workplace. Resources:Visit Crowe: https://www.crowe.com/global/insights/art-of-smart

In today’s podcast, we focus on Non-Profits and the current financial and practical challenges they face, especially in light of how the global pandemic has altered the decisions they must make in order to survive.My name is Oliver Pickup, Editor in Chief of The Art of Smart. I recently moderated a discussion with three highly respected leaders in the global non-profit space, in order to learn more about the issues at hand and the impact on their decision-making wrought by the global pandemic.My guests included Ingrid Srinath, the Director for the Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy at Ashoka University, just outside of Delhi in India. Ingrid has worked with nonprofits for about 20 years in India and internationally. Her primary focus has been on child rights, human rights and the strengthening of civil society.We were joined by Sam Younger, whose distinguished career began at the BBC where he was a journalist for 20 years. Moving into the non-profit/charity environment, Sam has served as director general of the British Red Cross, Chairman of the Electoral Commission, and Chief Executive of the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Today, Sam is the Chair of the international NGO, VSO or Voluntary Service Overseas, the Chair of CILEx Regulation, and the Chair of the Consumers’ Association Which? Council.And lastly, we spoke with Pesh Framjee, Global Head of Social Purpose and Non-Profits at Crowe, who has been involved with the charity sector for over 35 years in many different roles. Today Pesh and Ingrid Srinath serve as fellow board members at the Resource Alliance.It was a privilege to speak with all three of my guests. I hope you enjoy our discussion.Resources:Visit Crowe: https://www.crowe.com/global/insights/art-of-smartConnect with our guests:Ingrid Srinath: linkedin.com/in/ingrid-srinath-355552Sam Younger: linkedin.com/in/samyoungercbePesh Framjee: linkedin.com/in/peshframjee