Raghav Aggarwal, the co-founder of Fluid AI talks about his journey from starting a tech business at 20 along with his younger brother Abhinav Aggarwal, how they pivoted the business and how they grew the business from one niche to another. The post The Story of Two Brothers Who Co-founded an AI Startup in Mumbai! appeared first on .

Reece Chowdhry is the Founder of RLC Ventures where he is actively redefining Venture Capital with a Profit with Purpose model, talks about trends, the importance of personal branding and more. The post How This Venture Capitalist Is Redefining Venture Capital? appeared first on .

In this episode, Joshua Lisec, a Certified Professional Ghostwriter talks about his journey to becoming a ghostwriter and how you can build trust and boost your authority writing books. The post How To Write Books That Build Trust & Boost Your Authority? appeared first on .

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In this episode Mike Michalowicz shares what led him to believing in the Profit First model of thinking and the entrepreneurial mindset. Mike also talks about the mission he's on, to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. The post How Thinking ‘Profit First’ Will Help You Succeed in 2019 and Beyond? appeared first on .

In this episode, Molly Currey talks about why you should follow your passion full-time or as a side-gig, and build your book of stories. She shares her story from racing cars to becoming a world champion, fighting cancer, and now helping big brands as a PR executive to tell their stories. Who is Molly Currey? […] The post Molly Currey: How to Follow Your Passion and Build Your Story? appeared first on .

In this episode Nafissa Shireen, an entrepreneur, speaker and income growth expert, talks about the entrepreneurial mindset and how she helps entrepreneurs uncover their limiting beliefs, uses equestrian-assisted coaching and more. The post Nafissa Shireen: Uncovering Limiting Beliefs and Entrepreneurial Mindset appeared first on .

Robin Waite, the Founder of Fearless Business, talks about how you can go from identifying business ideas from your interests, and developing them to a viable business by identifying the unique value proposition in a live coaching role play. The post How to Transform Your Idea to Business? [Live Coaching with Robin Waite] appeared first on .

Samanth Vinil talks about his journey from a college dropout from an Ivy League school like the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay to pursuing his dream of being a dancer, to working with Cirque du Soleil and performing over 1500 shows. The post How This “College Dropout” Went On To Perform at the Grammy’s? appeared first on .

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In this episode Jim Jacoby speaks about how his interest in user-centered design and master craftsmanship led him to building multiple businesses, quitting the business he started and commissioning the world's most expensive motorcycle. The post How a Search for Master Craftsmanship Led Him to Disrupting Industries? appeared first on .

In this episode Lee Holmes, the founder of Supercharged Food, shares her story of overcoming an autoimmune disorder that led her to starting her company. She shares plenty of insights and tips to help you eat the right kind of food and live a healthy lifestyle. The post Supercharged Food & How Eating Right Can Save Your Life – Lee Holmes appeared first on .

In this episode I interview Ramon Mañas Corbinos, an entrepreneur who's building the world's smallest and lightest electronic saxophone at Odisei Music. The post The Story of Travel Sax – World’s Smallest Electronic Saxophone! appeared first on .

Wiebe Wakker drove his electric car from Amsterdam to Sydney, without any money in his wallet and no definite route! His route depended on who offered to host him with food, shelter or charge his electric car. The post Wiebe Wakker: Amsterdam to Sydney in an Electric Car + Empty Wallet appeared first on .

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