Mysterious Universe is a weekly podcast featuring fascinatingly strange reports from all over the world. Always interesting and often hilarious, join hosts Aaron Wright and Benjamin Grundy as they investigate the latest in futurology, weird science, consciousness research, alternative history, cryptozoology, UFOs, and new-age absurdity.

Coinciding with the dawning of the age of Aquarius and the hallucinogenic drug movement, Carlos Castaneda published his first book detailing his experiences with a mysterious sorcerer. It was a spectacular hit and influenced millions yet nobody could understand just how influential his story would be and how it would lead to the formation of... Read more » The post 26.15 – MU Podcast – Casteneda’s Star Wars first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

In the shadow of remote mountains over 100 years ago a small village was sieged by strange creatures that nobody could identify. Now long abandoned, a wilderness enthusiast sought out this settlement swallowed by the spruce trees to try to find the truth of these creatures and if they are still there. Then in our... Read more » The post 26.14 – MU Podcast – Whispers of the Wilderness first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Union cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in the entire United States. Dating to the 1700’s this location has a long history of strange and sometimes disastrous paranormal events. At the nascence of their careers famed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren examined some of the odd cases to come from... Read more » The post 26.13 – MU Podcast – Aura of Disaster first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Spending decades as a ghost hunter Joseph never really believed in demons; that was of course until he met one and it turned his world upside down. We discuss his terrifying experience meeting a demon head on and hear how it went to considerable length to avoid and then try to destroy him. In our... Read more » The post 26.12 – MU Podcast – The Incubus’ Lair first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Answering the phone to a strange and distance metallic voice set into motion a wild goose chase that would bring two very different but spiritually gifted people together. Who was the voice and the entity that came to be know as “You”? What was its motivation and how did following the path of the famed... Read more » The post 26.11 – MU Podcast – Castaneda’s Curse first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Deep in the mountainous jungles of Malaysia exist a group of spiritual people on the edge of extinction, yet their knowledge may offer humanity a way forward. Devoid of the pressures of modern society they live in a world free of schedules and time. As such they connect with the earth and each other in... Read more » The post 26.10 – MU Podcast – Jungle Knowing first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

In the early 1930’s a group of young outcast boys were brought together in their scientific interest of the unknown. However they quickly descend into a world of spirits, dangerous entities and other psi encounters when they start speaking with the dead. A strange entity calling itself Dr. Bindelof rears and instructs the boys to... Read more » The post 26.09 – MU Podcast – Dr. Bindelof’s Blueprints first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Groundbreaking neuroscience is increasingly demonstrating the relationship between pleasure and pain; and in a frightening revelation it’s telling us we are overdoing on happiness. The seesaw of dopamine is causing us to become increasingly depressed and suffering pleasure hangovers. Could our departure from spirit be making things worse? We also hear of the strange elemental... Read more » The post 26.08 – MU Podcast – The Russian Faponaut first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

The “Contactee” phenomenon of the mid to late 20th century is well know in ufological circles to relate to extraterrestrials. However a new type of contactee is emerging; that is the “Bigfoot Contactee”. If the stories are true and witnesses around the world are seeing this large hairy entity, could the flesh and blood hypothesis... Read more » The post 26.07 – MU Podcast – Shamanic Sasquatch first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

The human body has been a source of wonder and fascination to all cultures and throughout time. For this episode we take a look at some of the most unusual theories, crazy figures and bizarre reports involving the human body. We also head into space and chat about rainbow syndrome, out of body alien contact... Read more » The post 26.06 – MU Podcast – The Wandering Octopus first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Though ridiculed and often dismissed, the concept of spirit possession is taken seriously by numerous dedicated therapists who have had direct contact with this unexplained dark facet of psychology. We chat about some of the more extreme cases of alleged spirit possessions and hear just how out of control they can get. From sexually transmitted... Read more » The post 26.05 – MU Podcast – Sexually Transmitted Tulpas first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Diving into the darkest territories to hunt down the oddest books and manuscripts ever written we discuss some of the stories surrounding these unusual tomes. This points us in the direction of a strange secret society that is claimed to have created Masonic traditions as a decoy. Then in our Plus+ extension we hear some... Read more » The post 26.04 – MU Podcast – How to Avoid Huge Ships first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

If you looks deep into antiquity one can find hidden gems of the unexplained. From the legends of flying robots to underground fire genies there is an abundance of the unexplained to be revealed in our forgotten past. We also discuss plamsa entities, intelligent glowing sausages and cursed mummy hands. Then in our Plus+ extension... Read more » The post 26.03 – MU Podcast – The Photogenic Genie first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

The dystopian futures predicted in decades old literature are now here. The explosion of the terrifying surveillance state in China is rapidly transforming fiction into reality. We discuss the stories of two people who managed to escape the technological nightmare and draw similarities to the authoritarian themes emerging in our own society. Then in our... Read more » The post 26.02 – MU Podcast – The Panopticon first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Over twenty years ago a woman had a seemingly chance encounter with a leprechaun in a remote Irish home. She was instructed how to interact with the nature elementals and was given a warning that could help humanity avoid a dire environmental catastrophe. She now has published a book relating her continued interactions with the... Read more » The post 26.01 – MU Podcast – The Alcoholic Leprechaun first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

How can we tap the intelligence that is beyond our brains? Is intelligence confined to our skulls or does it exist in our bodies, our surroundings or even our relationships? We discuss this intriguing concept and compare how modern science is starting to resonate with occult thinking. We also discuss the role of fate when... Read more » The post 25.25 – MU Podcast – The Rational Body first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Struck with a shocking cancer diagnosis one man devised a bold plan to ensure he was immortalised and remembered. He hides a treasure chest in the wilderness filled with gold and publishes a treasure map in the form of a cryptic poem. However he doesn’t die and instead spends a decade guiding frenzied treasure hunters... Read more » The post 25.24 – MU Podcast – Fenn Hunters first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

The disappearance of MH370 captivated the world and motivated thousands of people to help seek the truth to this dreadful mystery. However despite the claimed best efforts of governments we are still in the dark about what happened on that fateful night. For this episode we discuss the groundbreaking research of a French reporter who... Read more » The post 25.23 – MU Podcast – Erasure of Truth first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

New knowledge of physics suggest we may be living in a multidimensional universe with new dimensions being created with every decision we make. What if we could access these dimensions and alter the course of our own realities? We discuss a new form of self help that suggests we can do precisely that and move... Read more » The post 25.22 – MU Podcast – Quantum Flop first appeared on Mysterious Universe.

Past life regression therapy tends to usually cover exactly that; past lives. However some researchers have discovered that many of us may actually be living multiple lifetimes in this reality here and now. We discuss the work of an unconventional hypnotist who attempted to help his patients mend their relationships in this life though resolving... Read more » The post 25.21 – MU Podcast – Past Life Passions first appeared on Mysterious Universe.