Comedians Talking Baseball w/Sports
Comedians Talking Baseball w/Sports


Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine come at you from Chicago and LA with weekly MLB recaps. Keeping it funny and informative unlike all those other nerds.

  • Comedians Talking Baseball...History - Sosa vs. McGuire
    Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine are back!!! We're recapping Long Gone Summer, the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about the 1998 Home Run Chase of Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire!
  • NLCS & ALCS previews!!
    Recorded before the start of both series, Joe and Brido preview the LCS. Plus, where does the Astros pitching historically rank??
  • The Rise and Fall of Joe Maddon
    Comedians Joe Kilgallon and Mike Bridenstine are back to talk about the sad end to the 2019 season and the Joe Maddon era. Brido also gives out his end of the season MVP and Cy Young!
  • September Baseball!!
    We’re back. Audio isn’t it’s best so we apologize. Talking Cubs, Verlander, playoff races, and Dave Chappelle!
  • Hall of fame talk, Joe threw out a 1st pitch, & Brido creates a new stat!
    Sorry again for the gaps in episodes! We have fun on this one! Hall of fame talk & more!
  • NL All-Star Team, First Half talk, & more!
    It’s in the title baseball fans!!!
  • Kimbrel, MadBum, & more!
    See above!
  • Game of Thrones is to blame! Plus Kimbrel, and fan safety!
    See title.
  • Cubs are back, Marlins history, Jeter, & more!!!
    See above!!
  • Bat flips, bat flips, bat flips!!!
    Comedians Mike Bridenstine & Joe Kilgallon take a deep look at bat flips from all perspectives! We love them, but is there a line???
  • Ted Williams, Bernie Williams, Chris Davis, & more!
    See above. We’re awesome!
  • Managing Expectations, Cubs, Red Sox, & DeGrom Love!
    Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine talk about the emotions behind a slow start, as well as when American will recognize Jacob DeGrom as the best in baseball!
  • Calm Down, It's only April! 1st weekend Recap!
    Comedians Joe Kilgallon & Mike Bridenstine talk about how fans need to relax after a hot or cold start to the season!
  • We're back! 2019 MLB Preview!
    First podcast of the 2019 season and we're starting a little differently! We're killing two birds with one stone and doing both Bridenstine's new pod, Hunk, and CTB at the same time! Enjoy as Brido interviews Joe about his love for baseball, how to market the game, and 2019 predictions!
  • Hall of Fame & Hot Stove
    We break down the new Hall of Fame class and talk about what current players are shoe ins for Cooperstown!
  • 2018 Review! Plus Harper, Bonds, & Sosa talk!!!
    Podcast got cut short at the end, we’ll continue where we left off next time!! Thanks
  • Baseball Cards, Machado, & World Series Preview!
  • AlCS,NLCS preview! Plus state of the game!
    Read the title!
  • What happened to the Cubs?
    See above. Duh.
  • 1 week til playoffs! Plus Addison Russell talk!
    Read above!