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Three Creeks Church Podcast

  • My God Is So Big
  • Growing In Christian Community
    Community Groups are part of the fabric of Three Creeks Church. From the church in Acts to today, we grow best in groups.
  • Kindness
    What's one word that's used over and over and over in the Old Testament to describe the character of God? It's the word HESED. Do you know what that means? It could change your life if you do!
  • Self-Control
    Is there any area of your life that you would describe as... out of control? Is it out of control because of a lack of self-control? Can God help us with this? Or are we on our own?
  • Gentleness
    Not many people think to pursue the character trait of gentleness. But when Jesus describes his own heart, which He did only one time in the Bible, do you know how he described his heart? Listen to find out.
  • Faithfulness
    What does it mean to be faithful? If we're faithful people, what kind of effect does that have? In a world full of flaky people, listen to the impact we can have by being reliable, trustworthy, faithful people.
  • Goodness
    What does it mean to be "good"? Can we be "good" on our own? And what's the point of being "good"?
  • Peace
  • Patience
    If there is one fruit that God needs to work the hardest to produce in Americans, it's this one. We're a shockingly impatient people. But when we lean into God, he can produce patience in us. Listen to find out more.
  • Joy
    Everybody wants to be more joyful. So how do we find it? And how can we keep it if we do?
  • Love
    When Paul writes to the Christians in Galatia about what it looks like to follow Jesus, the first characteristic he lists is "love". Why is that? And what does it look like to truly love someone with a Christ-like love?
  • Tychicus
    Have you ever heard of a man named Tychicus? He's a model of spiritual maturity for anyone who wants to follow God. Listen to find out more.
  • Pray Like Your Life Depends On It… Because It Does!
    Even in the letters Paul writes to his friends, he prays. It's almost as if he can't help himself. So when we pray, what should we be praying for?
  • The Armor of God is Jesus
    What is the armor of God? Is it a list of six weapons to use against Satan's attacks? Or does it have a deeper meaning that that? Listen to find out more.
  • Dark, Demonic Forces and How To Beat Em
    Satans. Demons. Spiritual forces. Are they real? What does the Bible say? And if they are, how much attention do I give them?
  • Children of Light
    We used to be darkness because we were children of disobedience. Now we are light because we are children of light. A change in being leads to a change in doing… not so that we can become children of light but because we already are.
  • Healing Our Covetous Hearts
    Greed can rule our lives and prevent us from fully following Jesus. Thankfully, there is a cure. Listen to find out more.
  • I’m Not Angry, I’m Frustrated
    Are you an angry person? On the inside? Or do you get easily frustrated? Why do you think that is? Listen to find out more.
  • Questions a Christian Asks
    When we're growing up, we ask questions like, "Am I allowed to?" or "Can I?" But maturity shows itself when we begin asking better questions. Listen to find out more.
  • What a Christian Sounds Like
    Both in the Bible and in our lives, words carry weight. Paul, in Ephesians, describes to Christians what their words ought to sound like (and what they shouldn't sound like).