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Sam and Emma host Ari Rabin-Havt, the former Legislative Director and Chief Policy Advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders, to discuss the prospects of the Senate bipartisan infrastructure bill, as well as the budget reconciliation bill that's supposed to follow it. Then, David Feldman (@David_Feldman_) joins the show in the fun half! Emma, Sam, and Ari discuss the continuous consternation among the Portman-Sinema gang of 10+5, why the timeline has pushed the reconciliation bill into the issue of the infrastructure package, and get into the numbers of it, how they might change, and why the CBO’s role in setting the numbers will have to be worked around. They get into bipartisan fetish shaming, why the moderates are fighting an impossible game as Republicans continue to find new parameters and make-or-break issues, before rounding out the infrastructure discussion by touching on how democrats can ensure they spend what they need to, Schumer using last weeks vote to try to force Republican’s hand and get their amendments into the bill, and what he’s looking to do get into moving this process forwards. Lastly, they talk filibuster and the Sinema-Manchin shield that helps Dems avoid hard votes. Then, the ever emotionally intelligent David Feldman, of the David Feldman Show, joins to discuss the childish nature of marching for M4A, the importance of anonymous donation – such as his most recent gift to the Michael Brooks Legacy Foundation – and why Jimmy Dore, the true everyman moron that always gets it right, nailed his three-dimensional diarrhea on the American oligarchy, before Feldman connects this back to the march for M4A, and why the true oligarchs (AOC and the Squad) are the real reason M4A hasn’t come to pass. And in the Fun Half: Emma and Sam cover the Biden Administration’s bolstering of Cuban sanctions, and Mick Wallace’s kick-ass speech at the EU on the hypocrisy of the West when it comes to Cuba. They also touch on Missouri’s Supreme Court expansion of medicare, Mike Lindell’s clear-cut data on election fraud, and Byron calls in from Seattle to take on Emma and Sam’s stance on lobbying because of all those progressive corporations it would stymy from stopping climate change. We finally get the big reveal of our new crew member, Bradley, plus, your calls and IMs! Become a member at JoinT

Emma hosts Van Gosse, Professor and Associate Chair of History at Franklin & Marshall University, to discuss his recent book “The First Reconstruction: Black Politics in America from the Revolution to the Civil War,” on the political role of Black folks before their constitutional emancipation, and how their pre-Civil War work has been erased over time. Beginning with the Revolutionary War, Professor Gosse walks through how emancipation did not start in 1863, but began in the north immediately following independence – even including enfranchisement for both Black taxpayers and women, with 10 of 13 colonies having no racial bar for voting at the time of the Dred Scott decision. He and Emma look into the different forms of emancipation following the revolution, and how northern New England saw a judicial, rather than gradual, emancipation, with Black people holding party offices, working polls, and taking part in patronage, before they touch on how white folks in New England would look to Black voters for validation of the Wigs’ fight for manumission. Next, Van and Emma move onto the roles of Black constituencies in different states, with Philly serving as the center for free Black folk in the north and Black New Yorkers engaging in a massive multi-decade political project in the early 1800s to take on a drastically more political role. They conclude the interview with disenfranchisement as a tactic to rally white voters, the white-washing project in US history to obscure Black folks’ role in fighting for progress, and explore the problematic nature of a progressive view of history. Emma rounds out the first half by watching Biden cling to his childhood dream of bipartisanship at his CNN Town Hall. And in the Fun Half: The crew discusses their most conservative takes, from gun ownership to modern art to the grandmother fashion aesthetic, Republicans’ embrace over impending biblical disasters, and Ben Shapiro defends the billionaire space race with the popularly known fact that Jeff Bezos pays like allll of the taxes and totally self-funds, despite Jeff himself admitting that the money came from Amazon workers. Then, Nick from Japan calls in to talk taking on tech with more than just anti-trust, the crew discusses Emmanuel Acho emerging as the newest inflammatory sports personality, and whether Bitcoin has the capabilities of world peace, or if the aggregation of mass amounts of wealth maybe isn’t conducive to peace and equity, plus, your calls and

Sam hosts Heidi Boghosian, the executive director of the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute, to discuss her recent book, “I Have Nothing To Hide: And 20 Other Myths About Surveillance and Privacy.” They explore the importance of taking action as individuals, fighting for the autonomy to reveal information to who we want to, and how the government keeps tabs on more of us than we think. After a quick discussion on self-censorship, Sam and Heidi explore the developments in the surveillance state since 9/11, including the normalization in the population through deputization of community members and neighbors through programs like TIPS, and how that has progressed with mass technological developments at home, such as Amazon Ring. They discuss how this served to set up the recent case around the Pegasus app, and the surveillance of activists and journalists seeking to undermine ideas and stories that might challenge the status quo, before looking into how government agencies can get around legal restrictions on data collection by outsourcing to private companies. They conclude the interview with why metadata, even anonymous, can say a lot, and what we can do to turn the tide. Sam also touches on Jeff Bezos’ multimillion-dollar space race reenactment, with personally tailored costumes, and the absurdity of the celebration of the launch as American exceptionalism. And in the Fun Half: The right has suddenly begun a switch on vaccine skepticism, only a few hundreds of thousands of deaths into the pandemic, though Marjorie Taylor Green and Laura Ingraham, unsurprisingly, didn’t get the message. Then, Ren from Oregon calls in to expand on data tracking of metadata, the crew discusses a Candace Owens v. MTG presidential run, Dave Rubin wants to relive the start of the pandemic, and Tim Pool comes to King Louis XVI’s defense in the face of the French Revolution. Emily from Colombus calls in to discuss the developments on the horrors of residential schools in the US, and Josh from Houston recalls his favorite of Michael’s personal deconstructions, this one of Sam Harris, plus, your calls and IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store https://shop.majo

Sam and Emma host Cristina Beltran, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at New York University, to discuss her recent book, Cruelty As Citizenship: How Migrant Suffering Sustains White Democracy, on the project of whiteness that has built the United States, and why the backlash to a changing racial consciousness in the US has seen a focus on immigration policy. Professor Beltran walks through the history of this project and how the American experiment was grounded in a civic duty that drove displacement and segregation. Beginning with the settler-colonial drive westward and the duty of individuals to claim space and build it up as their own, she explores how this civic role continued to build up this concept of white democracy, before moving into the segregation era and how, through public enforcement, segregation became a democratic project for white citizens. After the fall of Jim Crow in the 60s, the only remaining population that could be vocally dominated under the rule of law became the migrant population. Emma, Sam, and Cristina explore how this logic of domination is ingrained in the western idea of citizenship, to rule and be ruled, and discuss the tyrannical pleasure promoted by it, before they look into the absence of a sharing mentality in American culture, and how these elements of the American psyche result in zero-sum views of freedom, representation, and citizenship. They conclude with a greater discussion on the relationship between Latinx voters and immigration policy, and Sam and Emma begin reflecting on the joy and beauty of Michael Brooks. And in the Fun Half: The MR Crew dedicates the second half of today’s show to remember the wonder and positivity that the late Michael Brooks brought to countless lives. Lisha Brooks, Bhaskar Sunkara, Joshua Kahn Russell, Djene Bajalan, and Wosny Lambre join to celebrate the hilarity, empathy, intelligence, love, and humanity that Michael spread wherever he went, sharing stories from his days at MR and TMBS, from personal and professional perspectives, and reflecting on the growth he encouraged in himself and those around him. Josh from Chicago and Ronald Raygun also call in to share their Michael tales and favorite impressions, plus your calls and IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report D

Sam and Emma host Dr. Michael Osterholm, the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, to discuss the state of COVID-19 as it stands here in the States and around the world. Dr. Osterholm walks through the dual pandemics facing the globe right now – the one we have at home in the U.S. being tacked with vaccines, and the raging one going on in countless largely unvaccinated countries with no resources to take it on – and looks at the current spikes occurring internationally, including Tokyo, Iran, South Africa, and countless more. Then, he, Emma, and Sam explore the three main concerns with the Delta variant – including rises in infection rates, illness severity, and evading immune protection from vaccines or infection – they walk through differing mask efficacies, and how the patterns of this pandemic drastically differ from the pandemic of 1918. Lastly, the three of them look into how focusing on boosting the currently vaccinated population, while a legitimate concern, is not as important in preventing the further progression of variants as helping to bolster vaccination rates in countries with no pandemic infrastructure. Emma and Sam wrap of the first half by touching on the right’s reprehensible disinformation campaign around COVID, from Alex Berenson’s presence on Tucker Carlson and Ron DeSantis’ destructive role as, you know, Governor of Florida. And in the Fun Half: Meghan McCain says #NotALLfoxhosts, defending Fox’s vaccine coverage on the grounds that one host admitted to getting vaccinated, Sam looks into Joe Biden’s response to Facebook’s COVID misinformation and the importance of anti-trust solutions in pushing back on big tech, and Pradip from India picks up on the discussion of slavery as economically unviable and spitballs some takes on welfare. Then, Guy from Quebec chats political strategy in Canada versus the U.S., Fabio from Colombia calls in to inquire about the best debaters on the Left, the crew discusses the violent gap between American opinions on right of return for Cubans versus Palestinians, and Sam gives us one of his best name-drops yet. Kovidh from Iran calls in to discuss anti-imperialism, propaganda, and international left strategy, plus, your calls and IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! http://majority

Sam and Emma host David Dayen, executive editor at the American Prospect, on his upcoming Infrastructure newsletter, “Infrastructure Summer,” and the recent developments with Biden’s legislative agenda. They begin with a discussion on the current state of the Infrastructure Package, its emphasis on “human” infrastructure over brick and mortar spending, and the thought process behind Sen. Schumer potentially forcing a test vote next week. They look into the Democrats’ classic revenue-versus-spending problem, furthered by the complete Republican opposition to any tax hike, and the importance of emphasizing the return on the investments in the citizenry with human infrastructure and by taking on prescription drug prices. They additionally touch on rumors around dropping the medicare age (and its unlikelihood), and explore Biden’s recent executive order tackling anti-trust and anti-monopoly issues in an expansive manner – even taking on prescription drug companies – before looking into what Biden has been failing to do, and what to look for moving forward. Emma and Sam also touch on the boost of the child tax credits, what Dems should do to capitalize on their popularity moving forwards, and the staff bids Brendan farewell after four great years, and Sam drops a few hints on who might be coming in to make up for his absence. And in the Fun Half: Alacrity from Alabama makes the return he’s been waiting for as he takes on minimum wage, Terry from Indiana calls in to deliver a wholesome thank you, and Brent from Michigan gets a little airtime to rant against conservative outrage against Critical Race Theory. Then, the crew chats about Sam’s political roots, before looking into Tucker Carlson’s – from his first notes of inspiration talking about Bill O’Reilly’s facade in the face of Fox viewers to taking on the mantle of crying “race war.” Grant Stinchfield uncovers the big conspiracy occurring in the networks of the military-industrial complex (woke Marxism) as Emma speculates on the potential implications of this for a non-binary bay of pigs, and Sam admires Erik Finman, Prophet of the grift, and his new “Freedom Phone,” plus, your calls and IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store 

Emma hosts Jim Freeman, director of the Social Movement Support Lab, to discuss his new book, "Rich Thanks to Racism: How the Ultra-Wealthy Profit From Racial Injustice," to discuss the hidden strategies behind systemic racism in America. Freeman walks through his concept of strategic racism and how the U.S. Government refuses to properly address policies that result in racialized violence and inequity due to the economic benefits for the ultra-wealthy. Looking at organizations like ALEC and the Heritage Foundation, and individuals such as Charles Koch and Bill Gates, Emma and Jim walk through how neoliberal policy has followed the interests of private actors. They look at the recent movement to privatize education through charter schools and vouchers as a unifying development for billionaires writ large, bringing together Gates and Koch, despite their vastly different public personas, and completely devastating the public educate systems in poorer Black and brown communities, and discuss the role of the carceral state in both financially benefitting capitalists with slave labor and maintaining docility to the status quo. Freeman also looks into how the brutally violent suppression tactics of the criminal justice system serve as a blueprint for both immigration policy and the military-industrial complex, before Emma and he round out the interview with the importance of reframing the conversation around the structural reinforcement of profit despite pain and recognizing the importance of widespread solidarity and coalition. Emma finishes up the show by focusing on the absurd coverage of the Cuba protests among the right, ignoring the horrors of the multi-decade-long U.S. embargo that has maintained economic sanctions through an international pandemic and, unsurprisingly, going straight for the Bay of Pigs pt. 2. And in the Fun Half: Emma, Brandon, and Matt discuss Newsmax’s weird centering of baseball and football in a rant on the U.S.’s impact on the geopolitical realm, Spike Lee going full bitcoin bro in his politics and carnival barker in his fashion sense, and Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer’s thread on the inherently pro-capitalist nature of crypto. Next, the crew covers Candace Owen’s new talk show and her pitch of communism being the true infection of Covid-19, before Dave from Jamaica discusses the false promise of the 21st-century space race, and Robert from Louisiana gives an anti-welfare argument possibly more confusing and condescendin

Sam and Emma host Spencer Headworth, professor of Sociology at Purdue University to discuss his recent book, “Policing Welfare: Punitive Adversarialism in Public Assistance,” on how welfare law enforcement has crippled public assistance programs. Professor Headworth begins by walking through what the U.S. sees as welfare, focusing on public assistance like TANF and SNAP, rather than social security or disability insurance, reinforcing the stigmatism of the “deserving” versus “undeserving” poor. Spencer then walks Emma and Sam through his research that led him to the role of federally mandated welfare investigators, and how he highlighted the investigative units in five states to look into both their roles within the welfare state at large and within the state’s incarceration rates and overall socioeconomic status. They also walk through the devastating influence of community reporting in welfare fraud, pitting neighbors against neighbors, and how welfare recipients sacrifice their fourth amendment rights at the hands of investigators’ surveillance practices, before looking into how these enforcement units serve to reinforce the stigmatization of welfare recipients while, themselves, furthering the money lost through public “assistance.” After briefly covering how these bipartisan policies came through the neoliberal consensus around ending welfare and taking on crime in the 80s and 90s, they round out the interview by touching on the role of race in these investigations. Emma and Sam round out the free half by covering the absolute failure of the Democrats to capitalize on the contradiction of McConnell’s pseudo-pro vaccine stance while simultaneously promoting and bolstering the anti-vax Trumpian wing of his party. And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma reflect on the failures of means-tested welfare systems, and the fraud that’s baked into them, before touching on some big developments to the Infrastructure Bill, including updates on the ultra-important lowering of the medicare availability age and Republicans maybe coming around to helping their constituents now that they realize it could make China look bad. G.W. Bush reflects on his um feminist (?) occupation of Afghanistan, driven home by the slaughter of citizens regardless of gender, and the crew covers some criticism of the show’s engagement with alt-right figures like Crowder and Dave Rubin, and why engaging with folks outside of the Left, both the bring them over and to bring them down, has

Sam and Emma host Ari Berman, writer at Mother Jones and author of Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America (2015), to discuss the restrictive voting bill making its way through the Texas State Legislature in a special session called by Governor Abbott, which has led Texas Democrats to leave the state to avoid meeting a quorum for the vote. They discuss the trajectory of the voting rights struggle since Ari wrote his book, the amount of laws like this going through statehouses across the country, the "godfather of redistricting" Richard Hofeller, John Roberts's lifelong crusade against the Voting Rights Act, Republicans "institutionalizing the Big Lie", what Ari would do if Joe Biden asked him how to bring federal voting rights legislation home through this Congress ahead of the President's big speech today in Philadelphia, and how filibuster reform is what all of these discussions run through. And in the fun half, former Trump State Department spox Morgan Ortagus gets her Asian countries mixed up when coining her catchphrase "the Genocide Olympics" on Fox News, Dave Rubin wonders aloud why no towns in Africa have been wiped out due to COVID, a NewsMax interview gets weird when Rob Finnerty asks a medical doctor "...why should vaccines...get in the way of nature?" House Minority Leader and Martin Luther King acolyte Kevin McCarthy sermonizes with Dave Rubin (in a repeat appearance on the program) about how the late Reverend would despise Critical Race Theory, and Maria Bartiromo wonders aloud with the former President as to why Ashli Babbitt was shot "climbing out of a window" on January 6th (????) Plus, your calls and IM's! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store (Merch issues and concerns can be addressed here: You can now watch the livestream on Twitch Check out today's s

Sam and Emma host author Elinor Cleghorn to discuss her new book, “Unwell Women: Misdiagnosis and Myth in a Man-Made World” on how healthcare and medical treatment have underserved women and their health needs. They start the conversation by discussing Elinor’s personal experiences that brought her to this topic, focused on years of dismissal and misdiagnosis focused on her reproductive system before she was officially diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and how this reflects the dynamic around gender and sex in the medical industry. Then, Cleghorn walks Sam and Emma through a long history of the development of the medical practice, including the Hippocratic authors filtering their interpretation of symptoms into diagnosis through social roles and reproduction, the influence of religious myths, such as the creation story of Adam and Eve, on altering the view of female bodies, and how developments around women’s health in the 19th Century were constantly dominated by abusive medical practices and experimentation on enslaved women, with the former continuing well into the 1900s. Emma and Sam round out the free half with a discussion on the firing of a contemporary issues teacher for assigning a Ta-Nehisi Coates article within the greater cultural context of conservatives screaming “anti-white agenda” despite the actual underlying power dynamics in U.S. education. And in the Fun Half: Donald Trump Jr. gives a chaotic update of his top 25 State rankings, including a little Texas bump mid-speech, Gregory from OK calls in to announce his candidacy for HD-26 in the Oklahoma State House of Representatives, and Rami from Atlanta delivers the devastating news to Yaron and Libertarian’s everywhere that private company-led research tends to be quite biased. After Sandy calls in from Ontario to cover the inhuman hypocrisies of Justin Trudeau on the welfare of Indigenous Canadians, Sam and Emma look into Rick Scott’s policy outlines on “no woke stuff” and “having great values,” and Walter Shaub worries about how Hunter Biden’s art sales might cause a path for presidential bribery, plus, your calls and IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store

Sam and Emma host Pascal Robert of the This is Revolution podcast to discuss the Moïse assassination in Haiti as a product of neoliberalism and colonialism, before they touch on the US’s foreign policy role in the Caribbean, and what Eric Adams’s Democratic primary victory means for progressive democrats moving forward. Emma, Sam, and Pascal start with the context for the Western occupation of Haiti, starting with the Haitian Revolution that forced the French, Spanish, and British armies off of the Island after centuries of brutal enslavement and abuse under settler-colonialism, with attempts by the French to reclaim the country continuing into the 19th Century. Next, Robert walks us through the U.S.’ role as one of the biggest beneficiaries of Haitian independence, with the Louisiana Purchase stemming as a direct result, and how we took advantage of the continued inequality and lack of colonial power with an occupation of Haiti from 1915-34, extracting what resources we could, and a return to colonial practices under neoliberalism, with U.S. backed Dictators as the only leaders with any prolonged stay in office since the Regan administration. They wrap up the interview by looking into how the assassination of Moïse came to be, stemming from conflict with a largely non-Haitian Oligarchical class that the U.S. likely could not stand by any longer, and Pascal Roberts discusses the importance of the Black and Creole middle classes in how the country moves forwards. Sam and Emma round out the first half with Steve Schmidt’s return to his strategy of using terrorism to turn a profit – first with 9/11, and now 1/6. And in the Fun Half: Loudnie from Montreal calls in to explore the roles of the US and UN in Haiti over the last couple of decades, Ellis from FL asks a few questions on the upcoming infrastructure bill that don’t quite have answers, and Sam and Emma watch Tucker Carlson hit all of his favorite topics, from the Nationalistic hubris he and Jesse Waters show in the face of the mass displacement and genocide of Indigenous Americans, to declaring that promoting the vaccine is Eugenics (but not the kind he supports) just months after declaring that giving the vaccine to poor folks but not wealthy was also Eugenics. Then, Alacrity from Alabama explains why slavery was wrong actually because it WASN’T useful to Capitalists, despite all of the free labor, since it delayed the technological developments of the Industrial Revolution, which wa

Emma hosts political reporter David Freedlander to discuss his new book, The AOC Generation: How Millennials Are Seizing Power and Rewriting the Rules of American Politics, on the young insurgent left in American politics and how grassroots political organization is bringing material change to communities across the country, before he and Emma give a debrief on the NYC Democratic primary. Beginning with AOC’s 2015 election, Freedlander walks through how her experiences as a disillusioned millennial with a commitment to engaging with on-the-ground organizing put her in the perfect position to take on the two-headed monster of Crowley’s NYC political machine and the DNC, and then he touches on how she and the rest of the squad, despite a lack of internal political clout, have been able to frame the conversation around progressive policies. Next, he and Emma explore the continued pushback by establishment Dems on progressive action, such as Hakeem Jeffries’ super PAC launched to combat the Justice Democrats, before they look into Eric Adams’ success in the NYC Mayoral primary. David and Emma explore both the contradictions of framing oneself as both “tough on crime” and the “reform candidate,” and how still this seems to be reflective of Adams’ political past, from pitching using spyware on children while also campaigning against stop-and-frisk, and then move on to the lessons the left can learn from the NY Democratic Primary, such as ensuring an early, well-organized coalescence around a progressive leader. Emma rounds out the first half by covering updates on the Surfside disaster and looking into Fox’s rampant war on vaccines as the Delta variant surges. And in the Fun Half: Matt and Brandon join Emma to discuss Tucker Carlson’s and Matt Walsh’s continued insistence on watching children think about sex, and jump off of Ben Shapiro’s “Conservative Values in Film” by exploring the progressive emphasis on social justice in “God’s Not Dead 2.” Matt from Philly offers perhaps too good-faith of a take on converting anti-abortion activists, the crew looks into the drawbacks and occasional successes of “Debate Me Bro” culture before covering Q-Anon’s deep faith in the anti-Establishment duo of notorious political outsiders Donald Trump and JFK Jr. and Mike Lindell reaches Charlie Kelly levels of off-the-rails conspiracy theorizing, plus, your calls and IMs! Become a member at JoinTheMajority

Sam and Emma host Slate's Justice and Courts writer Mark Joseph Stern to dive into last week's SCOTUS rulings on voting rights restrictions and then Brian Concannon from Project Bluelight, joins to discuss Haitian Prime Minister Jovenel Moïse's assassination. Emma, Sam, and Mark pick up their discussion from last week on the heels of two massive SCOTUS decisions centering on free and fair elections. They first touch on Justice Roberts’s 40 year battle against Section 2 of the VRA, coming to a close in Brnovich v DNC where the Court ruled that disparate impact cannot apply to forms of voting (absentee and early) that were not present during the 1982 writing of the law. Next, they explore the Americans for Prosperity v Becerra ruling that takes on the only regulations left by Citizens United, overturning the disclosure requirement, before Stern looks forward from these decisions towards the conservative Court’s target of campaign finance laws. Brian Concannon then joins to help us contextualize the assassination of Haitian President-turned-Dictator Moïse within both Haitian domestic politics and as a result of centuries-long destructive intervention and by the U.S. Emma and Sam round out the first half by previewing Sam’s debate with Yaron Brook, and admiring JD Vance’s ability to prove mainstream media wrong about “reasonable” conservatives once again. And in the Fun Half: Libertarian and Chairman of the Board at the Ayn Rand Institute Yaron Brook joins to debate Sam on the validity and possibility of free markets, where the internet came from (sorry Al Gore), why the correlation between the development of capitalism and the triangle slave trade actually DIDN’T build immense wealth for the Global North, because it also destroyed the South, and whether or not every-day citizens should be responsible for the knowledge of the experts they are advised by, and if society should mitigate mistakes that people make. Then, the crew reflects on the conversation, before pondering the deeper reasons that folks like Tucker Carlson’s and Matt Walsh’s desire to watch children, TX Gov challenger Allen West reminds us of the horrors of Marx’s ultimate weapon of… progressive income tax, plus, your IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store

Sam and Emma are back from the July 4th holiday with Smithsonian curator Jon Grinspan, author of his latest book The Age of Acrimony: How Americans Fought to Fix Their Democracy, 1865-1915 on the last time partisanship was the primary driver in American democracy. Grinspan, inspired by the precedence for our modern political era that he found in the Gilded Age, looks into how the post-Reconstruction era saw a crisis of democracy in the shadow of boosted political partisanship and party identification. He walks through the mass public participation in the wake of the Civil War, with politics acting as a central sphere of public life that saw campaign marches and public elections, involving – on the social level – even those without suffrage. Emma, Sam, and Jon next explore how the contentious 1977 election of Rutherford B. Hayes saw voters start to turn their back on Reconstruction policies as voter disenfranchisement starts to spring up in the South, and elites in the North rebrand politics as a private, subtle matter in order to discourage the working class, including freed Black folks and immigrants, from political involvement. They round out the interview by reflecting on the lessons for the modern era, remembering that these crises of democracy - even when clouded by partisanship, political violence, and distrust - have been worked out of before. Emma and Sam finish off the first half by discussing two big upcoming stories, including the impact of this holiday weekend on COVID rates, and the continuing Republican fight against a comprehensive infrastructure package before they chat about Donny Deutch’s nightmare situation of Americans dreaming less of labor and focusing more on the quality of their lives. And in the Fun Half: Nomiki Konst joins Sam and Emma as they keep holiday workers at the Haslet, TX Walmart in their mind after their consumer’s rousing performance on the 3rd, and then they enjoy Fox’s Clay Travis point out how their viewers’ outrage is reflective of the horrible state of politics in our country that makes us so willing to get outraged by outrageous culture war. Oochie Wally calls in to tackle last week’s Crypto Fascist and racists’ incessant pathologizing of any Black demographical statistic that they could use to mislead the public. Eli in the Netherlands gets the crew into a discussion of institutional schooling and alternatives, be

Sam hosts Pulitzer Prize-winning Yale Historian David Blight to discuss his recent biography of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom, and how the Reconstruction era lives on in our contemporary politics. Sam and Blight take a deep dive into Frederick Douglass the orator and the ways his politics and activism altered between radical and pragmatism. Then Sam and Blight place Douglass in the larger historical context of reconstruction and post-reconstruction and how we are still living in the political reality forged after the Civil War. Become a member of the Majority Report today! Check out the Brand New Majority Report Merch Shop (Merch issues and concerns can be addressed here: The AM Quickie is now on YouTube Subscribe to the AM Quickie at Make the AMQ part of your Alexa Flash Briefing too! You can now watch the livestream on Twitch Check out today's sponsors: ZipRecruiter sends your job to over 100 of the web’s leading job sites. But they don’t stop there. With their powerful matching technology, ZipRecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invite them to apply to your job. Try ZipRecruiter FOR FREE, my listeners can go to LiquidIV: Proper hydration is crucial for your immune system and can boost your immunity. Liquid I.V. has more vitamin C than an orange and as much potassium as a banana. It’s packed with Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12 – vitamins known to help your body defend against infections – and made effective through Cellular Transport Technology. Now you can get 25 percent off when you go to and use code MAJORITYREP at checkout.

Sam hosts Heather "Digby" Parton to discuss the week's top stories, including the infrastructure negotiations, SCOTUS decisions to gut voter rights, and more. Then, WGA East Executive Director Lowell Peterson joins to discuss the unionization efforts at MSNBC Digital. Digby and Sam start off the show by looking back to the start of their careers in the wake of the 2000 election, 9/11, and the Iraq War. They reflect on the disturbing legacy Donald Rumsfeld leaves behind, focused on his role in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens, and how he and the Republican machine used 9/11 as the perfect jumping-off point for bombing the Middle East, before remembering somewhat more fondly the absurdity of conservative culture war around France’s pushback to the attacks. After looking deeper into how today’s Republican authoritarianism stems from the legacy of the Bush Administration, Lowell Peterson of the WGA joins to discuss the recent boom in media unionization. He and Sam look into the unionization effort at MSNBC Digital, and the irony of listening to a supposedly pro-union company explain why collective bargaining is good everywhere but under their roof. Sam also cover’s the development in yesterday’s SCOTUS decisions, and the dark shadow rising over the future of getting money out of politics and democracy as a whole. And in the Fun Half: Andy Kindler joins to provide an industry perspective on Ben Shapiro’s analysis of conservative values in film. They explore the fundamental importance of choice in the pro-life film, A Quiet Place, the view that we exist beyond our earthly bodies as expressed in Soul, and the general right-wing theme of overcoming our social context… even when that context is capitalism. Then, Sam covers the Exxon leak, exploring the disturbing behind-the-scenes of fossil fuel executives ensuring the US Senate stays in line with their interests, and a green Kyrsten Sinema offers up a perfect take on today’s issues facing… Kyrsten Sinema, plus, your IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store (Merch issues and concerns can be addressed here: 

Sam hosts Mark Joseph Stern, staff writer at Slate covering law and the courts, joins Sam to discuss the biggest cases of the recent Supreme Court term, and the implications of the rulings on cases like TransUnion v. Ramirez and Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid. They start with a discussion on SCOTUS’ ruling against Union Organizing on California Farms, deciding that businesses must be compensated for any union leader setting foot on their property, and how the laws struck down stem from Caesar Chaves’ union organizing in the 60s and 70s attempting to give migrant workers the possibility of banding together. Mark and Sam look into how the current conservative court is taking on the responsibility of determining what is and isn’t considered harm, and, unsurprisingly, seem to be much more concerned with what could be a burden on private property and enterprise than what could be considered harming individuals or workers. In particular, they explore how the Roberts court is tossing the concept of judicial restraint to the side in favor of allowing businesses the freedom to use our information as they please (as long as it doesn’t go too wrong), and ensuring states have the right to kick people out of their houses. They also touch on how American political discourse ignores the responsibility of the court’s decisions when it comes to their real-world repercussions, and look forwards to the last few impending cases of this term. Sam rounds out the first half by reflecting on the legacy of one Donald Rumsfeld and how hundreds of thousands of civilian lives could still be around had this moment come around a couple of decades earlier. And in the Fun Half: Matt, Matt, Brendan, and Brandon run the show, starting the testosterone-led half of the show off with some Hulk Hogan talk, and Dave from Scranton calls in to chat culture war on the online web of the Right. Then, Chris from MI centers the opioid epidemic in a discussion on the neoliberal culture in healthcare and the crew chats NYC mayoral mayhem before moving on to the behind the scenes debacles at “free speech” social media platforms Gab and Parler that caused their relationships to the Trumps to fall through. They field calls from Finn and Mark, covering some fun Crowder factoids and the best way to sell medicare for all to a conservative, and then Matt and Brandon deep dive into the continued chaos unfolding from the Jan 6th insurrection. Plus, your calls and IMs!

Sam hosts Tim Jackson, University of Surrey professor of sustainable development, and author of the book Post Growth: Life after Capitalism on what a world can look like after the fall of the free market and our incessant chase for endless growth. Professor Jackson traces his vision from his original work for the British Government, “Prosperity without Growth,” which outlines more of a policy and data-driven approach, to his recent work that seeks to paint a more accessible vision of a world that leaves behind the myth of endless growth and more effectively centers societal wants and needs. Jackson also contextualizes this pushback against rampant economic growth, with a focus on the failures of GDP, within greater mainstream history – from Robert Kennedy to Greta Thunberg – and explores the importance of redistribution and equity to social prosperity. They also touch on the more abstract elements, discussing the importance of recognizing and learning from natural limitations and how capitalism hinges on constant unhappiness, before Prof. Jackson, drawing from Hannah Arendt, explores how care work and the feeling of having contributed lasting impact on one’s community are central to his project. Sam rounds out the half by digging into the Five’s attempt to sidestep a discussion on the current failures of U.S. infrastructure by hitting on some classic culture war talking points. And in the Fun Half: Sam and the crew cover the anything-but-fun reversal of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case, Karun from India calls out Sam’s failure to properly address Black on Black crime statistics from the racial science perspective, and Nick from CT points out the contradictions in Fox’s attempt to prove that the issues are not with private infrastructure while they try to encourage more privatization of infrastructure. Ben Shapiro and the supposedly apathetic right apparently can’t stop caring about sexuality in sports, Joe Manchin’s voting bill is in complete disarray, Meghan McCain thinks we all deserve a POW father and love for our flag, and Sam reflects on the highs and lows of his early acting career, plus, your calls and IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store

Sam and Emma host Jules Boykoff, Pacific University professor of politics and government, former US Olympian and author of NOlympians: Inside the Fight Against Capitalist Mega-Sports in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Beyond, to discuss the Olympics industrial complex and the growing international movement for ending the development of Olympic complexes. They walk through the history of the games as an elite affair, originally created by a French Baron and now a multibillion-dollar corporate industry, and how the International Olympics Committee is able to capitalize on public money and the role of their athletes to make huge material gains for themselves and corporations at the expense of local infrastructure and participating athletes. Professor Boykoff delves into the particularly brutal role the Olympics have in displacing low-income folks in every city they move to, and how this helped spur DSA LA’s housing work to move towards establishing the NOlympics project. Jules, Emma, and Sam also look into the history of local protests against the Olympics, and how NOlympics seeks to change these from momentary uprisings to a global movement to end the Olympics as they exist. Emma and Sam round out the first half reflecting on the legacy of anti-imperialist and U.S. Senator Mike Gravel, exploring his biggest moments on the political stage. And in the Fun Half: Tony from Illinois calls in for advice on the best tactics to push Medicare for All in conservative entrenched areas, Mitt Romney plays off the Big Lie as more of a Big Game, comparing U.S. Politics to Wrestling and perhaps explaining his commitment to his heel persona, and Marjorie Taylor Green garners the Sarah Palin comparison as Sam wonders aloud why Bernie has never gotten the birtherism argument pushed against folks like AOC and Obama (it’s pretty obvious). Then, Tucker Carlson rallies up white fear, pushing a conspiracy of white genocide, Dan Crenshaw eyes up an age-old dog whistle on Black activism in sports, and Ben from NY reflects on the few lessons learned from the FTV project. They wrap up the fun half by discussing YouTube’s algorithms and the importance of building anti-trust infrastructure, and looking into the growth of the Delta variant of COVID alongside vaccine fear-mongering, plus, your calls and IMs! Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store

Sam and Emma host Ryan Grim, DC Bureau Chief at the Intercept, to discuss this week's top stories including the bipartisan infrastructure deal, Pelosi and Schumer's play for reconciliation bills, and more, plus, legendary comedian David Cross joins in the Fun Half. Ryan helps walk Emma and Sam through what these second hundred days of Biden’s administration might look like; they explore how the Senate schedule will play out with the recent developments in the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and what the reconciliation process might look like. Next, they look into the Republican’s obstruction options and how the gang of ten deal with reconciliation just down the line has put Mitch McConnell in a tough spot, before they look into how the recent developments have eased a bit of the pressure on the bipartisan nuts like Manchin and Sinema, and what Manchin’s voting bill might look like. Ryan, Emma, and Sam also cover progressives’ role in the matter, how Bernie’s 6 trillion marker has given the Democrats more wiggle room, and AOC’s position on voting without a reconciliation bill at the ready. They round out the interview touching on taking a structural view of U.S. politics and how Biden might actually serve a transformative role if the neoliberal hegemonic order is really coming to a close. Emma and Sam also cover the massive impact vaccinations have had in lowering COVID death rates and spectate Biden’s bipartisan deal announcement. And in the Fun Half: Body Language Expert David Cross joins Sam and Emma to look into the elements of the H3 debate that were previously left unsaid. He walks us through Stephen Crowder’s petulancy, segregationist gesticulation, and inclination towards the fantastical when it comes to debating real-world issues. Then, Mitt Romney gets jealous of Sinema’s and Manchin’s bipartisan spotlight, Tucker Carlson sites another racial scientist in his crusade against Critical Race Theory, and Dick Morris explores he and his friends’ sexual inclination towards their mothers in a vulnerable interview on Fox. They round out the fun half with the absurdity of Joy Reid coming at Laura Ingram for wanting to defund the military, plus, your calls and IMs! Become a member at Join the Majority Report Discord! Get all your MR merch at our store