Listen to Connor Heaney discuss all things open talent with industry experts. In each episode Connor speaks with legal, talent and leadership experts. Connor is the managing director of CXC Global EMEA a contingent workforce management company. Connor has a particular interest in the future of work in the open talent sector.

This week we are joined by CEO of HR services provider, Head First Group. Han has a deep knowledge of the staffing industry having spent 15 years in the fast moving goods industry (Heineken and Danone) before moving to work for Randstad for 12 years. On the podcast Connor and Han tackle the pressing questions in today's labour landscape from global labour shortgaes and remote working to the digitisation of recruitment and automation. The also take a look into the look glass at what may be in store for the future of the work. Connect with Connor: with Han: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Head First Group:

We have a different episode for our listeners this week. At CXC, we have been running a Direct Sourcing webinar series that takes an in-depth look at direct sourcing as a talent sourcing solution. Over the coming months we will be making these webinars available as podcast episodes. This week we have a webinar with expert guests Praneeth Patlola, Jan-Willem Weijers and Katie Bussey. Host Connor Heaney explores what direct sourcing is, the common pitfalls and best practices with our guests. Connect with Connor: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comSee our upcoming events:

On this weeks podcast, Connor is joined by Joel Walker, Co-Founder and COO of The Knowledge Group (TKG). On the podcast Joel talks about his career in outsourcing that has led him to help found TKG. Connor and Joel have a lively discussion around remote working specifically in outsourced organisation like sales and contact centres as well as the future of outsourced labour. Joel also discusses how TKG solve complex customer needs by harnessing machine learning and technology to match client requirements with an expert partner network and a rapidly growing international marketplace.Connect with Connor: with Joel Walker: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit The Knowledge Group:

Houston we have lift off! This week, Connor spoke with Program Manager at NASA Tournament Lab and the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation Steve Rader. Steve leads NASA's efforts to leverage crowd-based platforms for open innovation and open talent to bring value to NASA's programs and innovation efforts around the U.S. Government. Steve discusses his fascinating career at Nasa, how open innovation is transforming the organisation and where he sees the future of labour heading in this fascinating conversation. Connect with Connor: with Steve Rader: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Nasa:

We have a special episode this week. Connor sat down with the team from Re-source, an open talent consulting business, about their recent merger with Open Assembly. Barry Matthews will become CEO of Open Assembly in the new set-up, while John Winsor will become chairman. Bryn Barlow will take charge of the consulting business, while Eleanor Matthews will head up the subscription side of OA. Connect with Connor: with Barry: with Bryn: with Eleanor: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Open Assembly:

This week's episode of The Open Talent Report has Connor chatting with CEO of Shoshin Works, Dyan Finkhousen, about the current labour landscape, the importance of the open talent revolution and what the future holds for freelancing and contract work in enterprises. Dyan has a wealth of experience open innovation having worked with General Electric, Open Assembly, Upwork, Guide and Spacely. Connect with Connor: with Dyan: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Shoshin Works:

We are excited to present this week's episode of the open talent report, where a true industry legend joins Connor Heaney. If you are in the staffing sector, there is no doubt that you will know this weeks guest, Doug Leeby, CEO of Beeline. Connor sat down with Doug to talk about his views of the extended workforce and where the industry is headed. They dive deep into direct sourcing and discuss its role in the talent sourcing ecosystem for businesses.Connect with Connor: with Doug: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Beeline:

In a first for The Open Talent Report podcast, we had two guests from Vicoland, Hans Ulbrich & Nicholas Weib speaking with Connor Heaney. In the episode, Connor, Hans and Nicholas take a look at Vicoland, the challenges of worker misclassification and how freelancing and open talent is shaping the future of work. Connect with Connor: with Hans: with Niklas: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Vicoland:

On this episode of the Open Talent Report, host Connor sat down with CEO and co-founder of Shortlist, Joey Frasier. Connor and Joey chat about Shortlist, the current labour landscape, remote working and what the future of work and the staffing industry may look like. Joey also spoke about the rebranding of Shortlist and what the future holds. Connect with Connor: with Joey: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Shortlist: https://www.shortlist.coYou can find the business Joey Mentioned in his technology recommendation here:

On today's podcast, Connor sat down with Saleem Kajeh, founder and COO of workforce technology company WorkLlama. Connor and Saleem take a deep dive into the technology driving today's staffing industry, including the continued adoption of direct sourcing and blockchain. Connect with Connor: with Saleem: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit WorkLlama: https://www.workllama.comYou can find the book Saleem mentioned here:

On this week's podcast, we have Founder at LavaSourceHR, Mark Brooks-Lewis. Lavasource is a global Talent Marketplace, dedicated to the world of HR. A single platform connecting customers from any location, with people who work in or support the HR / People function.On the pod, Connor and Mark chat about Lavasource as well as Mark's views on the current and future landscape of the talent sector. Connect with Connor: with Mark: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Lavasource:

On this episode of the open talent report, Connor Heaney is joined by founder and CEO of Candidately, Jan Jedlinski. Jan talks about the challenges in the current talent landscape and what can be done to solve the labour market paradox. Connect with Connor: with Jan: Visit CXC:

This weeks guest is David Swanz, Global Talent Transformation Executive at IBM. David takes us through his career leading to his current role at IBM. David talks about the challenges in the current talent landscape and what can be done to solve talent scarcity. Connect with Connor: with David: CXC:

This weeks guest is the one and only Matt Wagner, SVP and General Manager - EMEA at SimplifyVMS. Matthew takes us through his career, his current role at SimplifyVMS. Matt talks about the role of a VMS in the staffing industry and how it can help a business streamline its talent solutions.Connect with Connor: with Matthew: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit SimplifyVMS:

This weeks guest is the one and only John Healy, Vice President at the World Employment Confederation and is the chair of their blockchain task force. Connor and John chat about how blockchain can revolutionise contingent and open talent management through improved compliance and transparency. They also chat about the labour market paradox and what can be done to solve it. Connect with Connor: with John: CXC: Visit World Employment Confederation:

This weeks guest is Erika Novak, head of client services at Utmost. Connor and Erika have a lively discussion about Utmost and its place in the contingent workforce marketplace. They also chat about the labour market paradox and what can be done to solve it. Connect with Connor: with Erika Novak: CXC: Visit Utmost:

This weeks guest is an entrepreneur, freelancer, author and Forbes contributor. Matthew Mattola from Venture L discusses all things open talent with Connor. They talk about the landscape of the gig economy and how the human cloud can be used to solve the current labour paradox. Connect with Connor: with Matthew Matola: https://matthewrmottola.comVisit CXC: Buy Matthew's book the Human Cloud:

This week's guest is President of IMS Oneworld, Katie Bussey. Katie takes us into the world of Direct Sourcing, its benefits and how companies can get the most from it. IMS Oneworld provides futuristic, connected, and digital communities of people that improve an organization’s competitive advantage, brand recognition, candidate experience and overall hiring process. Connect with Connor: with Katie Bussey: CXC: Visit IMS Oneworld:

This week's guest is Jan-Willem Weijers, Global Contractor Workforce Program Manager at Adevinta. This week's topic of discussion is direct sourcing in the rapidly changing labour market. Connor and Jan-Willem also chat about the labour paradox and what can be done to solve it. Connect with Connor: with Jan-Willem: CXC: Visit Adevinta: 

Episode 10 is here. This week's guest is James Simmons, global head of sales at Yoh a Day & Zimmerman company. As an expert in direct sourcing James discusses its benefits and how companies can get the most from their direct sourcing programmes. He also gives his view on the future of work and what he expects it to look like.Connect with Connor: with James: CXC: Visit Yoh: