Your Creative Start
Jaharn Giles
A podcast helping creatives get started and become known for their something.Join host Jaharn Quinn as she chats with other creatives and tackles the topics you want to hear about the most, including why individuality is your best asset, the pressure to be a girl boss, building a community for your business, creating content that sells your brand, creating an influential online presence, marketing your business, building business resilience, the power of community, and lots more. Jaharn also asks her guests to give behind-the-scenes access, including how they really got started, the lessons they’ve learned along the way, as well as wisdom bombs, actionable advice and practical tips to help you in your own business and life.
This week Jasmine Dowling and I discuss and debate the pressures to be a girl boss.

This week I chat with Claire Deane from Deane & Co about how you can take your eCommerce from start-up to success.

This week I chat with the formidable Pru Chapman from The Owners Collective about surrounding yourself with the right people for your business to grow and succeed.

In this week's episode I chat with Stevie Dillon from Stevie Says Social about how exactly businesses should launch on social media, particularly Instagram. Enjoy!

This week I speak with Anita Siek from Wordfetti about the phycology of writing, how it shapes our behaviours, and how copywriting can make, or break, your business.

In this week's episode I speak with Chelsea Bennie from Hello Trader about realising your vision and turning it into a successful business.

This is Part Two of my conversation with Fabienne Costa from YCL Jewels about the truths of running your own business, changing the language we use and building resilience.

This week I have an honest, raw and revealing conversation with Fabienne Costa from YCL Jewels about the truths of running your own business and building resilience.

This week I chat with Bec Miller from Health With Bec about energy, optimising creative thinking, the mental load, exercise, habits and routines, and lots lots more.

This week I chat to Mel Carrero, the PR and Marketing Manager at Spell & The Gypsy Collective about creating content that sells a brand, including influencers, sustainability, the closed fashion loop, the Byron Bay culture, and lots more.

This week I chat to Mel Carrero, the PR and Marketing Manager at Spell & The Gypsy Collective about creating content that sells a brand, and lots lots more.

On today’s episode, we chat about how social media can grow your business, strategies to grow your community on Instagram, best times to post, advertising on social media, how to manage the juggle, being a new working mum, marketing systems and processes, mapping out a marketing plan, how to use marketing to launch a business, managing the money, mentors, knowing what to charge, and lots more.

On today episode, Marketing Your Business Part One with Tess Robinson from Smack Bang Designs, we talk about growing your team, creating a great culture for your team, mistake management, setting time aside for marketing, word of mouth is king, reputation and relationships, investing in branding, providing value through copywriting, blogging for your business, creating in batches, seo for blogging, newsletters and eBooks.

This week's episode is about collaboration over competition as well as ways in which creatives can work together and support each other, the pressures of being a girl boss, the pay disparity between women and men, money and how to get comfortable talking about it, negotiation tips, payment terms and quoting.

This is the episode where I answer your burning business questions, including keeping a positive business mindset, marketing tools to help attract sales and new clients, faking it till you make it, knowing what pricing strategy to use and what to charge, the comparison trap, how to build your tribe instead of finding a mentor, photography, blogs, newsletters and social media, how to get your first client, mentoring yourself and lots, lots more.

Today on the episode, we chat about true self, how luck has nothing to do with hard work, how to respond to people when they say you’re lucky, tips for actually doing the work, decision making with intention, the comparison trap, what life is really like behind social media, passion over potential, how to attract new clients and customers, and ways in which you can create your own luck in business – big hint…lots of hard work.

On today episode, we talk about blogging and how to stand out from the crowd, how to use social media to grow you blog and business, what it’s really like juggling two businesses, growing an online business and the marketing strategies she uses including SEO, the rise of AfterPay, packaging, postage and photography, and lots, lots more.

Today on the podcast we talk about what you should be looking out for to help you find your passion and purpose, if we are destined to do one thing or many things in life and business, tips for helping you find your passion and purpose, hobbies vs. side hustles, starting slow, how to maintain doing what you love, motivation and upskilling, brand values, routines and boundaries, resetting and cleansing mantras, connecting with other likeminded people, business tools, and lots, lots more.

Today on the Your Creative Start Podcast I have the pleasure of speaking to Carly about recognising the signs of needing to live with less, simple tools, tips and tricks that you can put into action today to help you live with less, what you can do in your business to get more done in less time, the minimalist mindset, decluttering tips and not just decluttering the material items in your life and business, dealing with self-doubt and the comparison trap associated with social media, and ways you can be a minimalist without spending money.

So today on the show we get stuck into the nitty gritty details of money and talk about factors that contribute to a good (and bad) money mindset, the stigma surrounding talking about how much we earn and spend, tips for shifting towards a positive money mindset, surrounding yourself with a great financial team, tips for transitioning a side hustle into a full-time gig, sustaining and growing your earnings, productivity, and we chat about the time spent on things that directly make money, and the things that don’t.

On today’s episode we talk about juggling a day job and a side hustle, taking things you’ve learned in your day job and applying them in your own business, identifying when you’re ready to make the transition, choosing whether to have a plan in place or diving straight into the transition, the process of transitioning including the money side of things and accounting, learning from mistakes, how social media can build a brand from day one, influencer strategies, Instagram advertising and if you can’t afford it what you should be focusing on to build your brand, as well as all the crazy highs and lows that come par for the course with transitioning a side hustle into your main gig.

Today on the podcast, Bec and I talk all about stress, we also talk about how it affects your creativity, how to manage stress and what small changes you can make this week to see big results.

Today I am excited to speak to the girls about creating something when you can find it yourself, managing the early days of a creative business, recognising the need to dream bigger, pushing yourself to grow your business, making decisions, trusting your gut in business, working with family, blending mum life and work life, and product growth.

Today we talk about self-motivation, quitting your job to pursue your passion, having a plan in place, growing a business online, growth strategies for online businesses, managing financial risks, upfront costs and investing in the business, taking creative risks, putting your designs out into the world and that vulnerability feeling that comes with working for yourself.

On today's episode expect stacks of tips, advice and wisdom bombs that you can put into action right away, so I am excited to share five quick ways you can grow your own revenue streams.

Today on the podcast Bec and I talk about nutrition and how it affects your creativity, how to manage stress, what small changes you can make today to see big results, strategies for being conscience about our food choices, meal plans and how they help you become more successful, healthy habits and sleeping habits, as well as exercise to fuel your creativity.

On this week's episode Kelly and I talk about fitting your career around your lifestyle, how you can move towards a lifestyle based career, working for yourself, saying no, blending mum life and work life, leaving space for opportunities, like attracting like, scaling your business, making money, and lots more.

For this weeks episode we talk about identifying when you need to build your team, dealing with the guilt, building your team on a budget, the realities, dynamics and challenges of managing a team, what to ask and look for , micro-managing, tips for training new staff and culture vs. fit.

For Part 2 of this Money Management series, we talk about managing cash flow, credit cards and debt reduction, banking and superannuation, using the right tools for time management, invoicing, budgeting, spending, and forecasting, revenue versus profit and options for investing.

For Part 2 of this Money Management series, Chelsea and I talk about money mindset, changing your money language, manifesting positive money management, eliminating stress and angst when thinking about 'the numbers', surrounding yourself with a great financial team (even on a budget) and creating financial space.

In Part Two of this series, Eleanor shares her tips to help you grow your business on social media, evolve your business, and connect with your audience. We also talk about running a small business, product development, revenue streams, knowing when and what to charge for your services and access to your communities, and knowing when to say no.

On this weeks episode, Part One, Eleanor and I talk about doing what you love, strategising your passion, creating something when you can't find it yourself, how to get people to come back to your website and blog, using social media as a communication tool to connect with your audience, luck in business and what it really means, women supporting women, making your online presence stand out from the crowd, what makes influencers influential and instagram strategies.

For todays episode I talk about managing your inbox, desktop folder systems, functional diaries and notebooks, using stationary as a part of your organisation toolkit, indoor plants, how to plan, create and share your social media content better, setting goals and meal prep.

In this episode I talk about routines and sleep, creating good email habits, scheduling your time, single tasking, asking for help, increasing your prices and time management.

For todays episode, we talk about the importance of investing in yourself as a creative, as well as how to set goals successfully, launching on a little bit of money, manifesting goals, self confidence, technology vs. stationary and getting started.

We chat about turning a hobby into a business, being a successful creative and a single mum, knowing what to charge for your products and services, being in a vulnerable state, using the comparison trap as a self-motivator and tools to combat the comparison trap.

This week I chat to Christina and Jessica from We Are Triibe about becoming business partners, setting up the business and managing finances, strategies for launching a creative business, elevating products and services, making the most of your creative space, hiring staff as well as meditating, goal setting and manifesting.

I’ve come to realise that self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. And if I keep persevering and do the work because I love what I do, self-doubt won't derail me from what I want to achieve. So on todays episode, I share my struggles, thoughts, and tips for dealing with self-doubt.

This week I chat to Bec Wadworth from An Organised Life about launching on a budget, growing your business, juggling part time work and a side hustle, making mistakes and tools to overcome them, the process of creating stationary, collaborating with brands, using Instagram strategically and working from home.

We also chat about conscious consumerism, minimalism, educating perfect customers, building social media anticipation, blending mum life and creative life, brand avatars and keeping things simple.

In this weeks episode I talk about manifesting success and how we have the ability to convert the energy of our thoughts into reality. I also share how you can manifest successfully in your own creative business and life, what you need to do to combat self-doubt and limiting beliefs, share my tips for manifesting successfully over seven easy steps, and share my Manifesting Workbook which you can download and print for FREE!

For today’s episode with Sarah, we talk about getting started as a chef, creativity in the kitchen, the outdoors influencing her cooking style, starting small and thinking big, finding the magic, traditional publishing versus self-publishing, how to create a successful Kickstarter campaign and choosing the right team.

For this weeks episode I talk about creativity, why we are all creative, how to get out of a creative rut and the tools you need in your creativity arsenal to combat a creative rut.

Julia and I talk about changing careers, mentors and managers, getting money ready, putting yourself into your brand, travelling with kids and lots, lots more.

We talk about moving from Australia to the US, how to make it in New York as a freelance writer, setting up a beauty brand, how to choose and source packaging, social media strategies, partnering with creatives, investing in your business and more.

In today's episode I talk about something I used to be really rubbish at - setting goals. Since becoming my own boss I’ve come to realise that setting goals is essential in becoming known for my something. And the same should apply to you.

On today's episode I talk to graphic artist Cass Deller about why you don't need to live in a city to be successful, how to blend being a mum and a working creative, layering your offering with products and services, and why introverts and extroverts should do workshops.

In this weeks episode I talk about single tasking, the ability to do one thing at a time and how you can master single tasking in six simple steps.

This week I chat to Jasmine Dowling about how creatives can find and showcase their individuality, dealing with the comparison trap, using Instagram Stories to show who you are and what you do, how to handle nasty comments online, and how to better collaborate with brands who might not totally understand you as a creative or your audience.

Have you been mulling over an idea for weeks or months, possibly years? Regardless if you're ready and financially prepared, there never is an ideal time to start. The secret to getting ahead is getting started and in this episode I challenge you to get started in 6 easy steps.

In this very first episode of the Your Creative Start Podcast, I share a little bit about myself and what you can expect to hear every week, including lots of wisdom bombs, actionable advice and practical tips from my own personal experiences, as well as the creatives I interview.