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David versus the Goliath of government overreach.

Supporting the businesses on Mayor Turner’s ‘wall of shame’; the amount of murders in Houston committed by criminals who were on no or low PR bond; more than 200 HPD officers under quarantine as the union says many believe they were exposed having to work at George Floyd protestsRethinking the whole theory about the customer ‘always being right’; Rand Paul takes on Fauci on why school should restart; Portland mayor gives all city employees leave for BlackLiveMatter; Seattle mayor clears out the “autonomous zone” Trucker calls into to say he notices a lot of places saying they have a shortage of coins as Michael grills him on the trucker industry and on monetary policy

Oh Corona Virus! How we missed you! Welcome back!

Just wait until it's at YOUR front door!

A traitor on the Supreme Court

Lina Hidalgo sends out ridiculous ‘sky is falling’ alert about her ‘red alert’ on the coronavirus to peoples phones; three kids murdered in Chicago over the weekend in separate incidents as Michael points out why the media doesn’t care about these murders; CDC says 10 times more people have had coronavirus than official numbers due to an antibody studyGov. Abbott’s overreaction as he shuts down the bar; to go alcohol may become permanent in Texas as Michael ask what took so long; plus, why public health experts should not craft public policyCouple in St. Louis defends their home from protesters as the video goes viral; why antifa has proven that they are dangerous; John Roberts latest disappointing decision

But it's gotta be said.

Those who cannot build, destroy.

Edward Stringham is the President at the American Institute for Economic Research. We discuss lock-downs and their efficacy.

With the rain pouring in Houston, the czar reminisces about the old time radio calls about people giving reports about the rain; lighting round: if you could put up a statute of anyone, who would it be & where? Lighting round: if you could put up a statute of anyone, who would it be & where?; Assistant DA under Kim Ogg resigns over Ogg’s actions threatening employees not wanting to “volunteer” at campaign event; A discussions about tattoos as Michael has callers talk about their tattoos and why they got it; Mayor Turner threatens businesses that don’t follow COVID-19 rules with “Wall of Shame”

Turns out the noose at NASCAR wasn't real.

Karol Markowicz of the New York Post calls the show today to discuss all things New York politics. Lots going on here lately and she brings a conservative view to things that our audience can appreciate.

Businesses particularly restaurants struggling with mask orderGuest: Matt Brice – owner of Federal Grill on why he’s closingGuest: Mark Henry, judge of Galveston County on why he’s refused to issue face mask orderGuest: Mark Keough, judge of Montgomery CountyGuest: Murray Newman, defense attorney on how Kim Ogg is forcing assistant Das to campaign on her behalfMichael speaks to a hairdresser about her troubles in the COVID-19 eraNASCAR mess as Bubba Wallace

We talked to Judge Keough about why he has not ordered Montgomery County to wear face masks. Spoiler: Freedom.

Galveston ​County Judge Mark Henry joins us to talk about why he has NOT ordered a face mask policy for Galveston County. Spoiler: Freedom.

Matt Brice, owner of Federal Grill joins Michael to discuss why he has decided to close down his dine in portion of this restaurant.

Our Guest is Dr. David Samadi formerly of the Fox News. He is a Newsmax contributor as well.He posted a tweet that caught Michael's attention. He wrote: "If we want a true analysis on the effect of Covid-19 we need to accurately count people who died from Covid not simply people who died with Covid."

That he who smelt it, dealt it.

Notice how the left never qualifies their sweeping generalizations; What makes America so great; how US gives more to charity than any other country; “I Truly Believe” what makes America so greatMore “I Truly Believe” what makes America so great; Michael speaks to a man who spent years in the slammer for a hit & run and burglary who has since turned his life around; Why controversial Dallas County Comissioner John Wiley Price is right about masks; the concept of freedom; Michael asks callers ‘masks or no masks’

YOU there! You've built this business for 30 years...shut it down. YOU! You're a big box can stay.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s face mask order 2.0 takes effect today; why many in positions of power want a 2nd lockdown; Chicago shootings as the mayor gets tougher on businesses than criminals; TABC doing undercover operations to bust bar & nighclubs not adhering to Gov. Abbott’s orders; Amy Klobuchar comes out to say she doesn’t want to be VP; more statues coming down including Teddy Roosevelt just as Michael predicted when the confederate statues first started coming down; How Texas A&M has caved to the left; Amazon & other companies pandering to BlackLivesMatte Why they’ll be vaccine & how herd immunity is the way to go; Cancel cultures comes for everything now

Who better to pop a top to this weekend?

Michael and professor Josh Blackman put on some gloves to make sense of the DACA mess.

Michael breaks down the Rayshard Brooks case and how the police officers are being sacrificed for the DA’s reelection; how we’ll have a referendum on cops; Mayor in Olympia supported blacklivesmatter protestors until her home was vandalized; certainly appears that Mayor Turner wants another lock downRelatively light COVID-19 death toll in Houston vs media coverage; the lock term damage we’ve seen from the lock down; the problems the police face in the inner city particularly with some of the ridiculous laws pushed by the left; The Supreme Court ruling on DACA and how John Roberts has been a huge disappointment; why conservatives don’t win with their Supreme Court nominees; how a group using BlackLivesMatter were able to scam companies out of millions

S'more fixins are also acceptable.

Michael talks about going for a walk and having to deal with bicyclists; imagine how much better our lives would be if we were glued to social media and the news; group beats man outside of store in the Klein area; calls with 75-year-old plus listenersAunt Jemima is cancelled as Michael explains why we can’t simply eliminate history; Seattle city leaders continue to cave in the autonomous zone; Berkley schools changing their names because it’s named after Washington & JeffersonMichael discusses Dave Chappelle’s latest special and why it’s more of social commentary while being light on the humor; Why Jackie Robinson is a hero & icon why Kaepernick is not; L.A. Times Executive Editor says ‘rioting’ & ‘looting’ are racist terms; The democrat nominee is the senate race in Nebraska is being urged to step down after group texts about sex with a female staffer; How Michael discussed tattoos with his son

Finally, a version of this song most of us can all get behind.

Giving new meaning to do-nothing-Democrats.

Group think mentality on masks & covid-19 is reminiscent of St. Patty’s Day; City of Houston won’t hold in person 4th of July celebration despite hosting a rally in Downtown Houston with more than 60,000 people; Why there will be no shut down of the economy if there is a 2nd wave; Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy attacked for wearing a t-shirt Seattle’s autonomous zone; BLM activist is murdered in Florida as Michael outlines the disingenuous news coverage about the murder; LAPD officers are told by the city that they won’t receive overtime pay for all the hours they worked during the riots; Orthodox Jews in New York fights back against mayor de Blasio shutting down the playgrounds; How corporations have no backbone now & will simply follow public opinion to virtue signal; how to handle uncomfortable situations & how Michael has seen successful people do it; Seattle outlaws police use of tear gas choke holds &

Those who have it all handing down life lessons to those who will have to work for a living.

People wanting credit for liking a band before they hit it big; reflecting on the Trump impeachment earlier this year; Drew Brees and JJ Watt and kneeling before the national anthem; cancel culture, why the left wants to erase things they disagee withCall on JJ Watt saying he would kneel during the national anthem; we play “I Truly Believe”’; Family in Maryland says school sent police to their home after a teacher saw BB guns in boy’s room during virtual class; Supreme Court rules that gay workers cannot be fired for being gay; Michael takes calls from people who say they were discriminated against and fired

You have the right to pop a top, anything you do after popping a few tops may be used against you on Instagram.


Media suddenly rediscovering covid-19 after ignoring it for two weeks during the riots, looting and protests; day in history; who is behind the media’s agenda settingRemember when Walmart was going to take over the world, now it’s Amazon; the great work of Camp Hope & PTSD Foundation; TX Democrat candidate defends looting & rioting saying burn it downHow the George Floyd funeral was more of a political rally; caller challenges Michael’s views on race; why media is pushing the 2nd COVID-19 wave

Yup, you're getting fired because your boss is racist, not because you suck at your job.

Radical groups take over the streets in Seattle and occupy city hall; Michael makes the point that George Floyd’s life is the most celebrated life of the last two decades and asks why; Mayor Turner claims at the funeral that he’s banning choke holds by HPD despite the fact that it’s been banned for 40 years; JK Rowlings attacked for the left for her comments about gender roles; Michael debuts the “I Truly Believe” game; Looking back on a closer friend of the czar who passed away five years ago, plus how he remembered him; looking back on raising money for St Jude; Why was Al Sharpton speaking politics at the funeral for George Floyd; how the media tries to shape opinion

It's my doggone RIGHT to steal!

The revolutionary discovery of oil in Corsicana more than 100-years ago; Minneapolis man arrested for setting fire to police precinct was wearing the stole gear when arrested; the riots in Minneapolis resulted in more than $500 million in damages; looking back when Obama called rioters ‘thugs’; lazy people not wanting to return to because they are lazy as the pandemic has shownChicago woman is angry with shop owners for wanting to protect their store during the riot as Michael breaks down the woman’s rant; Jackie Wilson’s great voice & songs; Background on the show ‘Chico & The Man’; Today’s McCarthyism with groups like Media Matters labeling everyone racist and how the term is too easily thrown around; The best monster ballads

Be careful which horses you bet on...

Colin Powell endorses another Democrat and the wans us to believe that this is some big deal; According to Democrats, shuts downs are good but the protests are allowed. Mitt Romney marches with BlackLivesMatter; George W. Bush supposedly not going to vote for Trump; Media Matter attempted hit on the czar as Fox 26 Houston tries to make a story out of it; Minneaspolis mayor shouted down and chase out of march because he doesn’t want to defund police; The food desert problem in Chicago’s south side grows thanks to rioting and looting destroying more grocery stores; the murders in Chicago continues despite the protests; more than 1,000 public health ‘experts’ sign on to letter supporting nationwide BLM protests while also saying they want the shutdowns to continue2 Live Crew on this day in history a record store owner is arrested for carrying the album; The Larry Lauzard show as Michael turns caller into show host, allowing him to take over the show

Family members look to each other for the most meaningful and impactful guidance.

Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers Union, discusses police recruitment, training, policies, and calls for reform. He addresses how complaints against officers in Houston are made, and what the process is to resolve them.

It makes no sense to some folks that have risked everything to get here.

Cancel culture now comes for Drew Brees for his comments on the national anthem protests; Corporations now announcing to everyone that they are all about blacklivesmatter; Iconic Texas brand Luby’s to be sold; Michael asks the specific policy that would make the protesters happy; Former Saints Receiver Joe Horn blast Lebron James for attacking Drew Brees; With the public health experts saying it’s okay now to protest, why the lockdown was a total farce; The Hydroxychloroquine study touted by the media because it gave them an opportunity to attack Trump has a lot problems says a number of scientists

We need to continue listening.

Why it will take decades to rebuild Minneapolis; the long-term economic costs of the riots on cities particular property values for homeowners; Michael discusses HPD Chief Art Acevedo’s comments on the protests and TrumpHow long will Americans allow these riots and lootings to occur; caller talks about her daughter’s high school graduation during the pandemic; about the “I’ll take you there” songThe so-called health experts say large gatherings are okay for blacklivesmatter protests; how music takes you to a special memorable place; long term economic cost of rioting/looting

We had a caller by the name of A.T. call into the show. A lot of you responded to what he had to say so we thought we'd pull that interview and post so if you missed it, you can hear it now.

Close your mouth and open your ears.

Ridiculousness of people saying white people can’t comment because of “white privilege”; Rush appears on the Breakfast Club; the long term effects of the riotingmore on the notion of “white privilege”; caller Holly discusses her experiences teaching in the inner city; judge rules that Carolyn Baskin now owns Tiger Joe’s zooOfficers across the country shot; B.E.T. founder wants reparations for blacks; what Biden is saying now vs. his past actions including pushing to pass the crime bill in the 90s

Callers weigh in. Some better than others....

Michael discussing the rioting & looting seen across the country over the weekend; How CNN celebrated the riots until it showed up literally at their door; the difficult predicament cops are now in; How celebrities are footing the bill for rioters; Sheila Jackson-Lee’s supporter for rioters vs. how Barbara Jordan would have handled them; calls on the riots/lootingHow the riots/looting has killed the push for gun control; how the rioting has also killed all lockdown orders; two kids are shot in SE Houston, where are the activists and marches against this; NBA player JR Smith beats the ass of rioter who busts his truck window

We're all in this together folks. Be safe and love each other.

Our interview with Barry Childers, on his closing of Barry’s Pizza, which he owned for 37 years but had to close due to the lockdown.

Must last more than 1 second. 2:1 at 2 seconds, 10,000:1 at 3. Put a penny on 4 seconds and buy out Bezos.Side bet: How many times would Micheal's head spin Looney Tunes style on his shoulders?

By law, we are required to have high brow, highly informative conversations on the show. This is where Professor Blackmon comes in. We talk all things courts. Texas and Supreme.

Congressman Chip Roy calls in to discuss PPP, getting America back to work and being the youngest bald congressman.

Congressman Crenshaw calls in to talk Corona, PPP, and fighting Mike Tyson.

We talk to Peter Suderman from about his article: The Pandemic Is a Reminder That Many Regulations Are Both Costly and Unnecessary

Michael verbally draws the picture of what he sees in the morning when there is an accident; story behind the eye of the Tiger songGuest: Josh Blackman, law professor & Supreme Court intellectual on the going ons with the courts along with a number of legal issues in the newsKenny Allen song; businesses shutting down because of COVID-19Texas Republican Rep. Sam Johnson passes away at the age of 89, he’s incredible story; Guest: Barry Childers, owner of Barry’s Pizza that has announced they are closing because of the coronavirus shut down order

Warning: PG-13.

Talk to your kids about tough issues.

The Amy Cooper case out of central park as it was a case of two “Karens”; Michael also discusses the death of Greg Floyd in Minnesota and the disturbing video; the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch Biden attacks Charmaglane Tha God blaming him for this “you ain’t black’ comments; more discussion of the Greg Floyd case & the Amy Cooper caseThe discussion continues on the Greg Floyd case out of Minnesota and the Amy Cooper case out of NYC

Best wishes to SpaceX's Demo-2 mission, particularly Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, on the big launch today.This launch may not be getting the attention of some past missions. Which is reminiscent of Apollo 13. I hope this mission is safe and successful for all involved.Here is our interview with Captain Jim Lovell recently on the 50th anniversary of that historic mission: Apollo 13.

Didn't know a human being needed permission to be black.

Michael talks about how old he’s getting in that he goes on daily walks now with his wife; Allen West injured in motorcycle accident outside of Waco; Elderly barber in Michigan continues to defy the state orders and operate; Michael breaks down the CDC numbers on COVID-19 death rate; the mask wearing culture; Activist make the outlandish claim that HPD is targeting blacks and HispanicsMore companies announce bankruptcies including Hertz; the cost of the shut down on the economy; woman auctioneer phones in and the czar is fascinated; Biden says blacks aren’t truly ‘black’ if they don’t support him and Michael discusses the comment and arrogance of Biden in making those comments;

Today is Memorial Day, be sure to think of and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect America and it's freedoms.

Don't become a statistic!

Thank you for giving all

HPD chopper pilot Chase Cormier wants to recognize HFD and the his fellow first responders who helped rescue him; Lina Hidalgo wants to continue with the shut-down order despite what the governor is doing; the pandemic is like Christmas for the totalitariansGuest: Peter Van Hauer, CEO of Vital Connect on their Covid-19 treatmentThe story behind Prince’s first top 10 song; background on the “Karens”; Why the Czar can’t stand David Bowe’s ‘Let’s Dance’Tribute to firefighters; roll call for fallen officers

The left has absolutely zero shame whatsoever.

MB wants to find 100 jobs for people; Guest: Mattress Mac talks about the job fair at Gallery Furniture today where he hopes to hire at least 50 peopleEmployer calls in to discuss they job openings they haveHawaiian music legend Willie K gone at 59; more calls from employers on the openings they have; The music of Joe CockerKenny & Ziggy and other great jewish delicatessens; Houston icons like Marvin Zigler & Mattress Mack; more employers call in to share their job openingsGuest: Kenny Allen calls in to talk about jobs hiring but instead Michael has him singer a few songs

The czar talks to Mattress Mack about him looking to hire 50-plus people at a job fair at Gallery Furniture today.

What is the criteria for what businesses are allowed to open?

Gov Abbott announces phase 2 of reopening; why the mask rules are one big gimmick; Michael delves into the long wrap sheet of the man who murdered an 80-year-old woman during an attempted car jacking in SW Houston; Kim Ogg coddling criminalsCaller Fat Brian makes some outlandish claims about the czar Michael Berry; how tribalism shapes views; Dusty Hill’s birthday; Pelosi calls Trump morbidly obese; Michael also discusses the music of the Bellamy BrothersTilman Fertitta raises issues with Trump about his company not being able to get a PPP loan; when will people realize the sheer number of businesses that have closed; Listen live to President Trump’s press conference with farmers

Yet they tried to lock up a woman for opening her own business to feed her and her employees' own kids. Liberal policies go against their own best interests.

Michael tells the story of trying to use a gas station bathroom in Galveston with drug addicting using it before him; The Breakfast Club movie; Man stabs to death 80-year-old woman in sw Houston at HPD chief Art Acevedo blasts judges, magistrates and the DA’s office for letting dangerous criminals on the street; New Tesla factory coming to Austin? Michael tells the story of meeting Art Howe; the media pushing misleading stories about COVID-19 in Texas; Golden Nugget in Lake Charles reopens; Gyms in Texas reopening; Michael Jordan’s flu game; Colorado man released early over COVID-19 concerns is arrested for murderMan who stabbed to death 80-year-old woman in SW Houston was arrested 67 times and was free on two PR bonds; advices for business owners on knowing your revenues vs. costs; advices for business reopening

There is still plenty to be thankful for!

Greta Thunberg's legitimate disabilities don't mean anything to the left, it just makes her more of a puppet for them to prop up for their personal gain.

Biden’s involvement in the unmasking of Michael Flynn; Michael remembers calling shotgun; #Obamagate spying on Flynn & Trump campaign; brief discussion on the Chevy VegaThe revolving door of the Harris County judicial system thanks to actvist judges & DA Kim Ogg; how much of the science and models were wrong on COVID-19; How you need to pick the right people to be around; Shout out to sponsors; Skip Hartley of Thunderbolt calls in to discuss the Chevy Vega; The best songs by the Steve Miller Band

The subject of who should or shouldn't vote is murky at best...

Bee Gee documentary & the back story behind the group; plus, Michael recaps his strange trip to Best Buy; Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther to host rally for the two young women in Laredo who were arrested in an undercover sting for conducting beauty services; the story behind Mykawa streetRecapping the special elections last night & how Republicans were able to flip a seat in California; The Sukiyaki song, the first number one song by a Japanese artist in the US; Michael takes calls from old people who when they hear “Sukiyaki” are taken to a special placeMore calls from old people; why can’t Pasadena name a street after Mickey Gilley; the story behind other Houston street names

Are we not adults who can't take care of our damn selves?

Why mask use will fall as the summer months come; poll shows large number of Americans not willing to reopen the economy until we get a vaccine; the story behind the Cheers theme song; Bar Owners head to Austin today to demand the ability to reopen, they say they may be forced to close permanently soon; Harris County Election clerk steps down; Florida fugitive arrested after living his life under an assumed identify of a famous musician Michael previews his upcoming interview with SC Gwynne and the books he did on the Civil War; How Joe Rogan’s podcast has become basically a media empire solely behind one man; All the allegations leveled against Biden & the pictures & video of him being creepy around women & girls; revisiting Biden’s corn pop story; Ohio health officials reveal that antibody in some patients show that the disease was in the state in January; an older woman who was a phone operator calls in and Michael is fascinated

Would you be OK with other men disrespecting your own female family?

The Czar openly ponders why the left & the media wants to continue with the shut down despite the curve flattening; Michael asks business owners to discuss their mask policy and how they’ve handled it allGuest: David Givans, owner of Island Tanz calls in to discuss how his business was shut down Harris County inspectors & how he had to navigate a maze of regulations in order to reopen Shirley Q Liquor stuff; the czar discusses music including classic rock, the Animals, & Madness’s Our House; Plus the latest episode of the Jordan documentary series “The Last Dance”; time to return to sports

I guess it depends on how nasty you were (are) though.

Some heroes don't wear a coonskin hat.

The new White House Press secretary tears into press over ridiculous question; Guest: Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General on Dallas salon owner being thrown in jail for reopeningJetBlue CEO pushes for reopening the economy and what questions the public health experts must answer now to reopenGuest: Mike Knox, Houston City Council member & father of fallen HPD officer Jason KnoxLightning round: the greatest cop shows; Michael recaps his visit to Bellville to a factory that makes hog traps; why Indians are successful entrepreneurs

Houston City Councilman Mike Knox joined us to talk, not about politics but about his son, Officer Jason Knox. In a very emotional interview, we discuss Jason and Jason's family, his passions in life and the funny stories of raising Jason to be the man he was.

Attorney General Of Texas, Ken Paxton joins us to talk about Shelly Luther, Obama Care and a lot more.

Has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of empathy for working folks?

Details on the service for fallen HPD officer Jason Knox; some of the companies that got PPP money are hesitate to close; Bog Seger and the song inspired by Cheryl Tiegs; In Hungry, leaders use the pandemic to limit democracy; Dallas salon owner sentenced to 7-days in jail for reopeningGuest: Eric Langan, owner of Club Onyx, the stripper club was closed after reopening, they fought the shut down order & wins fight How this pandemic is slowly pushing us toward authoritarian ruleMore on the salon owner sentenced to jail for reopening; plus, Odessa sheriff has SWAT team shut down bar that had reopened; How NY Gov. Cuomo’s policy of forcing nursing homes to take elderly infected with COVID-19 led to thousands of deaths; debate on wearing a mask

Ignorance is bliss.

We all have asked this question and never thought about the answer. Or maybe we have.

Share the secret if you are an older fellow for not having to get up at 3a to pee; North Texas schools will hold graduation at Texas Motor Speedway; the tattletalers turning in Houston reporting businesses for not following orders; judge rules involuntary catherization on suspected drug users ruled unconstitutional; it’s Cinco De Mayo; the best taco in the Houston areaBest tacos in the Houston area; Wendy’s announces they are seeing a beef shortage; Murderous hornets; How restaurants are struggling to pay workers, particularly waiter staffer who lives off tips; Michael pays homage to secretaries of businesses leaders who back in the day were an integral part of the company; Ramon’s weigh loss; Van Halen’s strongest opening bump song; how the left wants the economy to tank and remain close to improve their chances in November

Bills pile up, lives put on hold, ...the true price of living in fear.

Remembering Tractor May one year later; Fallen officer Jason Knox and officer Chase Cormier who survived the chopper crash; Lina Hidalgo was residents to snitch on businesses not following order; the liberals collectivist mindset to pit residents against each other; The ridiculous justification used to declare a business essential vs. non-essentialHow third party apps like GrubHub fleece the businesses; New Hampshire Democrat rep resigns after vile attack on Tara Reade; Lisa Bloom’s actions in the Tara Reade case; Don Schula passes; salute to Magnolia ISD for pushing to lower property taxes because of the economic shutdownGuest: Cheryl Johnson – Galveston County Tax assessor on protesting your property taxesThe power in advertising as seen in the MyPillowGuy story; the coming reckoning with economy

BUT it's Friday and some of us can go out to east again. Thank God.

It's kinda cute. Wait. Now I feel like I need to man-pensate.

Due to time constraints, we had to cut some portions of our interview with Robbie Roberts. Here is the entire interview. If you don't hear the whole thing now, it's not our fault.

Bombshell new info shows that Michael Flynn was entrapped by the FBI; Michael notices some longtime businesses closing up shop for good during this pandemic; Gov. Abbott’s reopening order is confusing and doesn’t go far enough; Biden has former Senator Chris Dodd leading his VP search as we are reminded of the “waitress sandwich” Why the government should not be treating us as our parents; City officials in Wylie Texas has workers cover the skatepark in dirt; one of the partners of Warehouse 72 calls in to talk about the restaurant business during this pandemic & their plan to reopenMichael debates the government’s role with two women who feel insulted by the stance; how too many people want to destroy freedom in the name of public health

Undersell, over perform...I guess?

Willie Nelson’s birthday; Houston man given low bond after beating up girlfriend is now arrested for murder; the last on the efforts to feed police officers at Gallery Furniture; Hillary endorses BidenA woman discusses he struggles with her homeowners association; Michael discuss the Houston Business Journal article about his close friend, Fred Zedman; what the collectors item you feel you overpaid forThe collectors item you feel you over paid for but are still proud about; Lina Hidalgo’s mask order struck down after just a few hours; West University police arrest car burglars and then the Harris County Sheriff’s office refuses to accept them so they are forced to be released

THEY did and you know who THEY are.

The media not at all interested in the Tara Reade allegations against Biden despite more evidence; Osaka Mayor says during the pandemic, the men should do the shopping because women take too long at the store as Michael asks whether this is true; how colleges create; how colleges creates a class that believes they are above manual labor; Gov. Abbott’s order is a slap at Lina HidalgoWhat makes HEB so attractive for grocery shopping; Guest: Rich Eady, Wild Birds Unlimited Guest: Peter Nelson, owner of Nelson Water Gardens Pentagon releases three previously leaked videos showing UFOs, as Michael asks callers whether they believe in UFOs

Slowly but surely.

Dallas Salon owner defies government orders and opens despite receiving cease & desist order; Guest: Matt Brice, owner of Federal Grill opening his restaurant for sit down service this weekend; lotto ticket surge attributed to stimulus money as Michael asks why is the lotto deemed essential while other businesses are forced to close; CBO forecasts massive deficit and double digit unemployment; Harris County’s facemask policy and how Lina Hidalgo is wrongA ridiculous undercover sting to catch people in Texas giving salon services; how the government is basically criminalizing work now; Michael reviews the Chicago Bulls documentary; How as we get more data, it certainly looks like a lot of the models on the corovonavirus that led to the shutdown were wrong; California doctors says it’s time to end the shelter in place; antibody studies out of NY and Florida show a much lower mortality rate

What would you do if you saw someone throwing trash out of their car?

And God bless em. You can be safe while running a business.

Harris County wastes millions building a pop-up make shift hospital at NRG park that hasn’t been used; Blasting Lina Hidalgo’s face mask edictingLaw enforcement groups & even some Democrats come out against the Harris County judge’s face mask edict; small businesses continued strugglesThe owner of Bagpipes gift shop calls in to discuss her struggles as a small business owner and to get tips from Michael; the push to feed officers in conjunction with locals restaurants and Gallery FurnitureGuest: David Cuevas, Harris County Deputies Organization, like HPOU they say they should not be enforcing Lina Hidalgo’s facemask order

Big Brother is watching you. No literally, your own big brother. And your neighbor. Maybe even your mom.

The new Collectors firearms opens its doors; Academy sports stores look bare after a run on weights, treadmills, guns & ammo; how Mike Tyson looks these days; Mcdonalds feeding first responders; Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo to force all citizens to wear masks in public; The czar laughs at people who drive around wearing a mask; plus, more on Lina Hidalgo’s mandatory mask policy; HPD lunches update and next week’s lunches for all first respondersGuest: Matt Brice with Federal Grill how has he plans to open back up & what he’s been doing to stay in businessThe strange mentality behind the plan to kills businesses in order to save lives

Their hatred for Trump is more important than your well-being.

Guest: John Hoffmeister, former President of Shell, now with Citizens for Affordable Energy Recapping the interview with Astronaut Jim Lovell; the on-gong police officers lunch; what have you watched during the outbreak; Houston has a bunch of grown ass tattle talers as the city has received thousands of complaints about non-essential businesses operating; L.A. antibody study shows a large number of people have had coronavirus without showing symptomsHarris County falling alcohol sales by restaurants & bars; how the falling tax revenue will kill city services; Bloomberg spent more than a billion dollars on his presidential campaign; Boston study: finds a large number of people who have coronavirus antibody without symptoms; why you should consider testosterone therapy

Devil's Advocate, bitter pill, whatever you wanna call it. It's important to here the other side of things from time to time.

For the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 incident, we talk to the Commander of that flight, Jim Lovell.

Discussions about businesses that were fortunate enough to get their PPP checks; Las Vegas mayor is fed up with shut down; Hunters Creek Village police report about a couple being busted for not socially distancing; South Dakota governor Kristi Noem elaborates on why she chose freedom over lockdownIt’s 420; calls from small businesses that got their small business loans, what the process was like, how it will help you and how you were able to do it; the protests around the country show that people are fed upMore calls from small business owners who successfully navigated to get a PPP loan; top middle linebackers ever

Some businesses are closing while others are thriving. How do we deal with it?


How the pandemic has changed the habits of a lot of people; One man release because of Lina Hidalgo’s order is arrested again while another man given low bond because of the pandemic is now wanted for beating ex-girlfriend and her grandma; HPOU warns Lina HidalgoHillary defends the World Health Organization after Trump cuts its funding, Michael details the shady history of the WHO; it’s always fun when Roger calls; Michael comes up with a plan to feed police officers & help out restaurantsMichael’s plan to feed lunch to police officers while helping out small restaurants comes to fruition; how the WHO has routinely wasted money; Michael argues how black pop artists have fallen off in the 90s have instead gone toward rap music

I ain't judgin'. Any grease CEO's wanna sponsor the show?

Michael reviews Hugh Heffner series on Amazon Prime; discussion on real estate prices in the Houston market; City of Houston to hand out grants to artists affected by the pandemicGuest: Meredith McCord, world record setting fisherman & tour guideMan arrested for robbery on Easter Sunday in Montgomery County was released on $100 bond in Harris county; Doctor at Texas City nursing home successfully treats 39 residents with the Coronavirus with hydroxychloroquineWhy Trump was right to cut funding for the WHO; talk about Michael’s hometown of Orange; reading the hilariously written Game Warden notes

Meredith McCord joined us to discuss the potential record bass she caught last week right here in the Houston area. (We are waiting to hear back from the officials to make it offical) She also has 189 other fishing records and tells some fun tales about her fishing life.

I feel like we've done this song and dance before....

It’s the czar’s brides birthday as he pays tribute to her; judge in Williams County (Round Rock , Georgetown area) is busted breaking his own stay at home order when he attends his grandson’s birthday party; South Dakota starts statewide trial for hydroxychloroquineGuest: Richard Evans, Bedrock ComicLoretta Lynn’s birthday; Gov Cuomo’s spat with Trump; the irrationality of the stay-at-home orderThe czar’s questions why some industries are labeled essential, asking does that mean the government is now picking winners and losers; Harris County courts releasing violent and dangerous felons by using the pandemic as their excuse

They intentionally leave facts and data out to emphasize fear.

Why this week will be a turning point on the shutdown orders as the people are tired & annoyed with the economy being shut down; cities & states across the country go after people going to church on Easter Sunday; County Judge Lina Hidalgo say the pandemic is this generation’s Pearl Harbor; How a comic book shop owner is staying openThe czar questions why religious service is considered non-essential while ice cream shops are open; alternatives to shelter in place orders; Fauci vs. Trump drama; AOC angry that the Biden campaign not consulting herRetired firefighter calls in to say that he believes high doses of Vitamin C is a potential treatment for those with the Coronavirus; giving teachers more respect as parents are forced to teach their kids now; how small businesses are trying to ride this pandemic out and why restaurant biz is so brutally difficult to make money


Any of ya'll had some Canes? It's friggin' delicious.

Here is our full interview with Todd Graves of Raising Cane's.

The latest unemployment numbers and how the government is picking which businesses will survive the pandemic via SBA loans; Linda Tripp passes; The greatest Conway Twitty songsHow the pandemic is exposing how big the bureaucracy is in the US; why the latest unemployment numbers don’t tells the full story and it’s only going to get worse; more on Conway Twitty’s best songsMore Conway Twitty; the long term economic effects of this shutdown; A caller who works down in the sewers shares his experiences

You've got $100,000 of student loan debt for a journalism degree and the president's undivided attention during a global crisis, what do you ask?

Remembering one of America’s greatest singer/songwriters John Prine; the questionable ways coronavirus deaths are being counted; Illinois mayor wife’s arrested for violating lockdown order; how getting the economy going again is going to be much harder than we realized; the full moon last nightHow wrong has the modeling on the COVID-19 been, as it’s now been lowered to 60,000 deaths; televangelist Kenneth Copeland blows away the virus; HPD still fighting to stop activist judges from releasing violent criminals; the anxiety & fear among small business ownersGreatest athletes from various high schools in the Houston area; why HBCU marching bands are the best you’ll see; why Michael wants to be friends with Josh Beckett and Roger Clemens

Michael talks with Senator Ted Cruz about football and of course, Texas during Coronavirus.

How people from Detroit & Philly are far too proud about being from their city; Michael talks about gout & how he got it back in the day; Calls on the strange thing you found yourself doing while quarantined that you haven’t done in a long, long timeMichael doesn’t understand why companies won’t tell you who the person is in your office if they come down with the coronavirus; the long term effects of the shutdown coupled with falling gas prices; Guest: Sen. Ted Cruz on USC vs. UT, the questions for China regarding the global outbreak & the long term economics cost Texas faces with falling gas pricesCBS new busted again for BS story; Astros rainbow uniforms, plus memories of the Astrodome

Senator Ted Cruz calls in to talk Corona Virus, Oil Prices and most importantly, the 2006 University of Texas Football program.

Agree or disagree, is the state infringing on religious rights?

Listening to Paul Harvey commentary and his incredible story telling skills; media attacks Trump for pushing hydroxychloroquine as possible treatment for coronavirus even as some doctors say they’ve found success; judge order Lina Hidalgo’s order “null & void” on releasing 1,000 prisoners from the Harris County jailGuest: Michael Fleming, former Harris County attorney on Lina Hidalgo’s Exploring the various coronavirus models; what the weird breakfast items you eat; Guest: Greg Travis, Houston City Councilman, why we should consider reopening the economyFormer Trump economic adviser says we are close to a great depression; why so many people are not prepared with an emergency stash of funds; Jim Demint op-ed on the need to reopen the economy before long term damage

Nothing gives bureaucrat lawmakers a bigger woody than telling you what you can and can't do.

Sometimes you gotta let them crash and burn.

Harris County judges letting violent offenders out on low bond; Someplace in the US are cracking down on freedom while others are lifting red tape on things leading to questions on why those regulations where necessary in the first place; death threats against Dr. FauciAttempted terror attack by train conduction, trying to run into coronavirus hospital ship; New Jersey governor doesn’t want to allow self-service gas; The top 50 games shows, Merv Griffith’s extraordinary success and life; Japan’s Vice PM blast the World Health Organization, saying they should be called the Chinese Health Organization; Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton sounded the warning about the Coronavirus in January and was attacked for doing so

Can't forget about the cartel!

Guest: Joe Gamaldi, HPOU president on Harris County Judge releasing 1,000 criminals from jail; plus, how are officers dealing with the pandemicJimmy Cliff’s ‘Many rivers to cross”; plus, on what people are seeing with regards to the pandemicLina Hidalgo & Mayor Turner are hosting a public event tomorrow at a mural to promote the US Census as Michael question the wisdom holding such an event while telling everyone to stay home; Hunter Biden has another child, reviewing his shady history; why the people must watch “Tiger King”During a police chase, a man jumps off an over-pass as Michael is impressed; caller discusses how we are handling the homeless during this pandemic; HEB runs PSA telling people not to buy too much; former Biden staffer who accuses him of sexual assault speaks out

Settle in folks. We'll be alright. Chin up.

The mood of this pandemic vs. how we dealt with Hurricane Harvey; A possible round 2 of the pandemic in the fall; the left and the NeverTrump crowd attacking the MyPillow guy; Billy Joe Shaver shooting story; Michael expresses his amazement with the business that In ‘N Out is doing during the pandemic Camp Hope update; media pushing Chinese propaganda; students across the country begin distant education likely for the rest of the school year; Is there an egg shortage now as Michael struggles to find someThe magical power firefighters, police & truck driver have with kids; Rachel Maddow eats crow over the hospital ship coming to New York; students across the country begin distant education likely for the rest of the school year, Michael asks for tips about distant education

Gee, what were the Democrats doing to help at the outbreak of Coronavirus? Oh yeah, trying to distract Trump with impeachment.

This is where we are in the Coronoa Virus. Queen is now being parodied.

Michael reviews Netflix’s Tiger King; Gov. Abbott executive order that stop no bond release of ‘violent felons’; Joe Diffie passes; Abbott Laboratories announces new game changing Corona virus test; what’s the household item that when you got, thought it would change your lifeTwo Chinese whistle-blower doctors go missing; what’s the household item that when you got, thought it would change your life; why Hank Aaron was not one of the 20 greatest baseball playersHow the World Health Organization has become an arm of China; Media’s continued attempt to blame Trump; what’s the household item that when you got, thought it would change your life;

Hard times often reveal more character than it builds. You see folks' true colors.

Let's just all blame each other for CV. That'll help.

Huge jobless claims in Texas and nationwide; the left wants to release everyone from jails and the illegals being held; Waffle House closing locations in response to the pandemic; top song June 30, 1973The history of Trump’s action on the coronavirus; China’s actions and attempted cover up of the coronavirusHow the World Health Organization is corrupt, a look at how they botched the response to the coronavirus and how they continue to excuse China

Without the fake news filter

Denver mayor reverses course and deems liquor stores & marijuana dispensaries as essential after a massive run on the stores; unemployment claims in Texas expected to explode; Elton John’s greatest songs; what’s an essential business in Harris County & Houston Ramon’s diet; being productive while at home during this time; call from businesses that are still hiring; The czar’s love of the Dairy Queen; breaking down the pet projects in the bailouthow an extra $100 can go a long way for someone who is struggling right now; why small businesses need long term relief from the government;

We will have to ask ourselves if the ends justified the means, but will we ever really know?

..and it's only as good as the person telling it.

RCC closing as Michael talks about the cost of closing down the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic; Michael rips Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar for refusing to accommodate businesses on payroll taxes Guest: Joe Gamaldi on activist judge in Harris County who releases murder suspectRemembering Kenny Rogers; more on activist judges in Harris County releasing prisonersSteve Earle’s Telephone Road song; Houston Chef/Restaurant owner Charles Clarke on how they are working to keep the doors openIf you are hiring, call the show; listen live to Harris County Judge Lina Hildalgo’s presser; why politicians need to considering the long term ramifications of destroying the economyThe Texas Comproller’s office demanding payment from businesses during the climate; debating whether the government should be tanking the economy, the balance.

Hospital workers, delivery drivers, truckers, neighbors helping neighbors...times are crazy but y'all are beautiful

Time to touch base with our audience. How you derrin'?

Houston Rodeo to hold online auction to help out the kids who had hoped to auction off the animals they raised for college money; Gov Abbott lifts regulations allowing for restaurants to deliver or sell booze for curb side pickup; Michael addresses why so much manufacturing has moved over to China; how some restaurants have closed their doors and may never reopen; Maine wants to lift the coming ban on plastic shopping bags because reusable shopping bags are havens for germs and diseaseGuest: Mattress Mac on how he’s helping elderly folks during the coronavirus pandemicWhy’s the prepper time to shine; conspiracy theorist pushing on the coronavirus; why a lot of regulation being lifted should not be reimplementedMichael talks donuts and why he thinks Voodoo Donuts is more hype; we listen in live to the White House press conference on the coronavirus pandemic

China, China, China!

CNN’s Dana Bash actually gives credit to Trump, shocking fellow panelist; Small business struggles during this pandemic; how the effects of falling gas prices will be felt long term in Houston; What are you doing to pass the time while being under quarantine; Treasure secretary says 20% unemployment is a possibility; how this pandemic has become Christmas time for the left as they are trying to push for more socialism; Coach O on Fox discusses the coronavirus; Democrats wants to empty the prisons in response to the coronavirusMichael Irvin says what Bill O’Brien told DeAndre Hopkins which led to friction; Advice for small business; advice on being productive during this time; Guest: Carlos de Aldeco, Houston distiller making hand sanitizer now

I had to Google how to spell "shillelagh"

St. Patty’s day; Seattle woman who recovered from the coronavirus says don’t panic; Harris County judge & Houston mayor orders businesses to close and places restrictions on restaurants; San Francisco shelter in place for the next several weeks; the Texans ridiculous trade of DeAndre Hopkins; Stock market tanks; Kid Rock restaurant responds to Nashville mayor ordering them to close; the response to people who say NFL players are overpaid and teachers are under paid; the run on liquor With interest rates lower, why it’s time to refinance; Galveston County judge says he won’t force restaurants to close; how we can learn about preparedness in the future from the coronavirus; NOLA mayor wants to ban gun sales in light of the coronavirus scare

More shutdowns as the hysteria continues

None more important however than popping a top to a true hero in Humble.

In some cases, local government is going after those who have the audacity of exercising their 1st amendment rights.

With the Houston Rodeo, small businesses like vendor at the rodeo will suffer; breaking down Trump’s coronavirus speech last night; the travel restriction to Europe; an artist who sells at festivals throughout Texas calls in to discuss how he makes moneyWhy people are going overboard on the coronavirus; how the media is framing their coverage of the coronavirus; Stock markets plummet continues; why it’s a great to refi your mortgage and gamble on the stock market; an AirBNB owner calls in and Michael grills her about her business

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself" Well, ...not currently it seems.

Biden wins last night as the Democrats are settle on him; Guest: Ted Cruz, currently on self-quarantine over coronavirusOil & energy stock down over gas prices and coronavirus fearRemembering Oldsmobile cars; the Yugo car and other car talk; Why it’s a great time to refinance your mortgage; Weinstein sentenced to 20-plus years; Frito guy calls in and MB has so many questions; Hunter Biden held in contempt

It is almost impossible to wrap our head around Biden still being the front-runner after his latest round of voter insults.

Here's an extra 5 minutes we did with Senator Ted Cruz.

From Memphis TV News a woman in a DIY Coronavirus protection suit is shown as part of a story; Trumpkin Tom; Bluebonnet Café pies; lightning round: best place & pie type; Democrat state rep says primary opponent doesn’t exist The DNC’s treatment of Tulsi Gabbard & how the wrote debate rules specifically to keep her out; more lightning round on pies; strange home cures circulating on the internet for the Coronavirus; how people are panicking over coronavirusThe mindset behind hoarding toilet paper; why cannabis business is the future & how Trump should legalize marijuana completely; Stairway to heaven suit dismissed

You ever heard a liberal say "vote blue no matter who"? THAT'S how they get incompetent nincompoops like Joe Biden.


Back in 2015, the Czar spoke to NY Times Bestselling author Amy Chua who became infamous for her unique parenting style in the "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother". In this interview, Chua talk about her book, "The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America." It explores why "certain groups do much better in America than others." For example, why "[M]ormons have recently risen to astonishing business success. Cubans in Miami climbed from poverty to prosperity in a generation. Nigerians earn doctorates at stunningly high rates. Indian and Chinese Americans have much higher incomes than other Americans; Jews may have the highest of all."

You clicked, didn't you? Coronavirus porn is a thing now.

Some people in China are making coronavirus masks for their cats; the soccer coach for Liverpool ridicules a reporter for wanting his opinion on the Coronovirus, he says he’s just a soccer coach and doesn’t know anything; Mayor Turner’s endorsement of Bloomberg didn’t matter; Rashida Tlaib says withhold sex from men, the czar says no one wants to have sex with her anyway; media gets to freak out over coronavirus case in Fort Bend County; Michael speaks to a rig driver who makes big deliveries around the Houston area; More freak out about the coronavirus; the foods the czar hates; Elizabeth Warren suspends her presidential campaign; how Biden pulled off Super Tuesday

The DNC has absolutely zero clue what's good for 'um. None. Not one dang clue.

Recapping the local primary results from last night; how Biden turned things around and why the media will rally to him now; more break down of Super Tuesday How Elizabeth Warren killed Bloomberg’s campaign; why the establishment had no choice but to back Biden ahead of Super Tuesday; calls on Super TuesdayHow Tom Steyer & Bloomberg showed you can’t always buy support; NY Times on coronavirus pretends like Obamacare never passed; breaking down the senate primary in Alabama and why Michael believes Tuberville will defeat Sessions; bricking throwing fight in Houston

Kinda feel bad for'em............not really.

Michael is excited about Super Tuesday tonight; how much money Tom Steyer and he didn’t even earn a delegate; Biden gives a shout out to Sheila Jackson Lee; taking on Bloomberg’s claim about a gun show loopholeTwo 10-year-old Colorado boys are arrested and charged with a felony for playing with toy guys; Apple reaches $500 million for slowing iphones down; Michael reads through the list of endorsements in Texas from the Bernie campaign; BlackLivesMatter shows up at home of L.A.’s DA & the DA’s husband confronts them with a gunOver overrated metal band/most underrated metal band

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Biden’s firewall stands as he wins in South Carolina; Pete Buttgieg suspends campaign; the prospects of a contested Democrat convention in Milwaukee & what that would look likePeople losing their minds over the Coronavirus; The czar talks about seeing Sheila Jackson-Lee out in public this weekend; Texas Independence; Public Enemy playing for Bernie Sanders leads to a public spat & break up of members; How Bernie supporters want a revolutionFederal indictments coming to HISD? FBI & IRS raid HISD offices; Biden admits that he lied about getting arrested in South Africa; Biden’s win in South Carolina and what it could mean for Super Tuesday; the immigrant mindset & work ethic

March 2nd. If you're a Texan you know why this day rivals any other day our the calendar. God Bless Texas.

Poppin a top to....well...old beer commercials. Meta.

Dr. Richard Harris and Dr. John Watt join Michael for an in-depth conversation about health and the Coronavirus.

Back in 2013, the Czar spoke to former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker. Rocker became a lightning rod for controversy for his outspoken nature along with his on-field antics. At the time of the interview, he was writing a syndicated weekly column on politics. This interview will likely change your perception of him.

Big show today. Trump speaks on the current Coronavirus situation and we go over yesterday's Democratic debate debacle.

Ash Wednesday; things you miss from Houston when you are away; recapping the debate particularly Bloomberg & Klobuchar’s performanceRecapping the debate; plus calls from listeners about what they saw during the debate; exploring how socialist Bernie Sanders would treat businessesBreaking down the debate last night; Amazon supermarket prototype & the $15 an hour minimum wage; ABC news suspends reporter following Project Veritas report; Why someone like Buttigieg runs for president: Michael contends it’s very lucrative to get your name out there

You can trust your health to Sheila. She knows more about you than you know about yourself.