George Thomas III
George Thomas III
George Thomas III
George Thomas III


I’m the senior pastor and founder of New Creation Church in Indianapolis Indiana. I’m excited to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all. and help you grow into who God has called you to be. If you would like to support our ministry financially you can text “Give” to 855-409-8857 or Cashapp $Newcreationchurch2018 if you have any prayer request text 833-709-1102

  • Sermon Series In Sync Have you lost your mind?
    Pastor George challenges the church to become unified in Christ
  • In Sync Part 1 One band One Sound
    Pastor George Thomas teaching about the importance of being on one accord
  • GPS PART 9 You have arrived at your destination
    The conclusion to David taking the throne
  • GPS PART 8 End of the road
    End of Sauls reign
  • GPS High Performance Oil
    Pastor Thomas preaches about the oil of David
  • GPS Part 3 Oil Change
    Pastor George showing how the oil transferred from Saul to David
  • GPS Part 2 Dangerous Detours
    Pastor George continues in this series examining the kingship of Paul and encouraging us to kill it all!
  • GPS Part 1 Stay in your Lane
    GPS God Positioning System a sermon series that requires us to allow God to lead us and guide us in every aspect of life and the consequences for not doing so!
  • Bring them 2 Jesus!
    Pastor George unpacks the power in the four men bringing their friend to Jesus
  • Pushing P
    Sermon encouraging father’s to be present and active in their children lives. They make a difference
  • He’s intentional God’s Plan Part 2
    The conclusion of the series He’s Intentional we look and the punishment of Israel and the promise of God’s goodness
  • Sermon Series He’s Intentional Part 4 God’s Plan Intentional Disobedience
    Pastor George continues in the book of Jeremiah discussing Israel’s continued disobedience and how it change God’s plan for them
  • He’s Intentional Part 3
    Following God in his plans for our lives and willingness to start over
  • A woman worth standing for!
    2nd installment of the He’s intentional series we look at the intentional woman, wife, and mother described in Proverbs 31
  • Dead man walking
    Sermon about baptism dying to sin and the power Jesus gives His followers
  • Love isn’t always lovely
    A look at the sacrifice Christ made for our sins
  • Secret Invasion Part 2
    In this message Pastor George shows us the definition of the true Shepherd
  • Take Inventory Part 4 My Rest
    Pastor George closes out the series with the look at rest how it important it is to God, so it should be important to us as well
  • Take inventory Part 3 Take Inventory on my resources
    Pastor George uses scripture to look at our financial state and how to honor God with faith and finance
  • Take Inventory Part 2 Family Values
    Part 2 Pastor George encourages us to get the idols away from our families! How important is God to you and your family!