This Is My Jam
Jerry Myers
This is my jam is the weekly podcast that asks interesting people about important songs in their lives. These are the songs that are in the sound track of their lives.
Social anxiety is serious stuff. We all struggle with it or we have struggled with it. I know I have and sometimes social anxiety rears its ugly head today. But guess what, we can overcome it. If you would like to be a guest on This Is My Jam. reach out to me. Email or social media. If you have a comment about this topic, please don’t hesitate to talk to me. Outro music: Making Repairs by Good Saint Nathanael off of his new album Hind No Truth _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website:

Nate Allen is a musician whose project is Good saint Nathanael. Nate has been involved in music for a really long time. This conversation is was one of my favorites. Nate’s song was 3 of my favorite things about music. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube /

Nic Gundy eats, breathes and sleeps music. To say the least, Nic is passionate about music. His passion is contagious. Stay tuned for something new. Youtube:,, _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website:

This episode is full of contrast. We talk about the metal band Slipknot and struggle with life. Josh Fitzer is the vocalist of the band Revival. In my opinion, Josh and his bandmates do what they do with the purest of hearts. Through the years of working with Josh and his band, I’ve grown to love and respect these guys. _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at @ThisIsMyJamPod Website:

Jackie, as long as I’ve know her has been a ray of sunshine. When I worked at The First Street Warehouse she was always present. She always seemed to be excited to just be there. We get into our faith crisis journey on this one. It’s hits so close to home with so many people these days. I hope this will let people know that they aren’t alone. You’ll probably notice that Jackie isn’t in every picture… that makes sense with a photographer. Jackie’s instagram @jaclyndiane_ _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: Photo cred: Kendra Larsen (@kl_media)

It took quite some time to make this episode happen. I’m glad it happened and I’m glad we waited. Sally Grayson is this week’s guest. Sally is the lead singer and main creative force behind the rock band Black Swift. Campaign: Website: Facebook: Instagram: _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Ethan Alphord is a busy guy. He’s in three bands and works a full-time job. Music is Ethan’s life. We talk about a song that hits real close to home for Ethan. Ethan’s Facebook Instagram Twitter Ethan’s Bands. Splice – Talk In Theory – Distance Here Distance Here’s Spotify Talk In Theory’s Spotify _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

This is the episode where hit a little of everything. Aerospace, aliens, crazy metal, harsh metal vocals relationships, education and getting a job. Nick Greenwood played in the pioneering metalcore band Overcome. Nick is a really great guy and sometimes one of the best parts of doing this podcast is meeting new people and making friends… like Nick. Here’s the link to the CreativeLive online class on guitar recording that Nick talked about for the podcast: Nick attends Cross and Crown Church in Seattle and has been involved with music there over the last few years. Nick mostly play bass there. They released a four-song sampler CD/EP last year and will record more once we finish renovating a studio space in our building. Nick’s one-off guitar blog he kept up with in 2014-2015 detailing the process of having my first (and only) custom guitar made: _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:  

We broke the rules with this episode. Yes, music is a very big part of this episode but one movie is also a big part. It was a really interesting conversation. Shaun plays in the Facedown band Dens. Website: Facebook: Spotify: Store: _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:  

Brandon Espinosa is this week’s guest.  He plays guitar in the band War Prayer. Brandon talks about the music that got him into “cool music”, having a cool mom who bought him the cool music, a target commercial was Brandon’s gateway into heavy music. Ignorant music can be a lot of fun. Touring Canada last time sucked… hopefully, this time it’s a lot better. Slipknot tattoos. _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:  

Tammy Gaye-Bakery is a special person. She has a heart for people who’ve been cast away. Her journey didn’t start this way. There was a fair amount of pain and wrestling… Sometimes what we’re taught isn’t possible. This episode is really important and possibly challenging. The song played at the end of this episode is Only Us By Kidd & Crown {feat. Leena} _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:  

This episode Graham talks with his son about a song that helps his boy get through tough times. Being a teenager is tough, and sometimes you need something to keep you happy. Graham’s son explains what makes him happy and gives advice to people who are struggling with teenage change or struggles in general. Bands played on this episode… MARSHMELLO Song: Happier CITIES NEVER SLEEP Song: Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite Give them a huge “LIKE“!! and if you wanna check in on Graham and his shenanigans, head over to Instagram: Beardly218 

I got to know Blake Martin when he was playing in the band A Plea For Purging. He’s now a real estate inspector in Nashville. _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email: Jimmy Reeve is the singer of the band Harvester. He’s a well-spoken guy who’s passionate about music. This episode we talk way too much about hip-hop, getting drop-kicked by Shaggy 2 Dope, Bring my 13 year old daughter to a NF concert , Kanye freaking out in the oval office , Post Malone is overrated? Music we talked about: Greyhaven – MxPx: Best Life – Jason DeRulo _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:  

This episode Graham has his first full-on episode in the B-Sides. This episode he talked about his grandmother Helen who recently passed and the impression on life that she gave Graham. During the episode Graham shares music that was played daily at his grandmother house, Yo-Yo Ma a Cello player that she adored. Graham’s B-Side song is from Marah in the Mainsail: Clockmaker. Our guest artist which Graham messed up on twice with the band name and song title…lol. We have Best Foot Back and their song Less and Less make sure to check all musicians out. If you want to get to know Graham better follow him on Instagram at Beardly218! Check out the Musicians Yo-Yo Ma Marah in the Mainsail: Best Foot Back:

Grandpa Loves Rhinos B-Sides #1        

Andy Atkins was the vocalist of the metalcore band A Plea For Purging. Andy talks about the band that changed the trajectory of his young life. This band gave Andy someone he could relate with and probably changed his life. -all the bands that we’re talked about- manchester Orchestra – Travis Scott – Chamber – Botch – Turnstile – Beartooth – This Will Destroy You– Handshake Murders Beyonce witchcraft – Lil Xan Too Many Hot Cheetos This was the first episode of the new format. We are working out the kinks… be patient with us… but still, we think you’ll enjoy it. _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:  

Jesse and I go way back. And as long as I’ve known him he’s been pushing to do something creative. When I heard Jesse was in L.A. I knew what he was up too… I knew he was making films and working on his art. As we find out, chasing after your dreams are never easy and this road always has it’s bumps and pitfalls. Jesse’s Facebook page Jesse’s Instagram  Jesse’s Soundcloud Mikko Joensuu /  36 / Ruby Haunt / VAST  / Drab Majesty _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Tyler Mallet is one of the good guys. Tyler is a barber, plays bass in the band Distance Here and absolutly loves The Smiths. We talks about a lot of things… we even address depression. Distance Here Spotify Bands mentioned: Protomartyr Cold Cave _________________________________________________________________ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:    

Shane Riley is the drummer of the band Tigerwine. He talks about how great their summer has been. Talking points of this conversation: Tigerwine: “Where the dream of the 90’s is still alive” “We get to do this..” “playing with a smile on our faces” “more IS less”. Shane is a great guy and he plays in a super good band. Tigerwine Facebook  @tigerwinemusic Tigerwine Instagram ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Christian is a fascinating guy to talk to. He plays drums in the two-piece doom rock band Gaffer Project. Here are a few things you can look forward to hearing about. Heavy Metal conversion, living in a van, Living Sacrifice, saved by a homeless man named Charlie, fears… we all have them. @GafferProject ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:     Photo credit: Matthew Poulos                                       Photo credit: Matthew Poulos

I’m pretty confident that this is a first for podcasting history… Somebody better call Guinness Book. Anyway, Grant WhiteOak is this week’s guest. He’s the guitarist and vocalist of the amazing punk band Heart To Gold. We talk about creativity in heavy music. Grant shares the story of how his band got the name Heart To Gold. Heart To *** Bandcamp Heart To Gold Facebook Heart To Gold Twitter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer, contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Justin Hieb of the band Weathered has an interesting story. Very few people have a similar one… But most of us can relate to the feeling of living in an uncomfortable and painful situation. Weathered’s brand new album Stranger Here is all about Justin’s past and struggle. It’s a beautiful album. Weathered signed to Facedown Records a few months ago. Side note: In the recording, I said Weathered’s album name wrong. We spliced in the correct title of the album… You’ll notice. I spent yesterday officiating a wedding and talking to hundreds of people… my voice is shot and that’s why the spliced in parts sound weird. Sorry about that. Weathered iTunes, Weathered Spotify, Weathered Amazon, Vinyl & Merch Weathered Facebook Weathered Instagram Weathered Twitter  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Roddie Gadeberg is a thoughtful and nice person. He’s also the guitarist and singer of the punk band Niiice. Roddie has a very interesting take on a VERY popular song. Twitter: niiiceband ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact him at  @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:  

This was a very candid and honest conversation. It’s not every day you can talk to a man like Steve. This is a contrast of episodes. Steve plays in a death metal band… but his jam isn’t death metal, it’s a worship song. This is a portal to buy Taking The Head Of Goliath’s new album ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact him at @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:  

Brandon is up to some really cool stuff. I first met him playing noisy music where kids would jump around too. Now, Brandon is working with the likes of Leona Lewis and Pitt Bull. He’s come a long way in the right direction. If you’d like to hear what he’s been working on the Youtube videos are here,  here and here. If you’d like to check out more from our outro song go here! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact him at @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Who would have thought a metal guy talks about a ska song? Jason Wisdom is the bass player and vocalist of the band Death Therapy. Death Therapy is on Solid State Records. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact him at @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Hunter Babcock is the lead vocalist of the band Wolf Skin. Hunter talked about his favorite band Bring Me The Horizon and how they’ve inspired him. He’s young and hopeful. Wolf Skin is one of those up and coming bands. They have the makings of a band that could go someplace. @HunnaBabs Twitter: Instagram: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact him at @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Josh Gilbert talked about the nuances of Relient K, touring while being an introvert, changing his style of singing and his favorite song from his band’s newest album. Josh is a very thoughtful and sweet man. For me, Household is one of my new favorite bands. I’m stoked that these guys have good things happening for them. I added a youtube video so you can check that out as well. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact him at @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Laura is in the band Comrades. Laura is a great person who loves what she’s doing. It’s awesome to see where they are at today and know where they came from. This episode, we talk about Thrice(I give a much-needed confession), we talk about Laura’s solo music and the beauty of touring. Comrades are one of my new favorite bands. It’s wonderful that they can tour with some amazing bands these days… currently, they are touring with Silent Planet, My Epic and Tigerwine. You can see them at Audiofeed. Comrades is a Facedown Records band. Comrades website: @encourageous_ Laura’s facebook ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam Josh Barber created our theme music. If you need a producer contact him at @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:

Another guest who’s jam is a Jimmy Eat World song. This is one of my favorite conversations I’ve had in a long time. I think it was Hunter’s passion that got me. I didn’t know Hunter before this conversation, but I’m pretty sure Hunter brings excitement and passion where ever he goes. @rounding3rdmw ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam If you need a producer contact Josh Barber @ThisIsMyJamPod Website: email:   photo cred: Amanda Frost                                 photo cred: Beck Slack

Elijah talks about growing up all over the country… and Germany. How his older brother changed the direction of his life. Elijah plays in the Facedown Records band Deathbreaker. Deathbreaker is a rad band and you really should check them out. Elijah’s twitter  Elijah’s facebook Elijah’s Instagram Deathbreaker’s facebook Deathbreaker’s Instagram DeathBreaker’s Facedown page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam If you need a producer contact Josh Barber @ThisIsMyJamPod

I met Jeremy Schaeffer a long time ago… He was a great guy then and still is. Jeremy Schaeffer is the frontman of the Solid States Records band Earth Groans. Jeremy’s jam is Ain’t No Grave by Johnny Cash… anyone who picks a Johnny Cash as their jam will always give us common ground. Http:// Http:// @earthgroans ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam If you need a producer contact Josh Barber @ThisIsMyJamPod

Ryan is in LA trying his hardest to live out his dreams… even if it may be lonely at times. Ryan is one of the many super talented who was a part of the music scene that passed through the First Street Warehouse and the Minnesota independent music scene. Ryan was in the bands Blank Page Empire and Nihilio. iTunes: Amazon: Spotify: Bandcamp: Neverender music video: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam If you need a producer contact Josh Barber

Dave Owens is one of the founding members of the awesome band Names Without Numbers. They are back again making some really great music again. This conversation was really fun. I’m really excited for you to hear this episode… and to hear Names Without Numbers new music. I’ve messed with the format a little on this episode. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think on social media or email New single GOODNIGHT iTunes: Spotify: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam If you need a producer contact Josh Barber @ThisIsMyJamPod

David Marshall is the lead singer of the band Snakehound. This episode we talked about star wars, fan theories, being dads and husbands, good music, an outrageously underrated band and Home Alone 3. Snakehound released a brand new song and it’s called Timberline. they have a full-length album coming out June 1st. Go to their Bandcamp page to pre-order their album.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam If you need a producer contact Josh Barber @ThisIsMyJamPod                

We talk about skinheads, punk rock/ hardcore and Wiley’s band 2 Minute Minor… amongst a bunch of other stuff. This interview happened a couple months ago and I didn’t realize 2  Minute Minor’s new album would be coming out last week, go check it out HERE. Anyway, check out Wiley’s band(s) 2 Minute Minor and October Bird Of Death. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support This Is My Jam If you need a producer contact Josh Barber @ThisIsMyJamPod  

Bryan Patton is a super busy man. Bryan is doing his best to CREATE a better world. He’s involved in two podcasts and runs a record company. Go check out everything he’s up too. Support This Is My Jam If you need a producer contact Josh Barber @ThisIsMyJamPod

This episode got a little squirrelly.  I admit that my mind wasn’t so much on recording another episode of This Is My Jam as it was on talking to my friend. So, that’s basically what happened. We did talk a lot about music. We talked about bands with DJs and how eclectic the music scenes were. We also talked about about food and not showering… like I said, we got squirrelly. Jj did talk about his band Lessons and the low down about their song The Empty. Jj Snell is a super talented hair dresser and one of the nicest guys around. Look out for his band Lessons and if you are ever in the Grand Rapids, MN area and need your hair cut go to Salon Brad. Please support This Is My Jam!! Josh Barber created our intro music.

Garrett Russell is the lead singer of the band Silent Planet. He’s well spoken, thoughtful and a man of principle. Garrett talks about where he came from and what got him into what he’s doing now. @SilentGarrett For your engineering and production needs: Josh Barber Support us!!                

 Ross is a man who’s making his place in this world. He’s not waiting around for someone to offer him to what he wants… He’s going out there and creating what he wants. Album download:

It’s the best to hear what people love… to see the twinkle in someone’s eyes. This episode is all about that. It’s all about Aaron Stone’s love of Imogen Heap. Aaron talks about his love of Imogen Heap and how they/she has affected Aaron’s music. Aaron is the lead singer and driving force behind the amazing band My Epic. Go and support My Epic… their newest release is truly fantastic and you won’t regret buying it. I tried not to fanboy out too much. @MYEPICROCK  

It seems to be rare to find someone that seems to be on the same wave length. It seemed like Nickolas and I connected in our love for music… It’s cool to talk to someone who loves and appreciates music with all their heart. It’s that passion for music is what This Is My Jam is all about. Sometimes we need others to show the way to love something. Nickolas’ passion is contagious. @nickolasblazina @stateandmadison  

Madelyn Munsell is a fierce, talented and yet sweet woman. She has overcome a situation that might have stopped her from being who she is. Maddy is studying to be opera singer AND the lead singer of the amazing band Mocklove. Look out for Mocklove. Support Mocklove… they have everything to become the next big thing. @madelyniris

Paul Olson is a hard working dude. He’s a dedicated father and husband. He’s also the front man of the great band “the Suit”. Paul talks about the song that changed his life and started his lifelong trajectory. Paul knows first hand of the impact of music… both what it has done for him and what his music has done for others.      

Trevor Bartlett is a super talented guy. He’s always had bands that were great… not just great but they were great hangs as well. Trevor plays in the band Author which is a super cool band you all should check out. The jam Trevor picked today wasn’t one of nostalgia but actually, one that affected the creation of Author’s newest album. Their new album is called “Is It Far Or Is It Close” or IIFOIIC. You should go to the link below and check out Author’s new album. @weareauthor

Anthony Jones is typically a man of few words. So when he gets into his struggles with his personal demons it says a lot. Anthony has always been a rad dude to hang  around. You really should check out his radical band as well. @antjonez @thepushrocks  

Chris Beland tells his story of his amazing journey. From finding out who his real father is to donating a kidney. Chris was a great guy to talk to. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation as well.

Colin was a great guest. It’s fun to have conversations with honest people. This Conversation was highly spiritual. But again, it’s honest about the situation Colin is in. I enjoyed the conversation and I hope you also enjoy it.

30 years ago this song came out. It wasn’t just cutting edge it was influential. It changed how hip hop was made. At the same time, it influenced a youth kid. That kid was named Joe Kolfage. Joe took that song and created his own music. It’s been 30 years and Joe is still creating music. Joe points back to this song and the moment that changed his life. Go and check out what Joe is doing.  

I met Chad while he was playing in the band Messengers.  He was/is a guy who loves music. In facted, he’s stoked on it. The song that Chad picked is from a pioneering band called Living Sacrifice. They started something that became huge… they created a genre. Chad is may not be playing in his band, but he’s still creating. He’s carving out a great place for himself. twitter/instagram: @chadsenior_                 

Greg is an amazing guy. He’s talented and a excellent guy to hang with. Greg has his own studio, The Warming House. He’s always a great guys to talk about music. Keep an eye on what he’s doing… and I highly suggest that when you see The Suit playing a show you go see them. They are always a party. @gregthesuit

I’m not going to lie, I was intimidated by this conversation. Partly, because I didn’t know Igor… but mainly because when I first heard the song I was like “I have no clue what to say about this song”… and anyone who picks a song like this has to be above my pay grade. But this was before I gave the song a good listening to or 15. When I gave the song an actual chance, it all changed. Like I’ve said before “music doesn’t discriminate”… people do. I was making a judgment call way before it was fair. Now, when I hear the song The Cave of Rebirth it makes me happy. Thankfully, I was completely wrong. Igor was a pleasure to talk to. He picked a song that he can relate to… not just musically but also culturally. The composer and Igor have so much in common… it makes so much sense looking back at it. Igor has played in a lot of amazing bands… Like Silent Planet and Norma Jean. You should keep your eyes on Igor…  I expect some great stuff from him. @beholdigor

Josh is a long time listener and supporter. He’s the senior pastor of the Imagine church in Otsego MN. Josh talks about his time in college and his search for who he is. Follow him on… Twitter: ImagineChurchMN Instagram: ImagineChurchMN Facebook: ImagineChurchMN

It’s like it was meant to be… Or pure coincidence. Either way, there are the songs that have changed our lives. Some times they send you on a journey of a life time… It all started with one song. Nate, is one of those people. If it weren’t for the Weezer Blue album he probably wouldn’t have picked up the guitar… or maybe he would have. That question is pointless… all we do know is that Nate’s musical journey started with My Name is Jonas off of the Blue album. It was a beautiful conversation. I hope you enjoy it.

2017… what to say? I think most years are the same… Very bad things happened, very good things happened and ALOT of things in the middle… Some important people died in 2017… but do not forget that a lot more of our future important people were born in 2017 as well. This episode, I talked with Thaddaeus(this is my jam’s editor) and we looked back at the beginning of This Is My Jam and we looked to the future as well. We also picked 6(3 each) of our favorite songs of 2017. It was fun and I hope you enjoy it.   **Editor’s note**  I not only was going to pick a song that Jerry informed me was a redone song from an earlier release, but the song I replaced it with was as well – editor failure  

We all have memories of Christmas. There are always songs that time warp you back to a special time… Yes, we do make new memories every year. Honestly though, once you’re an adult it’s all about nostalgia. We think back to a time when Christmas was a lot more magical. It was fun to have a my wife, Tina Myers, as a guest this episode. She talked about her memories of christmas… and her memories spawned my memory of something similar. Both stories involving records and record players. Tina’s second memory is one that I’ve been a part of for almost 14 years now. From This Is My Jam, I wish you a Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas.  

Yes, this it THEE Leroy Hamp of the mighty War Of Ages. I got a chance to talk to Leroy Hamp about his beginnings in Erie, PA. We also talked about War Of Ages new album Alpha. You’ll be able to hear one of their best songs on the new album. Leroy talked about how it stretched him. It was really sweet talking to Leroy… He’s a really sweet guy. @LeroyHamp @warofages @facedownrecords

Music can be inspired by all kinds of things. Love, hate and boring old things we all learned in social studies class. I guess it’s changes things when it’s accompanied with some kick *** punk rock. We tried something different with this episode. We decided to record at our local Tap Room… The Foxhole If you are ever in Willmar and you’re looking for a quality brew check them out. I had a great conversation with Cj Dafoe. He loves all things about music and he’s a really nice guy.  

Jim Hughes is a really great guy and he’s super talented. He has been able to make music his life’s work… it has taken him around the world. If it weren’t for Jim finding this jam, who knows if he would have found the life he’s living. Check out what Jim is doing, it’s worth it.

We all have our stories of life change. Most music fans can pin point a time when they found “the song”. Mitch’s story is different from mine, but it makes prefect sense considering the times. Sometimes it’s a big brother, sometimes it’s a movie and today it’s video games. It really doesn’t matter what it is, it only matters that it happens. Mitch is one of my few friends that music is our common thread… we can sit for hours talking about music. It’s basically Mitch and Jerry talk music… it could be another podcast.   

Steve is the pastor of Motion City Church in Minneapolis. Steve didn’t always want to be a pastor… He once wanted to be a play punk rock. Steve discovered one super important band… that band was MxPx. It gave him experiences, friends and memories for a lifetime. Twitter & Instagram: @MotionCityMN Twitter & Instagram (personal): @motioncitysteve

Jennings Compton is a full time merch guy and an aspiring stand up comedian. Jennings talks about the struggle of doing what he wants despite what people are saying and thinking back home. The sometimes the journey we pick is a lonely one… sometimes it’s a rough one… but most of the time it’s a worthwhile journey. Photos by Taylor Rambo: Photo credit: Michael Pelaez

When Doing This Is My Jam, sometimes people will bring a jam that hits me almost as hard as the person bringing the song. This is one of those times. Daniel Tiernan is a very sweet guy. He might be considered a man of few words… but the words he does use needs to be listened too. Dan is one half of The Cowboys and Unicorns Podcast.

Gerard Mora is the lead singer of super talent the band Darkness Divided. I love it when a guest throws me for a loop. It just shows how much Gerard loves music. Darkness Divided is an up and coming band. Go see them and support them, they kick some serious ****. I hope you enjoyed this super creepy episode. Do This Is My Jam a favor and share this episode with your friends. If you are listening on Apple Podcasts, Please Rate and review the podcast. If you do, we will shout you out on the next episode.   

David is a talented guy. He plays multiple instruments and he’s an aspiring record engineer/ producer. David is the owner os Pet Fox Studios. David is also a very good man, he’s trying to better himself treat those around him the best he can. David was a pleasure to talk to. You should support him in what he’s doing. David is one half of the Cowboys and Unicorns Podcast.  

TD Benton is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever hope to meet. He has a message and a passion for music. T and his wife are doing things with their band that few are attempt. T talks about a song that changed the direction he was going in. It gave him someone who speaks his emotional language. We all know music is powerful. Its no surprise the people in charge always use it as a scapegoat for a bigger issue… It has changed T’s, mine and countless others lives.  Support White Collar Sideshow. twitter: @wcsideshow  

It’s awesome to know that there are still true artisans in music today. All we hear about is the stupid gossip like who’s dating who, what so & so did to so & so… and blah blah blah in music today. it’s actually nauseating. But than there are these outliers… the outliers are creating art. They are pushing the bounds of music. And it’s not just in shock and offense… it’s something beautiful. I don’t know if Austin planned this but either way, his Jam and his band both are about concept and artistry. In my opinion, this episode was really great. It was also wonderful reconnecting with Austin… we could have talked for many many hours.

I’m not sure if you believe in angels, but this is a story of a possible angel that swooped in and changed one little boys life… This possible angel changed the trajectory of Pat Tarnowski with just one tape and a walkman. Pat is creating some amazing content, go and check out all that he’s doing… it’s 100% worth it. – Instagram: @BangzoomKaboom Facebook: @bangzoomkaboom – YouTube: @bangzoomkaboom Twitter: @bangzoomkaboom – Cities Never Sleep Facebook: @citiesneversleepmusic Twitter: @cnsband – Instagram: @citiesneversleep – YouTube: @citiesneversleepchan

Sometimes it’s our parents who pass down the songs that change our lives… or at least, pass down the songs that stick with us for the rest of our lives. Sometimes those songs start you on a journey that you’d never expect for yourself. Veronica, plays in a band, White Collar Sideshow, with her husband. They have traveled most of the world asking for no money… just going knowing that they will be taken care of. And they have been. White Collar Sideshow is a band with a message. It’s something you’ve probably never seen before. Go check out what She’s up too. twitter: @wcsideshow  

Sometimes you come across a song that speak to you in ways that seem to be other-worldly. Those songs can start a fire that will never be distinguished. They offer community in places that looks like there’s none. They send you in a direction that few travel… but a common ground transcends time and space. Sometimes it’s only one song that give you a rebellion that is beyond anything anyone can understand. Ray Harkins has been podcasting for quite a few year now. His podcast is “100 Words or Less” and it’s one of my personal favorites. I highly suggest that you go check it out too.                        

There are those bands that have an unshakable mission. There are those songs that no matter how old they may be, the message is more relevant than the day it was written. G.O.P. is one of those songs that seems like prophecy. Crashdog is one of those bands that questioned everything… but for good reason. Sam is an entrepreneur. Sam started with very little and when he realized he wanted more for himself he just kinda went for it… and is now, doing what he wants. Check out Sam’s Youtube channel. He’s putting out good stuff… Go subscribe. I promise it’s worth it.    

A lot of the things we grew up with change. Sometimes, those things that we were once so comfortable with become foreign. Yes, it’s tough to walk away but most times it’s for the best. Tristen is a big man, his heart is almost as big as he is. I hope you enjoy this episode. I added the lyrics for the song New Empire so you can see for yourself how intense and powerful they are. TAKE IT BACK! “New Empires” I’ve been tossing in my sleep Plagued by the things I’ve seen I see grown men in the streets begging for food to eat I see a young mom in the church Shunned because her baby has no father I see a war on the TV That leaves orphans in the streets And I think to myself what a world we live in where people use ***’s name to expand their empires They say its just the way it is That I should just learn to accept it Well I beg to differ man I won’t give in You villainous men With your treacherous hands Have taken away all the meaning in this Road you claim to travel Is in the path of his steps All the while your the shell of a Christian man So I won’t tread lightly I won’t go quietly I won’t speak softly I won’t let you get the best of me This has to end here This has to end right now No longer can we wait for things to all work out Just open up your eyes And look past your front door Your sisters in the streets and your brothers at war Compassion has been lost in a nation built by greed But we could be a generation that is truly free No longer will we answer To a king who wears a crown But a king who ruled through peace Then laid his life down Rise up Rise up true sons of zion I will be the change I want to see in the world

Ryan talks about tour, friendship, faith and the problems with all of them. Ryan is a legit dude, he’s trying to be true to himself.

Michael Butler… or Troll, or Bear is an old friend. In the past, we have had a relationship much like brothers. We’d go weeks of being mean to each other and pulling pranks on each other… but we always had each other’s backs. I think we all knew that Michael would end up making people happy for a living. He’s a man who’s true to who he is… even if it seems like he’s a living contradiction… which he’s not the  only one, he’s just one of the honest ones. This conversation was all over the place but it was genuine and entertaining Bean & Bear Twitter:@BeanAndBearStudios  Instagram: @Beanandbearstudios This is the artwork Michael was talking about.      

Talking to Corey felt like talking to an old friend… but I confess, we’re not old friends. We’re new friends. We might have went off the rails a little bit on this episode but the talk was good. We may have gotten off topic at times, but the conversation seemed to lead back to where we needed to be. Enjoy this episode.  

It’s not a mystery that one of the biggest bands of the 90’s and early 2000’s influenced a generation… But what “they” don’t want you to know is it’s also influencing the generations to come. Maybe not so much musically but intellectually. This is one of those rare stories of how a rock n roll band influenced someone into not just picking up the guitar but actually being a part of the change… and becoming a teacher.  

I have to admit, I was really nervous in the beginning of this recording… Thankfully, the nerves went away and we had a wonderful conversation. Brian Zahnd is one of the main influences of This Is My Jam. Brian is the pastor of Word Of Life Church in Saint Joseph Missouri. He has written a number of amazing books… like Farewell to Mars, Water Into Wine and his upcoming book Sinners in the hands of a loving ***. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

Jeff is a local hero. He’s making an impact around the west central Minnesota area… He’s feeding people in more ways than one. Jeff threw me for a loop in choosing a non hip-hop song… He chose a Counting Crows song so everything was fine. Enjoy this episode!    

Bradley is a man of many talents. He’s a poet, singer song-writer and writer. He’s unafraid to say what he has to say… he knows what he needs to do and does it… regardless of the consequences. This is by far my favorite episode yet. I hope you don’t mind us nerding out over this awesome song.

Brian has been through a lot in his life, some self inflicted and some not. He probably never figured that he’d change… but he did… thankfully for the better.

Sean is a passionate blues/Rock N Roll/Soul/Gospel musician. He’s on a different level than most people. This episode is a special one, Sean tells the story of the influences of his upcoming crowd funded album… AND you’ll be able to hear 2 tracks off of the album! If you like what you hear, go and get his pre-sale… that means you’ll get digital songs before the physical copy comes out.  check out the link.

Ty is one of the founding members of the melodic hardcore band Conveyer. He’s a solid dude who’s trying to do things right. This was a real fun conversation. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Ross and I get nerdy about challenging music. Ross uses one song to center himself… and I get envious. Music is medicine .

Joe talked about a song that was truly uplifting and helped to pull him from the depths of some serious ****… the song wasn’t just uplifting, it was and is inspiring. It influenced Joe to start a band or two… that being said, joe and his band Lightworker has given This Is My Jam an exclusive. You will be one of the first people to hear the song requiem. Enjoy!

This is the story of how a song can shift the trajectory of someone. Sometimes what we’ve always known needs a little tweaking… sometimes, all it takes is a new song to do the tweaking. Trevor Klopp is a really genuine dude who’s true to himself.

From a van bring high schoolers to play a basketball game to the present. Music can  transcends times. It was one guitar part that grabbed a young man… and later his son.

Reid can actually say Hardcore saved his life. But what he did with it after is quite paradoxical and cool. When someone intelectually joins two things that seem to go against one another, to say the least, a good conversation is bound to happen.  

I know this is only episode #3 but I’m convinced that this is a very important episode. It is the story told by a man who hasn’t told this story very much. It is one man being very open. Josh didn’t want to share this story… but as he got going he realized this story needed to be told. Even though this particular story hasn’t told much… sadly, this type of story is way to common. If we can learn anything from this tragic story is that everyone needs love and acceptance… no matter what… Even if we don’t agree with it we still need to love each other. Josh, thank you for taking the chance to share this story.  

This is my story. This is my jam. Honestly, without this song the whole idea of this podcast wouldn’t have happened. This is the story of a heavy moment that changed the trajectory of my life. Originally, I tried to record this by myself but it was just to serious and probably hard to listen to. I asked Graham(from episode #1) to be my guest host. It was good to finally get this out there. I hope there are people who ca relate. twitter @jeromemyers  

Episode #1 – That Song This is the weekly podcast that asks interesting people about important songs in their lives and has them tell the story of why the song is important. Graham had a tough time narrowing it down to one song… but when he finally picked a song it was perfect for the first episode. Thank you, Everything in Slow Motion for the use of your song Exosphere as our intro music.

This is the introduction to This Is My Jam. A weekly podcast that will ask people about the songs that are on the soundtracks of their lives. We talk to interesting people about an important and/or Influential song… and then I ask them to tell the story of what makes that song important or influential.