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  • Slay Belles (2018)
    Merry Christmas! James and I review a movie that had it come out on time might have really had an influence on the Christmas Horror genre…..it is a genre right? sub genre? Well either way with a pretty decent cast and a couple of neat ideas this movie is perfect for Christmas with the family! […]
  • Zombie Nightmare
    In this episode James and I go over what may be Tia Carrere’s first movie, Zombie Nightmare. It also “stars” Adam West doing his best Shatner impersonation and a coroner who does a great poor mans Columbo impersanation. Enjoy!
  • Ghoulies 2
    Today James and I breakdown what should be a classic, Ghoulies 2. Building on the “evil/possesed creature” craze of the 80’s and throws it in a traveling carnivals house of horrors. This Albert Band (father of Charles Band) directed horror comedy classic was written by Charlie Dolan and Dennis Paoli and was a solid follow […]
  • Starcrash
    Well back to some good ole fashioned Sci-Fi B-movie fodder now with Starcrash. Hot off the heels of the success of Star Wars, Caroline Munro takes the role of the sexy and fearless Stella Star and leads Akton, Elle and eventually Prince Simon (Played by the Hoff!) against the evil Emperor (Christopher Plummer). Did I […]
  • Maniac
    This week James and I discuss and breakdown the classic 1980 slasher film Maniac, an underrated gem if there ever was one. Starring Joe Spinell and Starcrash co-star and B- Movie queen Caroline Munro. It’s a twisted tail of scalps, dead moms and mannequins! Enjoy and thanks for listening!
  • Levithan
    I mentioned in the description of the Event Horizon, I mentioned that there are two locales that i still get chills from, Event Horizon showed us the space version, Levithan explores the other. Starring an all star cast led by Peter Weller it shows us that some secrets should remain at the sea floor. It […]
  • The Borrower
    Whats this? I have a co-host? Sure do and he picked out this little gem to review for this weeks brand new episode! In this John McNaughton directed sci-fi horror film starring Rae Dawn Chong, an alien is banished to Earth by his kind as punishment for his crimes. Oh and he’s being devolved into […]
  • The Final Sacrifice
    Join us in a thrilling adventure where Zap Rowsdower and his faithful sidekick take on a evil cult trying to bring back their city all the while; Enjoy!
  • Kickboxer 2
    What happens when the sequel actually has less budget then the original? You kill off Jean Claude Van Damme of screen and have his brother avenge his death…..well…..eventually. Enjoy!
  • The Thing
    Perhaps the greatest remake of all time, John Carpenter took the 1951 classic The Thing From Another World and upped the ante big time. Following the novella Who Goes There more closely then the 1951 original, John Carpenter, Bill Lancaster and John w Campbell Jr weave a fantastic horror film in the spirit of Alien. […]
  • Battle Beyond the Stars
    Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, George Peppard and Sybil Danning set out to save the planet Akir from the evil Sador aka John Saxon in this Space Opera. Enjoy!
  • Repo Man
    Punk Rock, Aliens, Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton collide in this story about a rookie repo man working with a veteran when they come across some strange occurrences. This is one of my favorite films from the 80’s and Stanton and Estevez are pretty great in it. Enjoy!
  • Leprechaun
    I usually post stuff on a schedule, such as Battletruck on Monday, but with St Patricks Day fast approaching how could I not go over Leprechaun with you guys? Oh did I mention the famous Warwick Davis it the Leprechaun and Jennifer Aniston is also in this one? Enjoy!
  • Event Horizon
    I’ve watched a lot of horror movies in my lifetime, but there are two locales for horror that actually give me the chills. Movies about the oceans depths and movies that are set in space. Being a Sci-Fi and horror fan Event Horizon was a no brainer for me to see. While not quite a […]
  • Battletruck
    In the early 1980’s everyone was trying to rip off Mad Max, these guys were on the right track with their post apocalyptic movie Battletruck, plus it was filmed in New Zealand, one of my favorite places on Earth! Oh did I mention John Ratzenberger is in it?
  • Slipstream
    What do you get when you make a movie that stars Mark Hamill, Bill Paxton, Kitty Aldridge, Bob Peck, Robbie Coltrane, Ben Kingsley and F Murray Abraham directed by Steven Lisberger (Tron) and produced by Gary Kurtz (Star Wars Episode 4, The Dark Crystal)? Sadly a post apocalyptic incoherent mess, even by my standards. Come […]
  • The Doctor and Davros in the TARDIS
    In our first ever interviews with actual Doctor Who actors, including Peter Davison, we talk to a Doctor and Davros!
  • Episode 23ish
    Our monumental 23rd episode……well not really monumental, but here it is!
  • Know Your Doctors
    A surprise guest drops in to talk old Who and new Who and debuts her new song, Know Your Doctors
  • Cricket , colorful coats and celery oh my!
    More old school talk, mostly about the 5th and 6th Doctors, enjoy!